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Three second-year medical students represented the Student Osteopathic Rural Medicine club last week at the National Rural Health Association Policy Institute conference in Washington, D.C. OSU-CHS has focused on becoming the premier biomedical research institution in northeastern Oklahoma because research is the life-blood of a university environment, lending vitality and richness that is absent without academic exploration.
To showcase that research as part of the university’s land-grant mission, Research Spotlight, an ongoing video series, highlights the diverse spectrum of faculty research at OSU-CHS. OSU-CHSI leaders will talk about gaining access to information from the database, one of the largest de-identified electronic health records databases in the country.
These topics represent more than 50 research projects to be presented at the 2016 OSU in Tulsa Research Day on Feb.
The annual two-day event reveals the numerous creative and innovative research projects undertaken by students, faculty and staff at OSU-CHS and OSU-Tulsa. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will host Higher Education Day at the Capitol on Tuesday at 2 p.m. OSU-CHS has begun converting a former Tulsa fire station into a crime scene investigation lab. Students, faculty and staff will present a wide array of projects during the two-day event. Help children with cancer by eating at Juniper Restaurant and Martini Lounge, Prhyme Downtown Steakhouse or Tavalo Italian Bistro. Second-year medical students Breana Smith, left, and Sobhan Daneshfar greet Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa therapy dog Rocky and his handler, Allie Sherier, at the OMS Day of Wellness on Wednesday.

The Center for Health Systems Innovation is looking for graduate research assistants, summer interns and student associates for the summer and fall semesters.
All members of the campus community are encouraged to submit news about research, awards, departmental and student organization events or topics of special interest. Students, faculty and staff associated with the OSU-CHS campus in the OSU email database automatically receive The Center and cannot be unsubscribed.
A variety of disciplines are represented at the event, including biomedical sciences, engineering, anatomy and cell biology and more.
Owner and local chef Justin Thompson will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from food purchases to the foundation.
Volunteers will engage in data analytics, web and app development, health care innovation and delivery and more. For more information or to learn how to filter incoming email, contact the Tulsa Help Desk at 918-594-8200. The vehicle safety restraint for canines has an upper restraint designed to be positioned longitudinally over the canines back during use. Investigating changes in the DNA sequence length in the Martes Americana animal species since the Pleistocene Epoch.
The Center is the official newsletter of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and is produced by Marketing and Communication Services.
A lower restraint is designed to be positioned longitudinally against the canines stomach during use.

And examining the contributions of the WAVES (Women Accepted for Emergency Volunteer Service) program at Oklahoma A&M College, now known as OSU, to the war effort during World War II.
A neck strap is bifurcated and thus provides a collar throughwhich the canines head and neck pass.
James Lankford, R-Okla., to discuss the challenges facing rural health care providers and to promote stable financing for residency programs. A harness strap has a length which allows for ample canine mobility, while still resulting in sufficient confined boundaries for effectively restraining the canine in the event of a sudden stop or impact from an accident. A leash strap is looped around a prior fastened vehicle seat belt having been tightly adjusted against a vehicle seat so as to anchor the vehicle safety restraint for canines. The vehicle safety restraint for canines of claim 1, wherein said upper restraint includes a first loop formed opposite a second loop, and wherein said first loop and said second loop are located at opposed ends of said upper restraint.
The vehicle safety restraint for canines of claim 1, wherein said lower restraint is looped at an end thereof around a metal ring to a folded position and heavily sewn via stitching so as to ensure movable but stable securement to said metal ring, and wherein said metal ring is of high strength to provide added structural rigidity for absorbing a considerable force of impact upon a sudden stop or accident.

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