Breast cancer zoladex treatment uk

Youve been diagnosed with cancer and your oncologist explains which course of treatment he recommends, and which drugs he will be administering. While you may have heard or read about some of them, there are clinical trials underway here and in the States on several new ones - and on new uses for existing drugs.
Yes, it can be very confusing, so read on to find out the uses, proven benefits and risks of the main breast cancer drugs used in the UK today, with expert opinion from Professor Trevor Powles who started the first tamoxifen prevention trials during his 32 years at The Royal Marsden. Side effects may include: decreased white blood cell and platelet counts, increased risk of infection, Loss of appetite, darkening of nail beds and skin creases of hands, hair loss, nausea and vomiting, mouth sores and, at higher doses, it may be toxic to the heart. Patients with pre-existinq heart problems may need to have a cardiac evaluation before use. Epirubicin has similar activity to adriamycin and has been approved for use worldwide since the 1990s.
Side effects may include decreased white blood cell count with increased risk of infection, hair loss, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, mouth or lip sores, diarrhoea, no menstruation.
Side effects may include: as above, but less hair loss and nausea, also mouth or lip sores, stomach pain, shortness of breath and it may stop periods. Xeloda can be taken orally and operates by targeting tumour cells - leaving healthy cells relatively unharmed. Side effects may include diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, mouth and throat sores, decreased appetite, skin rash, dehydration. Trials are also underway on another chemotherapy drug, gemcitabine (Gemzar) which is not licensed for use with breast cancer, It is used widely in the US for lung and pancreatic cancer Vinorelbine (Navelbine) is also in trials and used in the US. Possible side effects include: decrease in white blood cells, fever (often a warning sign of infection), fluid retention, allergies, hair loss and other side effects with taxol.
Herceptin is the only antibody treatment currently available for breast cancer It is licensed in the UK to treat advanced breast cancer in women who over-express the HER2 gene. Side effects may include: weakening of the heart muscle, reduction of white blood cells (neutropenia), diarrhoea, anaemia, abdominal pain, infection or allergies. Tamoxifen has been the most commonly prescribed drug in the UK to treat breast cancer since its approval in the 1970s. Side effects may include: hot flushes, irregular menstrual cycles, unusual vaginal discharge or bleeding, irritation of skin around vagina. The other problem is it can cause thromboembolism, but its the same risk as for oral contraception.
Similar to tamoxjfen, toremifene is an anti-oestrogen (SERM, selective oestrogen-receptor modulator). Anastrozole is licensed for use on post-menopausal women with operable breast cancer who cant take tamoxifen maybe because of problems with hot flushes or thromboembolism. Letrozole was approved by the FDA in 1997 to help treat advanced breast cancer in post-menopausal women whose breast cancer tumours have not responded well to tamoxifen.
Side effects may include: nausea and vomiting, tiredness and headaches, muscular aches and joint pain, hot flushes, difficulty breathing and hair thinning (see above for long-term risk).
Megestrol is used to treat advanced breast cancer, typically in women who do not respond well, or become resistant, to tamoxifen. Side effects may include: fluid retention, weight gain, caused by the increase in appetite, and nausea.
Zoladex is a synthetic version of progesterone (a progestogen) and is used to treat early breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. The following drugs are used on breast cancer patients, who are at risk of osteoporosis from use of oestrogen-blocking drugs. Side effects may include: fever, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, initial bone pain, lack of appetite and anaemia (decrease in red blood cells). As well as treating high calcium levels (HCM), zometa may soon be available as a treatment for several cancers that have spread to the bone, including breast prostate, lung, and multiple myeloma. Side effects for its use in HCM may include: fever, chills, bone pain, muscle of joint pain, nausea or vomiting. Judy Evans says, "According to Dr Lee, bisphosphonates, like didronal which has been banned in America, Have many side effects. Tamoxifen a weakly synthetic oestrogen, but it can cause endrometrial cancer and other side effects. Why give these drugs, including synthetic progestogens like megestrol when there is much evidence to show that natural progesterone may be a safer option in the fight against breast cancer without any side effects. For expert analysis on how natural progesterone works read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer" by Dr John Lee ISBN: 0007142986. With nearly 1,000 participants, the 3-Day walk for a breast cancer cure organized by The Susan G. Most of the funds raised, 75 percent of it, will be directed to Komen’s research and training grant program, while the other 25 percent will be used to support local outreach programs. Disclaimer:Breast Cancer News is strictly a news and information website about the disease. Since canker sores are a result of infection, it is best to treat them as soon as possible or they can spread from one area of the mouth to another very rapidly. There are effective home remedies for treating canker sores.
Indian lilac or neem has been used since centuries to cure many conditions of the mouth especially those caused by infection. Basil leaves are also excellent for treating canker sores because of their many medicinal properties. Plain and cold yogurt is known to provide immense relief from the inflammation and pain caused as a result of the sores. While these treatments will help you deal successfully with the canker sores, it is also important that you take good care of your diet. I suffered with canker sores for decades until I discovered they are caused by excess acid in my body. Clinical trials have shown that combinations of chemotherapy are more active and increase a woman chance of surviving breast cancer if they include epirubicin or adriamycin.
Each tablet contains a toxic agent fluorouracil which is activated only when it reaches the site of the tumour, by an enzyme found at high levels in cancer cells and low levels in normal ones. Powles: "This is a very important drug, and trials show it produces results used with a taxane and on its own.

These combinations have been evaluated in trials involving 10,000 women with operable breast cancer.
Taxotere was FDA approved in 1996 to treat advanced breast cancer in patients who have not responded well to chemotherapy with adriamycin.
Powles."Both taxotere and taxol are still in clinical trials for use in operable breast cancer, so there are no proven benefits as yet, but they are both licensed for treatment in advanced breast cancer Taxotere is the one we will be using more as most trials use it. Most chemotherapy drugs can cause neutropenia which can lead to infections, and neutropenic scepsis which is potentially lethal. HER2 is a growth factor found on the surface of cells, that plays a key role in regulating cell growth. Some people receiving herceptin with adriamycin (doxorubicin) have experienced heart problems, because of the cardiac toxicity of both drugs. Powles says, "If a womans tumour is HER2 positive, the proven benefits of this drug are that the tumour will respond to treatment between 20 to 30 per cent better, with a survival advantage, compared to those who arent given it. Post-menopausal womens main source of oestrogen is through the conversion of androgens (sex hormones produced by the adrenal glands) into oestrogens.
Powles says, "It looks like anastrozole is more active at reducing the risk of relapse in patients with breast cancer than tamoxifen. Letrozole works by reducing the total amount of oestrogen in the body (circulating oestrogen levels), thereby limiting the amount of oestrogen that can affect breast cancer cells.
Women who have had blood clots or inflammation of a vein should tell their doctor before taking megestrol because it may affect the circulation of blood. Most women will start their periods again within six months of their last zoladex injection, but in some cases women will go through early menopause.
Powles: "We did a 1,000-women study, giving clodronate to those with primary operable breast cancer, and we found that not only did it reduce the risk of bone loss, but also reduced the risk of them getting secondaries in the bones.
Data from three clinical trials, involving more than 3,000 patients, have shown that zometa is more effective at preventing or delaying complications such as bone fractures, compression of the spinal cord, and severe bone pain than pamidronate.
Aromatase inhibitors, such as anastrozole and letrozole stop oestrogen being made, so its inevitable that any women on these drugs are going to get osteoporosis (see bisphosphonates). Being the world’s largest breast cancer organization, Komen has already funded more than $800 million in research and provided almost $1.7 billion in funding to screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support programs, since its inception in 1982, and its contributions to research and prevention spreads to millions of people in more than 30 countries worldwide.
You can chew basil leaves to treat the soreness and pain felt due to the infection.You can also prepare mouthwash at home using fresh basil leaves. The enzymes present in the onion juice effectively kill the infection causing bacteria and also arrest their further growth. The bicarbonate of the soda will effectively kill the micro-organisms causing the infection.Rinsing your mouth with drinking soda will also get rid of the food particles stuck between your teeth. Tea has tannin that greatly helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by canker sores.This greatly helps in treatment of the sores.
The enzymes present in plum act upon the infection causing bacteria and successfully eliminate them.You can either drink three glasses of fresh plum juice every day or apply the juice 3-4 times over the canker sores daily.
Take required amounts of protein and vitamins in your daily diet to boost the immune system. We have left it up on site because we felt that any woman (or man) about to use breast cancer drugs from Tamoxifen to Herceptin or arimidex, (breast cancer chemotherapy) will appreciate the details in this cancer drugs review.
It is given intravenously in combination with two other chemotherapy drugs, cyclophosphaniide and fluorouracil. Xeloda has been FDA approved since April 1998 in the US as a treatment for advanced breast cancer in patients who have not responded well to chemotherapy that included taxol and an antbracycline (such as adriamycin). With up to 15 years follow up, there is a significant reduction in the risk of breast cancer relapse and death - and no increase in non-cancer deaths. In 1999, the FDA also approved Taxol, in the US, to treat early breast cancer in patients who have already received chemotherapy with the drug, adriamycin.
In 1998, taxotere was also approved by the FDA to treat cancer that has spread into other areas of the breast or other parts of the body after treatment with standard chemotherapy.
Blood counts are measured throughout chemotherapy and if anyone starts a fever they are put on antibiotics.
If you give it in a combination with a taxol-type drug there is a better chance of survival than with just taxol alone. An anti-oestrogen, it blocks the oestrogen receptor and helps slow the growth and reproduction of breast cancer cells. We know that if we give it to patients with operable breast cancer, whose cancers are oestrogen-receptor positive, we will reduce the risk of relapse in pre or post-menopausal women and prolong survival. Clinical trials are currently underway to see whether women with advanced breast cancer would benefit more from taking anastrozole than tamoxifen. Recent publication of a trial has shown that using letrozole, after five years of tamoxiten, is more effective than continuing tamoxifen for women who have primary operable breast cancer. Progesterone is normally secreted by the corpus luteum of the ovary, and by the placenta, and acts to prepare the uterus for implantation of the fertilised ovum, to maintain pregnancy, and to promote development of secondary sexual characteristics.
I quite often use it when giving chemotherapy to switch the ovaries off, because I think it might protect them against the chemo.
If people have too much calcium in the blood, hypocalcemia, the drugs also stop the bone releasing more. After the axillary (armpit) lymph nodes, bone is the most common place to which it can spread. In the US, patients who were given zometa also experienced longer periods before re[apse than those who received pamidronate (30 days for zometa versus 17 days for pamidronate). The 60-mile walk took place in Minnesota, ending at the State Capitol on Sunday, August 24th.
This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The sores are a result of infection and make it very painful to talk or to consume food. The sores also don’t respond well to the spices and herbs present in the food. The infection causing bacteria feed on these food particles for energy that is responsible for their rapid multiplication. You can apply tea bags on the sores any number of times during the day; the more, the better.

Keeping the immune system strong gives our body the strength to fight and ward off the infection causing bacteria. I’m all for natural remedies but it scares me that people go to websites like this for medical knowledge and get told stuff like this.
Trials have shown that it can prolong the lives of women whose cancer has spread to other organs. Taxotere inhibits the division of breast cancer cells by acting on the cells internal skeleton. The results from trials, looking at giving herceptin to patients with primary operable cancer, should be through this year (2004) and my prediction is there will be a survival advantage there too. In 1998, tamoxifen became the first drug to be approved by the FDA to prevent breast cancer after research showed it halved the chances of developing breast cancer in women at high risk of the disease. There has been a 30 per cent reduction in mortality from breast cancer since 1990- in spite of an increase in incidence - and tamoxifen is a major factor in that. This conversion process is known as aromatisation and happens mainly in the fatty tissues of the body. Cancer Research UK began a 10-year-study using anastrozole on 10,000 post-menopausal women with a family history of breast cancer to see whether it will prevent it. The trial was done on anastrozole, but theres probably nothing to choose between it and letrozole. As Dr John Lee said, natural progesterone is accepted by the receptor sites and opposes oestrogen. Progesterone also counteracts some of the negative effects of oestrogen (many breast cancers depend on oestrogen to grow and reproduce).
Pamidronate inhibits bone resorption by binding to bone, and it also inhibits osteoclast activity.
Zometa can be given during a 15-minute infusion time, versus an infusion time of two to 24 hours necessary with the other.
Osteoclasts resorb old bone, so if by restricting them you accumulate old bone, years later your skeleton is more prone to fractures.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Take a teaspoon of the alum powder and mix it with very little water to form thick paste.Apply this alum paste directly over the canker sores and leave for 15 minutes. You can also apply onion juice over the canker sores to fasten their healing.Grate a medium sized onion and squeeze the juice of the grated onion. Yogurt contains live culture of good bacteria that help kill the infection causing bacteria.
Also, maintain a diary of the foods that are responsible for the formation of canker sores. Taxol is called a mitotic inhibitor because it interferes with cells during mitosis (cell division).
Herceptin seeks out HER2 and attaches itself to the protein receptor on the surface of cells, By binding to the cells, Herceptin has been shown to slow the growth and spread of tumours that have an overabundance of HER2 protein receptors.
In addition to treating advanced breast cancer, megestrol may also be used to treat advanced stages of endometrial cancer or to increase appetite in HIV patients. Osteoclasts accelerate the breakdown of bone, which contributes to abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood that can overload the kidneys. You can do this, and we will be with you every step of the way with handy tips and successful tools,” explains the events website. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Many times our body does not react well to certain types of enzymes and chemicals present in certain foods. Because the side effects can be bothersome, additional drugs can be prescribed to help counter them.
Theres always a big fuss about the side effects, but the overall benefits are real and significant so lets get it into perspective. Zoladex is a systemic treatment; it cannot distinguish between normal cells and cancer cells.
Clinical studies have shown that patients on pamidronate tend to experience a delay in or reduction of bone pain, fractures, and other bone complications than patients who do not receive it. Natural progesterone is a precursor to the osteoblasts (that build bone) and there are many women using it who say that their osteopenic and osteoporotic conditions have improved without side effects. Re-apply the alum paste every three hours to get rid of the sores fast and to arrest their spread.
Side effects may include: a reduced white blood cell count hair loss, numbness and or tingling in hands or feet painful muscles and joints.
It has been shown in studies to shrink tumours and extend womens survival by an average of about 13 months. You should regularly use alum powder mouth wash if you tend to suffer from canker sores frequently.
Neem leaves will keep your mouth fresh and clean at all times thus reducing chances of infection. If you compare the numbers of endometrial cancers you get (something like one woman per 1,000) with the numbers of patientswho dont relapse its overwhelmingly in favour of preventing relapse. Were not sure about long-term side effects of either of these aromatase inhibitors, because we dont have enough data, but they do increase the risk of getting osteoporotic fractures, and there may be other long-term effects of very low levels of oestrogen that we dont know about.
If we are using it for advanced disease thats not so important, but if its for adjuvant disease, were using it because theres a better effect than tamoxifen or people cant take it.

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