Breast cancer care quality indicators

Every day, thousands of VA employees are working on things to make life easier for Veterans. Good news does not always make the front page but here’s an impressive project just completed that will affect a lot of Veterans in a small but significant way every month. VA received thousands of calls each month from Veterans and their families with questions about their statements.
So, the Veterans Health Administration’s Chief Business Office organized a workgroup to create a more patient-friendly statement that is easier to read and understand.

The improved statement has a concise and easy-to-understand layout and several new features that address issues identified by Veterans. The new statement also provides a simple summary of charges, payments received, and balance owed. The new statement also provides a clear explanation of payment options and balance due date.
Veterans began receiving the redesigned patient statements in March 2013, along with an insert that provides an overview of the new, patient-friendly design.

Now, services received, such as visits and prescriptions, are clearly listed on the statement.
They could hold a seminar for some insurance companies on how a billing statement should read.

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