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Rempel Insurance Brokers is proud to support the Pembina Valley Twisters in the fight against cancer. Come out and support our local players in their annual CancerCare Fundraiser on January 23, 2016.
CancerCare Manitoba is adding a state of the art new research institute to help combat the disease. The facility will see them team with researchers from the University of Manitoba and will open right away. To retrieve your password, enter your email address below and your password will be sent to you.

The CancerCare Manitoba Breast & Gyne Cancer Centre of Hope is a resource centre which provides information and support for breast and gynecological cancer patients, their families and the public. As an evolving research and teaching centre, Misericordia is also proud to be affiliated with various educational organizations, including the universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and Brandon. Villa Rosa is a prenatal and postnatal residence offering a wide variety of programs in a safe and nurturing environment. Wolseley Family Place a welcoming centre where families with small children can access support staff and other parents, on family-related issues. MMHS also provides daytime on-call consultation to Urgent Care,as well as the care units of Misericordia Health Centre and Misericordia Place.

Brendan Heppner, Lynn Rempel, Cheryl Gemmell and Shawn Graydon presented the team with a donation of $1500 to Cancer Care Manitoba.
Sri Navaratnam says this will make it easier to look for a cure – by bringing lots of different experts under one roof.

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