Cancer cure carrot juice everyday

She began mass researching for alternative routes and came across a story of a man named Ralph Cole who was diagnosed with skin cancer and according to his story was able to cure himself by drinking a daily dosage of juice containing 5 pounds of carrots. Carrot juice is known for being rich in fatty alcohol and natural pesticide anticancer properties. Diseases of the liver and spleen, heart disease, frequent headaches and menstrual cramps – daily consumption of potato juice.
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She pressed this point below the navel, and after 15 minutes she was running to the toilet!
Author Ann Cameron knows this struggle too well after having her husband die in 2005 from lung cancer and herself being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in June 2012.
Ann decided to follow in the footsteps of Ralph and began drinking evenly dosages of carrot juice every day. On that website, there are many other stories of people who have successfully cured cancer with alternative methods.
Cameron has also written a book about curing cancer with carrots which is available on Amazon.

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