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Allison Muller understands the dangers of pills that find their way into a toddler's hands.
Upon arriving home from work, Muller learned from her husband that her infant son had found a pill on the floor and put it in his mouth. Muller said that the episode showed her that even though she keeps the family's medications in a locked tackle box, the threat of accidental ingestion remains. Even more worrisome is the fact that, after taking some of these pills, a child can appear perfectly fine until it is too late.
A review paper published earlier this month in the journal Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice outlined the risks of more than three dozen medicines that, the authors noted, could kill kids in a single swallow. Even parents who keep medicines out of their children's reach are at risk of such an emergency; the Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America notes that in 50 percent of all childhood accidental poisonings, the medication bottle was only "out" for a short amount of time as it was being used. For these reason, emergency medicine specialists urge, parents should recognize the high risk of accidental ingestions and be prepared to act. Fortunately, once children are in the emergency room, doctors can rapidly respond, as some medications have antidotes, reversal agents or supportive therapy. On the following pages are seven of some of the more common medicines that, while useful or even life-saving for the patients who take them, can lead to emergencies when accidentally ingested by kids. Symptoms in children who ingest these medications usually show up one to five hours after they take the pill, but in the extended release pills, they may be delayed up to 14 hours -- a fact that may make it even more difficult for the parent to figure out why the child is ill.
Spiller, of the Kentucky Regional Poison Center, said that he once treated a 2-year-old girl who, while being babysat by her grandmother, took between two and four of the woman's Amlodipine (Norvasc) pills. But according to the AAPCC, in 2001 there were almost 8,000 cases of camphor ingestion in children younger than 6 years old. Emergency medicine experts say that if you think your child has eaten one of these rubs or if you smell camphor on your child's breath, do not wait for them to develop symptoms.
Opiates, which are derived from opium, are ubiquitous in prescription pain medications today -- a testament to their effectiveness. According to one study, 50 percent of toddlers who took two 5 mg tablets became rapidly ill within an hour.
This class of medication is very toxic to children in large doses, specifically in the high doses found in oil of wintergreen. Additionally, because aspirin is such a commonly used drug, most families are almost certain to have it in the home. Children who have overdosed on these drugs may initially experience nausea, vomiting, and sweating. After pain medications, antidepressants are the second highest cause of accidental death from poisoning in children younger than 6, according to the 2004 report by the AAPCC. Symptoms can be delayed for up to six hours, after which children can develop anything from seizures to coma and life-threatening heart rhythms. These medications, designed to be absorbed over time through the skin, can lead to serious consequences when ingested by a toddler. As these medications are more commonly prescribed, the incidence of pediatric poisonings has also increased, with over 2,500 occurrences in the United States in 2001. Not only are these medications dangerous for a child that is not diabetic, children have less energy stores in their livers than adults do, making them more susceptible to the effects. Spiller said he once took care of a young boy who began having seizures after taking one of these pills. Disney engineers designed special paints to help camouflage unsightly park features like utility boxes and back doors.

People often pack sweaters away with mothballs and may scatter chemically laced chips or flakes in closets containing wool suits, blankets, and other goods. Although naphthalene is typically first extracted as a solid, it is easily converted to liquid and gas.
Since this chemical is involved at least to some degree in the manufacture of so many different products, both workers and consumers may be exposed to it and its potential dangers. For instance, fumes may overwhelm a child wearing a sweater recently removed from a chest full of mothballs. Routine exposure can cause a condition called hemolytic anemia, in which a person's red blood cells become damaged and start failing to properly oxygenate the body. We raise beehives, and any time you store beehives somewhere that don't have any honeybees in them, you have to use mothballs or something that would be similar to naphthalene to keep the moths out of the beehives.We have had to throw away several frames because the moths got into the beehives before we treated them and ruined them.
Not until I read this article did I finally realize why I had such a strong reaction when I first wore sweaters in the winter. Question: Once moth balls are removed, is the smell left from the moth balls toxic if inhaled? 803680), who provide specially trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities, is asking those who like to give to charity to consider its regular giving programme.
However, whilst a little meat or bread is ok for our dogs, there are certain foods that can cause your pet damage or even be fatal.
Some drugs, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can cause liver damage, ulcers, kidney failure and death. Don't make a big deal about leaving, and only leave him alone for short periods of time at first.
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More than all the street drug deaths combined (heroin, cocaine, meth), according to the FDFW.
The next day it progresses to painful stomach cramps, dizziness, and loss of muscle function. Acupuncture, deep tissue massage, acupressure, meditation, and a variety of stress relief techniques.
By: Steve Castleman It takes courage to break through denial and begin to consider getting professional help. Updates and more discussion on this topic please join our FaceBook Group by clicking on image below. Individuals that decide to drive the road to recovery encounter may detours and obstacles that can sidetrack their recovery. Other Relevant Article – Click Here  You Should Join to learn about the best digital marketing for the drug and alcohol vertical? Other Relevant Article – Click Here Updates and more discussion on this topic please join our FaceBook Group by clicking on image below. As director of the Poison Control Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, she knows that one to two tablets of certain medications can be lethal to a toddler.
She later learned that the pill had fallen out of the pocket of one of her friends who had visited her home recently. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 2002 there were 2.4 million toxic ingestions, and more than half of these occurred in children younger than 6.
Erica Liebelt, president of the American College of Medical Toxicology and a pediatric emergency physician at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
They are used to treat a number of cardiac conditions, from high blood pressure to fast heart rates. Initially the toddler showed no symptoms, so it was 45 minutes before the family brought her to the hospital.
It also has a very pungent odor and taste, which may make it seem like the last thing a toddler would try to eat. Camphor is especially dangerous because ingesting it works so quickly; symptoms occur within 10-20 minutes, and often children can go into seizures without any warning.
However, infants and children may be more susceptible to their effects than adults, putting them even more at risk. In her emergency room alone, she said, two toddlers have died from these pills in the past two years. When parents call 911, it is important that they tell the paramedics that your child took one of these pills, as they may be able to administer this treatment in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Oil of wintergreen is particularly hazardous because its pleasant smell tempts toddlers to ingest it, but one teaspoon of oil of wintergreen is the equivalent of nearly 90 baby aspirins -- a life-threatening dose for a toddler or child.
Liebelt, of the American College of Medical Toxicology, pointed to one toddler who ingested her mother's migraine medicine as the woman was preparing to take it. Ever the explorers, children have been known to drink these sprays and eye drops, and they will even lick discarded medication patches. In a case report published in the journal Clinical Toxicology in 1979, a 21-month old girl that developed a dangerously low heart rate and blood pressure and became comatose after taking a single 0.3 mg tablet. Children may not display signs of this until one to six hours later, but symptoms may last for 24 hours, so these children are often hospitalized for observation. They may develop sleepiness, confusion, headache and seizures -- and some children have developed permanent brain damage and even died. It has the chemical formula C10H8, and is known within the scientific community as a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. It is sometimes also marketed as naphtha, nafta, tar camphor, or moth flakes, depending on the purpose for which it’s being sold. Moths are small winged insects that live in most parts of the world and typically eat wool and certain other animal-based products. Some manufacturers also weave flakes into their products or coat certain fibers in liquid versions of the chemicals to provide a sort of constant protection, though this is more common for wool that has a utilitarian purpose than for wool that is worn directly on the skin. As a particulate suspended in gas it can combust relatively easily, and it’s often used in explosives as a result. Employees in factories and manufacturing plants typically learn how to take precautions that can reduce their exposure to the liquid or gas. Inhaling the chemical can lead to nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache, fever, confusion, and fainting. Ingestion or prolonged skin exposure has been known to cause more extreme reactions in the liver and bladder, causing jaundice, lightheadedness, and possibly even leading to coma. Infants and children are at much higher risk than adults. You can use moth balls made with paradichlorobenzene instead of naphthalene.

I've been told it's Naphthalene and I would have to be sat on for six months to do any harm but after only a few hours I've got a headache from the fumes.
Once moth balls are removed, does the naphthalene gas linger with the smell left in wood or on clothes; thus the "smell" is toxic? This is why Purina is proud to help facilitate this bond by providing all the food for puppies in training, to give them the best start in life, as well as helping to drive forward campaigns that raise awareness of the charity, such as Adopt a Puppy.
It can cause a dog’s blood sugar level to plummet, which can lead to seizures, liver damage and even death.
Place your dog in a sit-stay or down-stay to keep him from following you and your family members around the house, and then praise him quietly when you return to the room he's in.
Many of these puppies are very sick and are transported long distances to be sold through dealers. Sky Toxicology, Frontier Toxicology, numerous other labs, treatment centers and individual owners AND DOES 1-150. I’m more costly than diamonds, more costly than gold, the sorrow I bring is a sight to behold.
Children aged 18 to 36 months seemed to be at the highest risk, and in these little bodies, just one pill can be deadly. Carl Baum, a pediatric emergency physician and toxicologist at Yale University noted, "Kids find pills off the floor in a hotel room all the time. Parents should also be prepared to take their child to the hospital immediately, and they should bring the bottle of whatever the child took in the ambulance and to the ER. However, in children, they can cause dangerously low blood pressure and heart rate, and even lead to shock. In fact, opiates and other pain medications, including acetaminophen, were the number one cause of medication-induced fatality from accidental ingestion in children younger than 6 in 2004, with the AAPCC counting 139 such deaths in that year alone. Liquid formulations that contain salicylates are considered by emergency medicine experts to be even more dangerous, as their often concentrated form can lead to severe, rapid-onset toxicity.
The child was later brought into the emergency department with lethargy and a dangerously low blood pressure after taking only one or two pills. Symptoms from these ingestions can be delayed for four hours, but as little as 6 ml can lead to lethargy or coma, although death from this small of an amount is unlikely.
In another case report published in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine in 1988, a 9-month-old boy sucked on a discarded Clonidine patch that had been worn for five days and thrown out. They can be difficult to deter since they are able to squeeze through small spaces and eat through a variety of materials.
The general public must also be careful when using mothballs even in the course of ordinary clothing storage since they can cause serious health problems when used incorrectly. As a result, it’s usually a good idea to give clothing time to air out before wearing it, or get garments professionally cleaned if possible. Cigarette smoke contains the chemical, too, which can lead to respiratory problems over the long-term. If you're smelling the naphthalene, it means the chemicals are in the air. I just wish there was a safe alternative to moth balls because they work really well at keeping moths away. We had a dehumidifier running and thought maybe somehow that was the source so we shut it off.
During a supervised detox, the amount of Xanax is slowly reduced in the body to minimize life-threatening symptoms.
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Watch as this man gets released from prison after 45 years and explores the wonders of the world…. Importantly, new guidelines from the American Association of Pediatrics urge against the use of Ipecac or any other mechanism to induce vomiting.
Spiller said her blood pressure was already dangerously low, and within 45 minutes her heart rate plummeted. He became lethargic and developed a life-threateningly low blood pressure that required a stay in the intensive care unit.
Fortunately, sulfonylurea poisoning has a "rescue;" giving these children glucose can save their lives. In addition to mothballs, it is used to make insecticide, many resins and solvents, and a range of lubricants and household products. A few substances naturally contain naphthalene; it is found in trace elements in many fossil fuels as well as in the ash of timer and tobacco. They tend to have a very particular sense of smell, however, and they won’t usually come near scents they find offensive. It’s commonly added to leather tanning products, insecticides, and a range of industrial antiseptics, lubricants, dyes, resins, and solvents. Manufacturers usually recommend keeping mothballs and related products well out of the reach of children, and encourage people who work with the chemical to wear a protective mask and take breaks for fresh air as needed. Or they take them to prescription drug parties, where they mix all the pills together in a big bowl, choose whatever looks pretty, and wash it down with alcohol. In the worst cases, these symptoms can progress to seizures and, eventually, to coma and respiratory depression, in which they may stop breathing altogether. Scientists frequently isolate it through a straining and filtration process, and it is sometimes also created synthetically. Prescription drug abuse is a worldwide problem, but it’s reaching epidemic levels in the U.S. Without medical supervision to minimize these symptoms, withdrawal from Xanax can lead to a fatal seizure.
Unfortunately, the amount that it takes to send a child into this downward spiral is very small; toddlers have been known to have seizures within 10 minutes after eating only one to two teaspoonfuls, and even one teaspoon can be lethal.
People who are regularly exposed to the chemical often experience negative health consequences.
Man-made copies usually have the same chemical attributes but are often easier and faster to isolate.
It’s usually considered safe for use in small amounts, but when ingested or constantly inhaled it can lead to nausea, headaches, and organ damage.

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