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Healing Circle at Kokolulu Farm and Retreats with Master Peng Xiaoping from China October 1 at 6:30 pm. Please be here by 6:15 pm out of respect for Master Peng and those coming to heal themselves. One Response to Healing Circle at Kokolulu Farm and Retreats with Master Peng Xiaoping from China October 1 at 6:30 pm. Casting for Recovery, which provides retreats free of charge to women with breast cancer, was founded in 1996 in Vermont by a fly fishing professional and a breast cancer surgeon. CFR programs are based on the therapeutic qualities of fly fishing, which not only provides solace, but also helps women who've had breast cancer surgery rehabilitate. In Idaho, there are two retreats-in Challis at the Living Waters Ranch, and in northern Idaho at the Shoshone Creek Ranch. Nicole Cassity is a former attendee who was so impressed with the program that she now volunteers with the group. Fast forward ahead to July 1998 – I was in good health, finished my final tamoxifen after daily double doses for five full years and had returned to Grand Rapids to be director of holistic health at Dominican Center. The next two weeks were inundated with a muga scan, CT scans, ultrasound and a bone marrow test when I left the office with two gauze “bumper stickers” on my behind. Yes, I lost all my hair and enjoyed asking people to avoid bad hair days in honor of those of us who had no hair at all. In the midst of all the above, I also semi-vowed I was NOT going to let cancer take my humor away. Since then I’ve had numerous basal skin cancers excised, frozen off, burned off – eliminated.

All of the above gives a glimpse into what I affirm is God’s graciousness in keeping me alive on planet Earth – though I’ve heard and believe that the retirement plan is Out Of This World. Two quotes have become exceedingly special to me and I entrust them to you here: (1) Live remembering life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved. In them, the women provide support to each other, and receive advice from health professionals about living with cancer. I began to put my fingers in many pies of the cancer healing world such as the American Cancer Society, church cancer support groups, Gilda’s Club fledgling beginnings (it didn’t officially open until 2-15-01), Casting for Recovery and Chrysalis Community retreats to mention a few. Kathleen Yost discovered two lumps in my neck that wouldn’t give her peace until they were removed.
Diagnosis: Stage 1 (localized in the neck), large diffuse B cell, intermediate grade NHL… the flavor of cancer #3. I’m pretty much known as the Funny Nun around western Michigan and even had a gig during the 2012 Laugh Fest when 150+ folks let themselves come to experience “Laff Jest for the Health of It.” I look for it in any shape and form. Jay LaBine’s report indicated “a multi-nodular hyperplasia within a normal variant range.” Actually the word I heard the loudest and clung to was NORMAL. I pray I will welcome that moment of release when the time is right for me in God’s overall plan. Presently I am an oncology chaplain at Spectrum Health’s in-patient units and the out-patient Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion. They even had names: Genie, Jackie and Sweet Nothing (which did NOT whisper sweet nothings in my ear!) Yes, my energy would get depleted.
After my final prednisone that caused mood swings from hope to despair, from trust to doubt, to wondering if I should be planning my own funeral, I called my oncology nurse, Carol, and shared, “Carol, I’m reporting into my parole officer.

We’re invited by the heart of our life circumstances to embrace the grace inherent in our own life journeys. February 12, 2013, marks thirteen years there and I cherish the privilege of walking with folks who are newly diagnosed, in for surgery or treatments, back for setbacks or side-effects and yes, those dying.
This program replaces all previous Iris, Birth Order, and Family Tree audio tape recordings. 3-5 days after the treatment I would feel like a wind-up toy that could function but when unwound would stop.
At this point I really wondered if my lot in life is to see how many different cancers I can meet and beat, God-willing. I still occasionally tell him, “Jay, I love to tell people that you’re the only man I’ve ever allowed to put a knife to my neck!” We’ve had good laughs over this and many other aspects of life at large. Everything that comes our way in terms of illness, dis-ease or setbacks are, to me, invitations to enter into them wholeheartedly in our own unique ways.
Instead, they encourage a blend of Eastern and Western therapies.a€?The mind controls the body,a€? he noted. It wasn’t easy to learn how to befriend a more mild and mellow Sue but I also knew deep down that this too would pass and I wouldn’t be fixated in fatigueforever.

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