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On July 25, famed civil rights attorney Jonathan Emord will be hosting a briefing on Capitol Hill about the FDA’s refusal to allow terminally ill patients access to experimental treatments. As we reported in May, FDA currently allows something called “expanded access”—the use, on a case-by-case basis, of an investigational drug outside of a clinical trial to treat a patient with a serious or immediately life-threatening disease or condition who has no comparable or satisfactory alternative treatment options.
While the sponsor of a clinical trial is often willing to admit dying patients, it is the FDA that blocks access to experimental drugs or to drug trials from new and smaller drug research companies. Moreover this system only speaks to new drugs in the approval pipeline—no other experimental treatments. We believe the FDA should change its “compassionate use” or “expanded access” rule so that individuals (often children) who have exhausted all conventional cancer treatments can have all of their treatment choices honored without need to obtain federal government approval—essentially removing FDA from the process. Emord’s firm has helped develop legislation that would be a powerful corrective to this horrific denial of patient freedom of choice.
Of course we want to gain as much support and as many cosponsors as possible for the bill when it is introduced. Many forms of complementary medicine can help cure cancer (get rid of the acid in the body and balance the Ph at 7 and cancer will dry up…cause it is acidity in body that feeds the cancer. Take some of the control away from the FDA and let patients have control over their treatmenst. As a senior and compassionate person, I am supportive of allowing an idividual with uncurable health conditions be allowed, under medical directed doctors, to access experimental drugs not currrently approved by the FDA. As a cancer patient myself, I believe terminal patients deserve the right and freedom to try anything that may be helpful or beneficial to them, PROVIDED, no one in their family sues drug companies that provided a treatment they chose to try which may have hastened their death. The FDA should change its “compassionate use” or “expanded access” rule so that individuals (often children) who have exhausted all conventional cancer treatments can have all of their treatment choices honored without need to obtain federal government approval—essentially removing FDA from the process. Several people on both sides of my fzmily and my husband’s family have had cancer and died from it.
The very idea of government approval for medical care, is completely unconstitutional, scary and belongs only in Red China, or former Communist Russia. There is no reason treatment should be withheld from a patient that needs it and there is a possibility that this drug can help them sustain life. Students at Sandy Creek Middle School put together dozens of care packages for patients undergoing chemotherapy at Upstate University Hospitala€™s Regional Oncology Center (ROC). The brightly colored gift bags contain more than a dozen items each, including bottled water, moisturizers, word puzzle books, candies, note pads and other goodies, as well as a note from the students.
Williams said the care packages will be offered to patients undergoing chemotherapy at the ROC.
The project was inspired by Brandy Snyder-VanRy, a special education teacher in the school district whose mom has received care at the ROC, Snyder-VanRy suggested to student council advisors that students create care packages for cancer patients.

Upstate Online is published by the office of Public and Media Relations at Upstate Medical University. Food insecurity, a period of mass extinction, and emerging pandemic diseases like Ebola and Zika: these are some of the most daunting issues facing the world today. Alex Dehgan, the Chanler Innovator in Residence at Duke, recently launched a massive open online course (MOOC) to empower people around the world to develop creative new solutions to overcome these grand challenges. In addition to his appointment at Duke, Dehgan is the former chief scientist at USAID and the co-founder of the U.S. From crowdfunding to using technologies like remote sensors and 3D printing, the course will explore real cases of successes and failures from entrepreneurs who have tried to tackle these problems in novel ways. Excerpt from “Innovation and Design for Global Grand Challenges” with course presenter Alex Dehgan on the right.
General Practitioners (GPs) and practice nurses play a pivotal role in cancer prevention and risk reduction, early diagnosis and referral of patients with symptoms that may be cancer. Our General Practice Committee has published a quick reference guide to assist GPs and other health professionals in the screening and surveillance of specific cancers. The guide, developed by Cancer Council WA, provides evidence-based recommendations on which cancers are suitable for population screening, methods and frequency of screening and whether a government screening program exists. While the evidence does not support population based screening of ovarian, prostate, testicular and lung cancers or melanoma, advice is provided on screening in specific cases involving high risk groups. The guide was disseminated to GPs with the August 2010 issue of Australian Family Physician, distributed to around 40,000 health professionals, and at the GP10 conference in Cairns in October 2010. Cancer Council, in collaboration with the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (now Cancer Australia) and Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners, has developed an interactive online learning module to support GPs in discussing and managing cancer screening.
The module provides advice about the population-based programs for breast, cervical and bowel cancer, and about screening for other common cancers in specific cases involving high risk groups. It includes advice about informing patients about the benefits and risks of screening and communicating test results, including the medical and social consequences.
In addition, actress Diane Ladd will screen the riveting documentary Cut Poison Burn, narrated by Peter Coyote. Once FDA approves, the drug manufacturer and the patient’s doctor must make special arrangements to obtain the drug for the patient, and these arrangements must be authorized by the FDA.
FDA’s decisions are arbitrary and subjective because the current criteria themselves are subjective, allowing FDA to do whatever it wishes without regard to a patient’s welfare. The briefing and documentary screening will be held so that members of Congress and their staff can learn about the soon-to-be-introduced Freedom of Choice Bill. Stanislaw Burzynski’s nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy with antineoplastons is currently undergoing clinical trials for FDA approvals.

Please write to your congressional representative and ask him or her to attend the briefing, view the film, and cosponsor the legislation. What do these FDA clucks do when someone near them contracts a life threatening disease where normal channels have failed? Below are the most impressive developments I have found with broad spectrum applications for cancer and RNA viruses… and they do NO harm.
The Freedom Of Choice Act will allow patients to hope for a possible cure or relief from their current health conditions. We ask for freedoms, but then we are afraid to accept consequences, which is where and why many companies and govt agencies are forced to make decisions limiting access.
Permission granted to forward, copy, or reprint with date and attribution (including link to original content) to ANH-USA.
In 2014, Upstate will open a new cancer center that will encompass 90,000 square feet on three stories and feature 27 private infusion areas, four-season rooftop healing gardens, meditation room, family resource center, multidisciplinary practice locations, private space for genetic, financial and other counseling services, a boutique for patient apparel and other personal products and three linear accelerator rooms. To submit news & calendar items or story ideas, contact the editor: Doretta Royer, Fourth Floor, 250 Harrison St. The earth has been fundamentally changing physically, chemically, biologically and ecologically. Global Development Lab, founder of the startup Conservation X Labs and part of the team that created Afghanistan’s first national park.
Students will be asked to create their own startup and will be provided with the tools to create it.
Merson has also served as director of the World Health Organization’s Diarrheal Diseases Control Program, Acute Respiratory Infections Control Program and the Global Program on AIDS.
GPs and practice nurses can promote and encourage participation in national cancer screening programs (breast, cervical and bowel cancer), encourage healthy lifestyle behaviours such as quitting smoking, and provide information to patients about tests that may detect other cancers. Under it, any patient diagnosed with a terminal illness, for whom a physician determines FDA approved drugs are likely not curative, may obtain access to any experimental drug upon execution of an informed consent without need for FDA approval. It would seem that under the current regulations, a terminally ill patient could be denied access to antineoplastons treatment if the FDA rules against his petition. Do they stand over them like vultures wondering what’s going to be in the will for them or do they (secretly) pursue the very treatments that they deny others?
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