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What We DoEach patient is evaluated using a multidisciplinary approach and a team of cancer experts. The physicians of Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates fully understand the physical and medical implications of a brain tumor diagnosis.
Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates provides specialized medical care for patients with primary benign tumors, malignant tumors or brain metastasis from another part of the body. The majority of brain tumor efforts are conducted through the Neurological Institute and the Blumenthal Cancer Center at Carolinas Medical Center.
For more information, or to refer a patient, click here or call Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates at 800-344-6716 (Charlotte area) or 336-272-4578 (Greensboro area).
OSF Care Decisions is an advance care planning program designed and implemented corporately throughout the entire OSF system. We have facilitators at all OSF Medical Group offices, Rockford Cardiovascular Associates, Illinois Neurological Institute, Center for Cancer Care, Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at OSF HealthCare, OSF Home Health and Hospice and OSF Saint Anthony. In addition to building the program within the OSF network, community awareness and outreach grows. A newspaper editorial signed by all three Chief Executive Officers endorsing advance care planning was published and also made into a poster for distribution throughout the Rockford Community as well as Twitter and Facebook.
I have seen the positive effects from advance care planning in my daily practice as a palliative care nurse. If a patient is not able to make their own decisions, a surrogate or health care power of attorney is activated and they need to make very difficult decisions for their loved one regarding treatments and procedures. If the patient has completed their advance care planning and has had discussions with their Power of Attorney for Health Care about their values, beliefs, religious preferences, and wishes regarding end of life care those desires will be known and followed. This event will feature the documentary “Crucial Conversations” followed by a panel discussion at the historic Coronado Theater and will be repeated primarily for health care professionals at the University of Illinois Rockford Medical School campus auditorium. This event will showcase the value of advance care planning and give the community the opportunity to make an appointment with a facilitator from their choice of hospitals.

I would extend an invitation to the community discussion that will take place on Thursday, October 10th from 7-9 p.m. This thought provoking film includes intimate accounts from patients, family members, doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers and national experts. A good-timing, web-designing, photo-taking, guitar-playing Star Trek geek with a passion for learning and teaching, Mike has worked in a variety of design and development roles since graduating from Bradley University in 2007, eventually ending up in his current role as Senior Web Specialist for OSF HealthCare, where he specializes in web content development, marketing strategy, social media marketing, analytics, and organizational brand identity. As a design professional, Mike started his career early on in high school, teaching himself to build and code websites from scratch and within a year, becoming senior webmaster for the school.
This entry was posted in Advance Care Planning, Hospice, OSF Care Decisions, OSF Supportive Care, Palliative Care, Supportive Care and tagged Crucial Conversations, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, update. About the BlogThe OSF Supportive Care blog is designed to provide patients, families, and caregivers dealing with supportive and palliative care issues a resource to learn and discuss this developing area of health care.
Minimally invasive surgical techniques are used to decrease post-operative pain and speed up recovery.
As human beings, they also realize the emotional toll a brain tumor diagnosis can have on a patient and his or her family. Our practice is a major brain tumor center, performing in excess of 300 brain tumor related procedures per year. However, care is provided out of four major area hospitals, each providing state-of-the-art technologies. Full electro-diagnostic services complement the brain tumor effort providing intra-operative brain mapping, intra-operative EEG, SSEPs, BAERs, etc.
The growth and success of OSF Care Decisions over the last five years at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center has made advance care planning a key measurement for the success of the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Program. In addition to the above, all three of our parish nurses are trained ACP facilitators as well as several Saint Anthony College of Nursing instructors. This collaboration with Swedish American and Rockford Health System is growing to include a large community outreach planned for October 2013.

I work with patients and families that are faced with decisions about life sustaining treatments and goals of care every day.
I see the relief on a family members face when they can say “I know what my mother would want in this situation”. These partnerships have the capability of transforming the entire community of Rockford and are an example of the strong leadership, resources, and advocacy that OSF has invested in this valuable program.
A question and answer panel will take place after the film with the filmmakers and a panel of local experts.
In the past 10+ years since then, he has worked as a graphic designer, webmaster, and marketing specialist for a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses and continues to freelance and consult on a variety of projects for local businesses and civic organizations. Individualized care is offered based on the patient's comorbid conditions, their tumor type, and its location. That's why Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates is proud to offer comprehensive brain tumor care, from advanced surgical procedures to patient support and counseling. Most importantly, the physicians and staff of Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates are here every step of the way to give brain tumor patients a clear direction, and a clear advantage.
In both 2012 and 2013, OSF Saint Anthony forged a partnership with the two other hospitals in Rockford to coordinate community presentations and posters for National Health Care Decisions Day.
This event is a powerful and inspiring 60-minute documentary examining multiple perspectives on end of life conversations and care.
In select cases, genetic analysis of the tumor is performed to search for drugs that can block important signaling pathways and thereby slow growth and kill cancer cells. Carolinas Medical Center offers a dedicated radiosurgical device, the Brain Lab Novalis, that makes it possible to provide state-of–the-art, minimally invasive treatments for patients with a variety of brain tumors.

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