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Editor's Note: For more information on the Duke University polio trial or other brain cancer trials, click here or call 919-684-5301Every once in a while, a story comes through 60 Minutes that has the potential to change lives. A countless number of drugs have been tested to fight toenail fungus, but to no avail due to the often serious side effects of liver and kidney damage. As a natural physician I have seen these kinds of problems over the past fifteen years and can confirmthere is a non-toxic and quite inexpensive method to completely eliminate this nagging problem.
I have been successful over the years in treating this medical fungal problem by simply placing your feet in an ionic foot bath for 30-60 minutes. Once you have completed filing, place several drops of DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) [one part] to nine parts of SSKI (Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide) together. Apply a couple drops of this mixture under the infected nail 2-3 times per day after using the A12X Power machine. The information contained in this article is intended for general information and guidance only and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a qualified doctor or other health practitioner. My husband had a foot and hand fungus that he received while in the Philippines about 4 years ago.
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This week, Scott Pelley's report on a new medical treatment using the polio virus to kill cancer is that kind of story.Most people remember polio as the scourge that paralyzed millions of children until a vaccine was developed in the 1950s.
Glioblastoma, among the deadliest of human cancers, is at the center of this week's two-part 60 Minutes report. After the initial treatment in the foot spa, I advise the patient to trim back the nail as far as possible without causing any pain or drawing blood. Keep cutting the nail back and don’t forget to clean the dead tissue from under the nail as best you can.
Another alternative tincture to be used is tea tree oil, however I find my solution to be more effective and provide a better chance for complete healing. Neither the author or publisher can accept any responsibility for your health status or any side effects related to the treatment described in this article.
Now, researchers at Duke University are injecting a modified polio virus directly into deadly brain tumors. It loses its oxygen portion and is excreted in part as Dimethyl Sulfide, which produces a garlic-like odor. When you begin to see new nail growing, stop the treatment and allow the nail to fully grow back. After a few treatments with your– Ionic Detox Foot Bath System it’s gone, even though he places only his feet in the bath.

The research is still in early stages and Duke doctors warn that it's impossible to predict how effective the polio treatment will be in a wider population, but they've seen some stunning results in their Phase 1 trial."Everybody knows someone who has cancer.
Keep in mind that toe nails generally grow slower than fingernails so be patient while the healthy nail grows back. I've had friends die.""One of the scientists told me it takes a killer to kill a killer," says Michael Radutzky, one of the 60 Minutes producers behind the story. And he says reporting on cancer is often very personal for the reporter."Everybody knows someone who has cancer," Radutzky tells Ann Silvio of 60 Minutes Overtime (in the above video player). Fager died a year ago, at age 90, around the time 60 Minutes began shooting this week's story on the polio trials at Duke University.
Jeff Fager tells 60 Minutes Overtime that he wished his dad had lived long enough to see the story."If my father was alive to see this 60 Minutes story, he would find it hard to believe because it is such a powerful cancer that is unstoppable," Fager says. Who knows how many stories we'll end up doing on this subject, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's many."The video feature in the above video player was produced by 60 Minutes Overtime producer-editor Lisa Orlando and senior producer Ann Silvio.

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