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80 to 90% of all ovarian cancers are epithelial carcinomas, when the pathologist examines the tissue histologically. The key to early detection of ovarian cancer is a regular yearly pelvic examination and Pap test by your physician. At this point in time there is a sudden switch: the woman becomes symptomatic with abdominal pain and metastases distributed throughout the abdomen. This outline is only a teaching aid to patients and should stimulate you to ask the right questions when seeing your doctor.
It's also great to use if you want to know what the Moon looks like three days or three years from now. This year's Perseid meteor shower will peak on the night of August 11th into the 12th which is Friday morning. Venus will reach superior conjunction on June 6th, or another way of saying it, Venus will be on the opposite side of the Sun away from us.
I have inserted a small view of what you would see if you were to watch Venus through a telescope over the coming months.
I have another animation like the one you are seeing now, but with the Moon added in at a slower frame rate (and no music). The music is from Mark Knopfler from the movie soundtrack Local Hero (Whistle Theme) - highly recommended! Greatest duration or maximum darkness for this eclipse will occur in Illinois and not Kentucky! Please note that we can only accept orders on-line for delivery within the British Isles and British Forces Post (BFPO) addresses.

Seen from below the uterus is located above the upper end of the vagina and the fallopian tubes are attached to the uterus on each side. This way the physician will get a good feel of the size and the consistency of the uterus, both ovaries and whether or not the bowels are attached to any of the pelvic structures or move around freely. A good rule of thumb is to start with the annual pelvic exam right after initiation of sex. From this point on the multiple metastases often lead to a premature death only within a few months. There is a smaller peak of ovarian cancer between the ages of 15 and 35, which histologically reveals the rarer types of germ cell cancer or stromal cancers. There appears to be a long incubation time where the cancer grows within the ovary, possibly for several years. With ovarian cancer perhaps more so than with any other cancer it is vitally important to do regular preventative tests (pelvic exams) during the long incubation time, which can last for years, and to follow this up with pelvic ultrasound tests, if there is a fullness of the ovaries. The most interesting date is on August 27th when Jupiter and Venus will be a little less than 8 arc-minutes apart. As the days progress, Venus becomes larger and closer to the Earth, and it goes through various phases of illumination much like the Moon.
However, in an obese woman the fatty tissue is blunting any anatomic findings and in a tense woman the examining hands cannot approach each other enough to get useful information. During this time a still benign cystic degeneration of the ovary (ovarian cyst) makes the ovary more bulky than normal and the examining physician can detect this during a pelvic examination.
If there is an enlargement of one of the ovaries detected a referral to a gynecologist should be done for further testing.

Most meteor showers are best to be seen in the morning anyway, since the Earth's orbit carries our planet into the stream of particles much like walking into a river. This translates into 21,000 new ovarian cancer patients per year and about 13,000 women die from it every year in the United States. At the upper rim of the small pelvis on each side there is a groove for the ovaries, which are attached with connective tissue to this and also share lymphatic drainage among each other. When this happens the physician might want to order a pelvic ultrasound through a vaginal or rectal probe.
Later on cancerous degeneration takes place in these cysts, and this can often be visualized by ultrasound examination.
One of the problems is that the ovaries are difficult to locate and the fact that cancer does not hurt in the beginning. This is important to know as ovarian cancer on one ovary can metastasize fairly early to the other ovary through these lymphatic connections. Macmillan Cancer Support Sales Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Macmillan Cancer Support (Registered Charity in England & Wales 261017, Scotland SC039907 and the Isle of Man 604) to which it gives all of its taxable profits. Ovaries, which are enlarged by cancer will grow rapidly, rupture and release all the cancerous content of the cyst into the pelvic and abdominal cavity.
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