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Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use a variety of different diagnostic tools. TCM believes the tongue is a microcosm of the entire body and will reflect its excesses and deficiencies. Everyone loves to ask, so: A normal healthy tongue is pink in color, has a light white tongue coating on it and is proportionate in size to the mouth that it lives in.
If your tongue is puffy with teeth marks along the side, we know that your body isn’t making use of all of its nourishment. On the contrary, if someone comes in with a small, very thin tongue we start to immediately ask if they are dehydrated, or are suffering from a chronic condition that has left them depleted severely. The color of the tongue can tell you if there is heat in your body or a lack of blood and nourishment.
A red tongue will tell you that there is heat in your body such as a fever or a hormonal imbalance that is leading to hot flashes or temperature changes.
A purple tongue will tell you your circulatory system is backed up, perhaps from a major injury or pain condition. A thick coating tells you your condition is more serious and may have a component of phlegm to it.
A thin coating as was stated above, is actually normal, but a very thin or absent tongue coating lets us know that our system is being taxed greatly, or we have a lack of body fluids. In combination with the size of the tongue coating, the color of the coating is important as well. A grey or black coating is a sign that it’s time to stop smoking and drinking coffee before your acupuncturist visits. A thick white coating tells us again there is cold in your body and may be responsible for poor circulation in your extremities, abdominal pain and cramping, and premenstrual pain. If any of the coats are overly wet then we know the body isn’t using fluids efficiently and similarly a dry or burnt coat indicates a fever or heat issue.
All of the diagnostic tools listed above can be used in conjunction with the organ map pictured here as well. Take a look at your tongue for a few weeks and begin to notice the differences in it depending on how you’re feeling that day is it swollen when you are run down, is it red when you feel feverish or stressed out? After a number of years working in real estate and the private protection industry with Gavin de Becker and Associates, as well as a short professional Mixed Martial Arts career, the decision for Traver to dedicate his time to educating people on the benefits of healthy living became unavoidable.
Traver co-founded CrossFit Pacific Coast in 2009 and is a partner at Revolution Wellness, both in Santa Barbara CA.
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I tried some with some of my tincs, but they mostly did the tongue dragging thing like they taste disgusting. So I'm trying to figure out what these guys are and if they can be cultured like rice flour beetles and feed out the larvae. Well the fact that they didn't like the adults isn't any surprise since they are a species of Tribolium. You can tell them apart by looking that these diagrams red and confused flour beetles - Tribolium Spp. Then I suppose the beetles and moths were living together off the seed, because there were moths and what you have posted above. Last Friday night, my colleagues and I went to Ding Tai Fung in Arcadia, the famed outpost of the multi-million dumpling house originated from Taipei. So, I thought I would put together a step-by-step guide to eating Xiao Long Bao for those of you who haven’t yet tried out Xiao Long Bao. Gently pick up a Xiao Long Bao with the chopsticks and make sure that you don’t break the skin. I didn’t make these Xiao Long Bao, they are the frozen Xiao Long Bao I ordered from Ding Tai Fung.
Pavlov must have trained me with xiao long bao instead of a bell, I immediately salivated when I saw that first pic! Being Chinese the way you described how to eat it was second nature to me and by all means not condescending, I guess we are just smart! I love XLB, must eat them again soon after reading your post and looking at your droolsome pictures!!!!!
Picking up the bao and placing on the spoon without breaking the skin and spilling the liquid is half the battle won. I had these for the first time when Wandering Chopsticks took me to a great place in San Gabriel.

I really enjoyed this guide on eating xiao long bao because I adore them with every fibre of my half-Shanghainese being. However, my dad and boyfriend like to bite the top off, then pour vinegar right into the xiao long bao. I would laugh at a blog post devoted to ‘how to eat a dumpling’ if only i had not been burned eating xiao long bao so many many times!! In Part I of this Hot Pot Series, I talked about the origin and culture of this traditional Chinese communal meal.
As the name suggested, Sichuan hot pot was originated from Sichuan Province which is known for its appetite for spicy food. After years of continuous development, the Sichuan Hot Pot today is much more refined and no longer a meal for the lower-class. For a quick hot pot at home, I only include a handful of my favorite ingredients to save some prep time and avoid too much leftover.
There are pre-made mix packages you can buy at Asian grocery stores (use it if you really can’t do it from scratch) but I like to make my own spicy broth from scratch according to my own taste.
To make the aged-spicy paste (?? ), stir fried the chopped ingredients with oil in low heat.
If in case you are curious about the broth on the non-spicy side, it’s made of tea tree mushroom and broth. 1) A single-burner tabletop stove powered by butane is normally used to serve the boiling pot.  Make sure to choose a portable single- burner that can adjust the output. 2) Although any stainless steel pot can be used to serve the hot pot, I normally use a special pot with a divider in the middle so I can serve half spicy half non-spicy (known as ?? in Chinese). I made the hotpot as per your recipe last night and I had about eight guests round and they were amazed with the flavor , I had made some fish balls and with the infusion of the hot sauce everybody was blown away , I also made a pork broth and a seafood broth so they had plenty of variety and as you said being gathered round the table everybody was standing  but the conversation was flowing as they cooked and eat . I forgot to ask you earlier, but what ratio of celery, carrots, tomatoes and onions do you use when making a vegetarian broth? Hi there, dou ban jian is actually the same as sichuan bean paste (just one way to translate it). Wouldn’t it be better to ground most of the spices or make a spice stock first (or put in a muslin cloth) otherwise you will get all those dangerous wooded elements alongside the meat (or whatever you decide to boil and eat). I think some restaurants also add cumin either included in the spices or as separate seasoning? Anyone know what the “fishy” hoisin style sauce is they use at some restaurants? Hi Yi, any recommendations for your fav Sichuan restaurants in NYC and if you do, any fav dishes to order? For chili fish, a lot of the restaurants use carp fillet but when make it at home I use either cod or sole fillets.
I don’t see a lot of pediatric patients for acupuncture, but when I do, I always look forward to asking the question that throws most new patients for a loop - especially those who are still at the age where following through usually will land you square in the dog house. Being directly related to the stomach by proximity and availability, the tongue acts as a very good reflection of our digestive systems. This is a common situation with an over-trained athlete who has pushed their body past its own point of functioning optimally, but has yet to do any real damage.
This is common in women immediately following their menstrual cycle or in both sexes following a rigorous training cycle or long distance race.
If phlegm shows up in your nose and the corners of your eyes, why not something similar on your tongue? A thick yellow coat in the back of your tongue might be an early sign of a urinary tract infection, while the same coat on the front section of your tongue is more likely an upper respiratory issue. With your tongue sending you signals about your entire system on an hour by hour basis, the more familiar you are with its language, the better health decisions you’ll be able to make for yourself. It is used to help a person who has Kidneys Yin Deficiency with Fire hyperactivity or with Damp-Heat in the Lower Burner. No two vaginas are identical, and to think something is “wrong” with yours is crazy! As young girls, in sex ed (if we even have sex ed!), we aren’t taught about vaginas and how they look. While we feel that our site is a reliable source of information about reproductive health, we do not claim to be healthcare professionals. Their black eyed peas were completely infested, I got about 3 gallons for $6.00 I made sure they don't use any pesticides around their feed.
There really are certain ways to eating Xiao Long Bao, if you wanted to truly savor the essence and juiciness of this delicacy. I am not going to write or describe the pleasing flavor of Xiao Long Bao as this is the kind of food that you just have to experience yourself. No more broken dumplings and wasted soup, and definitely no more burnt tongues and stained shirts.
I am always the person who bites into the dumpling and the dumpling falls apart and all over the table, so these instructions are just what I need. The brush method is also helpful if your dumpling breaks – you don’t ruin the whole batch of vinegar!
But rather than suck out the soup first, I put the dumpling in the spoon and then piece the skin with the tip of my chopstick so the soup flows out, then I have it all together when the soup cools down a bit…. No part of the content (digital photographs, recipes, articles, etc.) or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite type of hot pot: the famous Sichuan (Szechuan)Spicy Hot Pot.
This mouth-burning and tongue-numbing hot pot has been gaining enormous amount of attention in recent years in the States. At the time, the port workers and fishermen worked and lived along the Yangtze River could not afford to eat the regular cuts of meat so they figured out a way to cook cheap meats and offal by boiling them in a pot of extremely spicy broth. Although offal still remains as classic hot pot ingredients, high quality meats and seafood ingredients are also common on the menu. You poach your raw ingredients in the boiling broth and at the same time engage in a conversation with your friends and family.
I like to do a combination of red meat, meat ball, fish, squid, mushrooms, and green vegetables.  You can find a list of common ingredients in my hot pot introduction article.
I know it might sound crazy but it’s really not that bad plus you can do thing in bulk for multiple uses. For ingredients that take longer to cook, you can just let them boil for however it is needed. I forgot to ask you earlier, when you make the vegetarian broth, what is the ratio of tomatoes, onions, carrots and celery that you use?
Could you help me with the ingredients and quantities to use for the peanut butter sesame sauce please? I have some friends who are vegetarian and it would be unfortunate for them and other people who are vegetarian to not get the opportunity to try this great dish. Is the amount of vegetables you use the same as the amount of bones used in the non-vegetarian recipe, i.e. Har Har hot bean paste should work as well but if you can get pixian doubanjian than you should definitely use that instead.
First i was a little bit confused, because my doubanjian is from Lee Kum Kee, which looks different than yours on the picture and it seems to be a poor version of the real pixian douban, which i finally found at my asian supermarket yesterday ?? .
Yes you should be able to find most of the spices and condiments in your local Chinese supermarket especially at big chains.
I just had sichuan hotspot at Famous Sichuan on Pell St in Chinatown and it was so yummy!!!
It’s been sometime since I ate at a Sichuan restaurant here in NYC but some of my favorite Sichuan restaurants are Legend and Szechuan Gourmet. A red tongue tip (heart and lung area) may be present in an asthmatic or even someone recently suffering from a break up. This is also common with anemia or after a long standing disease where the body had to tap into its reserves to fight itself back to health.
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I can't find any larvae, and the beetles are within the beans, just like bean beetles; which I already have tons.
With Sichuan hot pot restaurants springing up in New York City, I figure I’d first give a brief history of this new sensation.
The modern hot pot has been shape into a progressive meal that starts with sliced meat, offal, and seafood followed by vegetables and ends with noodles.
Is the amount of vegetables for the broth the same as the amount of bones used in the non-vegetarian broth, i.e. I normally make my vegetable stock using celebrate, carrots, tomatoes, and onion but free feel to use your own version. When i make a large patch of spicy sauce I grind all my spices and stuff the ground spices in a spice bag. Any recommendations for a more “common” subsitute, or is that particular spice substantial to the flavour?
I’d suggest you skip sand ginger and use additional regular ginger anise star to make up the flavor. However please take my suggestions with a grain of salt as my last visit to both of these two restaurants were almost one year ago.
Of course, I started reading more about it and found out that lots of other women were in the same situation.
However after some modification and addition of fragrant spices, this one pot meal became a popular dish in Sichuan region. The only thing i can find is Chilli oil with fermented beans or do ban djian which isnt right i thing. If you have the means to travel to Flushing, Queens, I do have a few other recommendations. Thanks for the guide, I’ll make sure to follow your instructions when I eat them again.
To make the aged-spicy paste: chop the Sichuan Spicy Bean Paste, soaked dry chili, ginger, garlic, and black bean.

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