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At the age of 31 and two weeks after she got married, Kelly Larkin-Holmes felt a lump in her breast. After having two breast biopsies and then receiving a call from her doctor the very next afternoon, Camille Mills says that she instinctively knew she had cancer. Breast cancer survivor Debra Jarvis was diagnosed just five days after her mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Watch as Diane Larkin, breast cancer survivor, talks about being diagnosed while coping with her daughter going through cancer treatment.
Donations made to the Tree of Life assist us in purchasing special equipment needed in the treatment of cancer to ensure that high-quality cancer care remains close to home. Mailed donations should be made payable to: CHRISTUS Health Foundation – SETX, 2830 Calder, Beaumont TX 77702. This entry was posted in Awards, Featured news, VCU Medical Center, Virginia Commonwealth University.
Watch as Kelly discusses her diagnosis with stage I-B breast cancer, her concerns about experiencing early menopause as a result of treatment, and the possibility of not being able to have children. She discusses her unique perspective as a patient and a chaplain who worked at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at the time.

She discusses how her daughter provided her with tips for getting through treatment, like sucking on ice chips during chemotherapy. After a darkened spot was found during a routine mammogram, a biopsy confirmed that she had cancer. As a symbol of our commitment, we have created a unique memorial for our cancer patients, the Tree of Life.
She also shares her experience with her mother's diagnosis, which came the day before Kelly started chemotherapy. Watch as she talks about the importance of mammography, shares about her struggles with treatment, and acknowledges the many ""teachers"" she felt she had along the way who helped her through it all. Diane was inspired to share her story after experiencing the support she and her daughter found in this shared journey.
Her daughter asked a colleague at Columbia Medical School for the best surgeon in the Seattle area, and Dr.
Made possible through generous contributions, this project provides an opportunity for family and friends to express their respect, compassion, and love for those with cancer. Contributions may be pledged over a five year period.Through your gift, the growth of our Tree of Life will make it possible for you to have a significant and meaningful part in one of man’s noblest endeavors – that of relieving human suffering.

Camille also talks about her treatment, which included a lumpectomy as well as interstitial breast brachytherapy, a type of radiation. Groups, organizations, or individuals may also contribute to honor, highlight, commemorate, or memorialize those events or people who have been a significant part of their lives.
Based on a combination of clinical data and reputation surveys of pediatric specialists, 83 hospitals ranked in at least one specialty.
Keum Ja Bae was impressed by every staff member at SCCA, who helped her feel very comfortable and at ease. They were kind, efficient, intelligent, listened to and answered all of her questions, and truly cared about her.
She is now on a mission to raise awareness about SCCA and hopes write a book or memoir about her experience.

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