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She did it to care for her older sister, Sherry Whitford, who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer more than two years ago.
The middle child of three sisters and married with one child of her own, Shaw, who lives in New Jersey, said she and Whitford, 51, have a€?been in this journey togethera€? since the diagnosis.
She explained that Whitford had taken eight weeks to care for their mother when she had breast cancer. Shaw and Whitford plan to create a foundation to help families in similar situations who dona€™t have the financial resources to take time off from work or travel and stay in another city for a clinical trial. Shaw acknowledged that she wasna€™t good at a€?sitting still,a€? and it has taken some time for her to adjust.
While her future career track is in question, Shaw said caring for her sister is leaving a lasting impression.
We all wear underwear, so are you surprised that there are multiple ways to recycle your unmentionables once you’ve worn them out? Whitford was facing a potentially bleak diagnosis but had been admitted into a clinical trial.
Financially she can afford to take time off and has a strong network within the medical community. She said she constantly checks email while she waits a€?an hour-and-a-halfa€? for a doctora€™s appointment.

Another place to send bras is BreastTalk, where they’ll be sold in order to raise money for breast cancer research. New and gently used underpants can be donated to Project Underwear, where it will be distributed to children in third-world countries. USAgain is another great place to recycle not just underwear, but all sorts of old clothes. Americans have become so used to disposing of things without a second thought, but through organizations like these, we can counteract that and do something good for our planet. But that being said, I like to use old underwear and t-shirts in my pots- Under wear for blocking holes, t-shirts for making wicks in my Self Irrigating Planters! The great part of the green movement becoming so popular is that people come up with really innovative ways to keep things out of landfills. Just find a drop-off box or send them in, and they’ll be donated to needy women and girls. Just chop off the elastic waistband, cut your underwear into strips or squares, and toss it in your compost bin. The sweltering Midwest weather claimed the lives of a handful of people in the Detroit area over the course of three days, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told CNN. Five elderly residents who had underlying health issues died as a result of the soaring temperatures, Berlin said.

Residents were encouraged to stay hydrated and find an air-conditioned place to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Police and firefighters in the Detroit suburb of Roseville are doing their part to help residents beat the summer heat. They are offering rides to cooling centers set up at the city's recreation center and public library and distributing water to residents. Heat is one of the country's leading weather-related killers, and each year dozens of Americans die from overexposure to high temperatures, according to The National Weather Service. Hot, dry and breezy conditions across the West Coast have also hampered efforts to contain the rapidly expanding Sand Fire. The fast-growing wildfire, which was only 10% contained Sunday, has consumed more than 20,000 acres. Warmest half-year on record Scientists note the record temperatures across the country could be part of a long-term global warming phenomenon.

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