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A.Vogel's Stress Relief Daytime is a herbal remedy containing extracts of freshly harvested, organically grown Valerian and Hops. Use Stress Relief Daytime to help you cope with the pressures that can sometimes build up around you when you are busy, reducing symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. Unlike most other stress relief remedies that are based on natural herbs, Stress Relief Daytime comes in the form of a herbal liquid tincture.
The use of fresh herbs gives Stress Relief tincture a stronger taste and smell because it has not lost its volatile oils.

A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Stress Relief Daytime is a natural based herbal remedy for mild anxiety and symptoms of stress. Like all medicines, Stress Relief Daytime can cause side effects, although not everyone will get them.Side effects seen with this product (feeling sick and stomach discomfort) are minor, short-lived and should go away by themselves.
Arnica Hair Oil A unique blend of Arnica along with other herbal extracts of Amla, Sandalwood, Bhringraj and Brahmi.

Take 10 to 20 drops once or twice a day to help you cope better with the stresses around you.
If you feel drowsy do not drive or operate machineryThe effects of the product may be increased by alcohol.

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