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Ultrasound imaging of the scrotum is a safe and painless examination used to diagnose scrotal swelling, testicular lumps, and pain. Scrotal, or testicular ultrasounds, are recommended when there is pain, swelling, or a lump. Cancer is often the first thought that comes to people’s minds, but most scrotal lumps and swelling are completely unrelated to testicular cancer. In many places, the patient will be asked to lie down and to place a rolled-up towel between his legs. After the examination, the sonographer will leave the room while the patient cleans off the gel and dresses.
Generally, the examination is sent to a radiologist who issues a report to the patient’s primary care physician. All material on this website is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.
Moronacity and its contents are Copyright © 1999-2011, Diane Ursu unless otherwise noted. The contents of this web site may not be reproduced or republished without the written consent of the respective owner(s) of these works. Men who have groin pain may also have an ultrasound to rule out any scrotal abnormalities that could cause the pain to radiate into the groin.

Caucasian men between the ages of 15 and 34 are at an increased risk for testicular cancer.
Scrotal swelling is often attributed to a hydrocele, a collection of fluid around the testicle that is usually of no significance. While protocol may vary among hospitals and clinics, the patient is asked to prepare for the exam while the sonographer steps out of the room for reasons of privacy. The sonographer takes a series of images from the top to the bottom of each testicle, and from side to side. Some people are difficult to image using ultrasound, even if nothing is wrong, so the sonographer may need to ask a physician to look at the ultrasound before concluding the exam.
Unlike x-rays, sound waves do not put the patient at risk for sterility or other fertility issues. Since there is very little fat in the scrotum and the structures within are very close to the skin, high-frequency ultrasound can be used to obtain detailed images.
Some men find a spongy lump on the upper outer portion of the scrotum that turns out to be the epididymis, a perfectly normal structure. Some people may be able to place the towel below the scrotum (below meaning toward the feet) and simply push it up against the scrotum.
The physician may discuss the results with the patient at a follow-up appointment or over the phone.

Ultrasound produces clear, detailed images and is a painless examination, although some pressure may be felt. The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgment available to the authors, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. The idea is to make the front surface of the scrotum as flat as possible to accommodate the flat surface of the camera. You can save these images to your pc or mobile device by right click or tap and hold the image you want to downlod.
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