Cancer care copayment assistance foundation

Minimum Premium Reimbursement AmountThe minimum premium payment amount for this fund is $5 so premium payment requests for less than $5 will not be processed. HealthWell bases eligibility on an individual’s medical, financial and insurance situation. The Foundation is able to help patients receiving treatment for indications for which we currently have an open fund.
You may also visit our Resource List to view other copayment organizations that may provide assistance. The HealthWell Foundation is committed to providing an accessible website, regardless of technology or ability.
The HealthWell Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) independent non-profit organization providing financial assistance to adults and children to cover the cost of prescription drug coinsurance, copayments, deductibles, health insurance premiums, and other selected out-of-pocket healthcare costs. The Patient Access Network Foundation is an independent, national organization dedicated to assisting underinsured patients with copayment assistance.

Healthwell Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization that helps individuals afford prescription medications they are taking for specific illnesses.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society provides supplementary financial assistance(for certain diagnoses) for cancer treatment related co-pays, private health insurance premiums, Medicare Part B, Medicare Plan D, Medicare Supplementary Health Insurance and Medicare Advantage premium or co-pay obligations. Medicare supplemental policies can help with cost shares related to many aspects of your health care. If we do not have a fund that currently covers your diagnosis, please check back as we frequently open and reopen programs as funding becomes available. The Foundation also considers the number in a household and cost of living in a particular city or state. Despite adequate insurance coverage, there is greater financial burden placed on the patient in the form of copays, coinsurance & deductibles.
The Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible patients to cover certain out-of-pocket health care costs, including prescription drug co-insurance, co-payments & deductibles, and health insurance premiums.

However, HealthWell allows for reimbursement requests to be combined, and if the combined amount of the requests meets or exceeds $5 then such combined amount may be eligible for reimbursement. Using a HealthWell grant to cover premiums may be a better option than treatment-specific cost shares.
You will be asked to provide the Foundation with the patient's diagnosis, which must be verified by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant’s signature. The Foundation will refer patients without Medicare to other programs, such as manufacturer patient assistance programs.
Insurance and billing staff are on-site and available to answer patients' questions related to their insurance benefits.

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