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Getty ImagesA woman died after injecting herself with a supplement used as an alternative treatment for breast cancer. A Colorado woman died after injecting the supplement cesium chloride into her breast as an alternative treatment for breast cancer, according to a new case study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The 61-year-old woman, whose name was not released for privacy reasons, had been taking cesium tablets and a handful of other vitamin supplements for more than a year, according to Dr. Cesium has been offered up as an alternative cure for cancer as far back as the 1920s, according to American Cancer Society research. But there is no scientific evidence that cesium is effective for fighting breast cancer and no clinical trials have looked into its effectiveness, according to the American Cancer Society.
Sessions said the woman was following the advice of a nutritionist and that both she and her husband also worked for a supplement company. The night before she was rushed to the emergency room in 2011, her husband helped her crush up some cesium tablets, mix them with liquid and inject it into the mass, Sessions said. By the time Sessions and the rest of the medical team examined her, the woman was in a vegetative state. Sessions stressed how dangerous it is to take unproven, unregulated supplements to treat a serious health condition like breast cancer. If you plan on using an alternative cancer therapy, run it by your physician or call the poison control center and get more information about what you're taking," he said. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Immunotherapy for cancer and stage 4 cancer provides a complete new way oftargeting metastasis and dealing with the primary site of the cancer all at one time. This site exercises the 1st amendment right and is used for information and educational purposes only. Your health and wellness depends on your awareness and commitment to learn and follow through on keeping yourself healthy. Breast cancer is a malignancy (abnormal cells) arising in the mammary glands.  It affects both men and women, although it is far more common in women. Learning to recognize the physical signs of breast cancer may save your life – early diagnosis is key to treatment and recovery. Discharge from one nipple may be a sign of breast cancer, especially if it appears without squeezing the nipple and is blood-stained.
Symptoms of breast cancer in men include a lump in the breast, nipple pain and tenderness, fluid from the nipple, inversion or retraction of the nipple, and sores around the nipple. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold. This site is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice or professional services. Daniel Sessions, the medical toxicologist who treated the woman at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center in Denver.
It's often used in radioactive materials and sometimes used in rodent studies to produce the abnormal cardiac rhythms that scientists study to learn about heart function. And long-term cesium use in animal studies caused serious blood and neuromuscular side effects and even death.
He said that the woman's doctor found a lump in her breast about a year before she died but she refused a biopsy even though she was told it was most likely cancer. The woman's death should be a cautionary tale for anyone else considering the same sort of treatment, he said. Immunotherapy, the use of the stimulatedimmune system to fight off disease, has branched out into different subsets includingimmune system growth factors, monoclonal antibodies, cellular therapies, and evencombinations of two or more of these immunotherapy strategies.
Dataclearly shows that as tumors and cancer stages progress so do immune blockingmechanisms conjured (up regulated) by cancers to self-protect. Moreover, NK cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes have also been utilizedin breast cancer patients with clinical successes noted.
Evaluation of different effects of sera of breast cancerpatients on the activity of natural killer cells. Empowered Truth For YouBusting these 10 cancer myths can help bring light to cancer prevention, cancer treatment and cancer remission.Continue reading "10 Cancer Myths.
My articles are in offering to begin to dive deeper into awareness for understanding cancer on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

While age,diet, physical activity, and lifestyle  play an important role in development of breast cancer, an estimated 15 percent of women fall victim due to genetic susceptibility. The warning signs of breast cancer are usually visual which can include lumps found within the breast and nearby lymph nodes. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your Physician or health care Practitioner. It's sold as a dietary supplement in pill form and readily available at health food stores. Recent advances inadoptive immunotherapy (focused on the expansion of specific disease-fighting whiteblood cells and their infusion into patients) have led to breakthrough discoveries that willprofoundly impact the treatment of stage 4 breast cancer and other stage 4 cancer overthe next decade.A Look at Traditional Breast Cancer and stage 4 cancer ProtocolsBreast cancer treatment in the early stages has, for quite some time, been focused onlumpectomy combined with radio and chemotherapy to increase survival. By depleting suchnegative immune factors and rebuilding a specialized cancer vaccine that employs thebodys own natural killer cells to fight - Envita has a powerful and innovative method todeal with stage 4 breast cancer and stage 4 cancer using the best immunotherapy.Envita Leads the Field in Stage 4 Breast Cancer ImmunotherapyMultitudes of published studies have demonstrated the effects of adoptive immunetherapy in cancer patients. 7,8 In patients with metastaticbreast cancer, NK infusion was well-tolerated and resulted in complete response in 20%of patients.7 In 6 out of 16 patients infused with activated T lymphocytes, objectivetumor regressions were observed. A painless lump or thickening in the breast or the armpit is one of the most common breast cancer symptoms. With latestage or Stage 4 Breast Cancer we typically see more of the same, however, it is notuncommon to see additional forms of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments if thepatient had grown refractory (or is not responding to treatment) to the first regimen. Envitas renowned medical team assessed the best of thesestudies and focused on the strengths and weaknesses of each. 8 In animal models of breast cancer, the anti-tumoreffects of agents such as interleukin-2 and interleukin-12 were determined to bedependent on NK cells.
Paclitaxel probably enhances cytotoxicity ofnatural killer cells against breast carcinoma cells by increasing perforin production.Cancer Immunol Immunother. A Cancer Survivors Health JourneyDetox your body for cellular cleansing and vibrant holistic health.
Their findingsestablished a protocol that incorporates only the best procedures for the expansion andapplication of cells as a powerful immunotherapy.
9,10 Additionally, the presence of activated NK cells and othertumor-fighting immune cells have proven to be key factors in the response of cancerpatients to drugs such as thalidomide, Gleevec, and paclitaxel.
Theimmune system is the first and last defense against cancer.Naturally, by stepping in and acting to deplete these cells along with other key enzymesthat block critical immune system, cancer cell-killing action will be expeditedexponentially. Our protocols are based on the mostrecent published research in the field, from some of the most prestigious hospitals anduniversities in the nation and around the world. Imagine your immune system being targeted and ready to go, yetsomething in your body suddenly applies the brakes. A Cancer Survivors Health Journey"Jun 03, 2015Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And MoreBenefits of laetrile a non- toxic cancer treatment. Envitas proprietary immunetherapy vaccine is called AAIT (for autologous adoptive immune therapy,) and there are4 major cell types involved - the great majority being natural killer cells and T cells.
This is in fact what most stage 4breast cancer and stage 4 cancer patients are dealing with in regards to high regulatoryT cells. Thesecells are found circulating in the body in low amounts; however, they are a major first-line immune system cancer defense.
Thetypes of cells that make up Envitas treatment are listed below:• Natural killer cells• Natural killer T cells• Cytokine-induced killer cells• Cytotoxic T lymphocytesThe vaccine(s) is compiled by growing a patient’s own antitumor immune cells into thebillions. Learn what it powerfully does to cancer cells!Continue reading "Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And More"Jun 02, 2015Cancer Prevention Diet. As cancer progress these cells can decrease innumber and are often times being blocked by the cancer signaling.
These cells are then analyzed for activation markers and tested for their abilityto kill cancer cells in the laboratory, then re-infused into the patient.Enhancing the immune system is a major benefit to fighting cancer, but this vaccine-driven routine may be added upon through subtraction.
AAIT can also be given in conjunction with othertherapies that will act to enhance the effects of cells once they are in the patient. Modulation ofhuman Valpha24(+)Vbeta11(+) NKT cells by age, malignancy and conventionalanticancer therapies. Envita has found an effective way toreverse this process.Stage 4 Breast Cancer Patients and Understanding Natural Killer CellsOver the past 20 years, scientific studies have repeatedly shown that breast cancerpatients have significantly lower levels of natural killer cells than healthy individuals. Making AAIT next important piece to stage 4 breast cancer andstage 4 cancer therapy.AAIT Available for stage 4 breast cancer at Envita MexicoThe activated natural killer cells in Envitas AAIT are considerably more effective in therealm of tumor obliteration than other similar treatments offered in Mexico or across theglobe. 1-3Additionally, NK and NKT function is observably lower in those with breast cancer,meaning that the immune system is severely impaired.2-5Research also shows that progression of disease in these patients is associated withdecreasing NK activity, and that people with a significant family history of breast cancerhad lower NK cell activity than people with minor family history of breast cancer.

Backed by scientific research and clinical results, Envitas AAIT offers a powerfuloption for Stage 4 Breast Cancer and stage 4 cancer patients who are looking to fightcancer while keeping their immune system intact.
If you have any questions concerningEnvita’s AAIT, please consult with our team of physicians and patient educators. Familial occurrence of breast cancer isassociated with reduced natural killer cytotoxicity.
Detect Cancer And Viral Infections EarlyLearn why getting nagalase test results can help you catch cancer and other disease before it becomes life threatening.Continue reading "Nagalase Test Results. Thisparticular therapy is offered in Envita Mexicos international cancer center.References1) Balch CM, Tilden AB, Dougherty PA, Cloud GA. Depressed levels of granularlymphocytes with natural killer (NK) cell function in 247 cancer patients. Posttransplant adoptive immunotherapy with activatednatural killer cells in patients with metastatic breast cancer.
Cancer healing options that are non-toxic and bring your body back into balance to help you survive cancer.Continue reading "Alternative Cancer Treatment.
Anti-tumorimmunity induced by interleukin-12 gene therapy in a metastatic model of breast canceris mediated by natural killer cells. How to help avoid a cancer recurrence after surgery for cancer.Continue reading "Cancer Surgery. Antitumor therapeuticpotential of activated human umbilical cord blood cells against leukemia and breastcancer. Health choices from traditional to atternative breast cancer treatment.Continue reading "Advanced Breast Cancer.
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