Brain cancer and acupuncture

A malaria drug may fight cancer by making patients more susceptible to radiotherapy, according to early work that has prompted British scientists to start a clinical trial.
Researchers reported that atovaquone boosted oxygen levels in tumor cells in mice, making radiotherapy more effective against a range of cancer types, including lung, bowel, brain and head and neck cancer, according to FOX News. Cancer cells with low oxygen levels are more difficult to treat with radiotherapy and are more likely to spread to other parts of the body.
The idea of repurposing existing drugs to fight cancer is gaining traction as scientists realize that older medicines can sometimes complement other therapies, according to the Times of India. The fact that such drugs are already off patent means they are cheap, but the lack of patent protection is also a potential problem because drug companies investing in late-stage research have less certainty of a commercial payback. Atovaquone was shown to be effective in a wide range of cancers, including lung, bowel, brain, and head-and-neck cancer.
Gumma refers to a tender growth of the tissues like that of a tumor, primarily caused due to syphilis at its late tertiary stage. If the blood flow is hampered or completely blocked off, it can affect certain organs and systems of your body each of these will have their own symptoms. Behcet’s syndrome – this disorder will cause your veins and arteries both to become inflamed and happens to people usually in their twenties and thirties. Buerger’s disease – this disorder will cause clots and inflammation in the blood vessels of your extremities and is associated with smoking cigarettes. Churg-Strauss syndrome – this disorder commonly affects the blood vessels in the lungs and is associated with having asthma. Giant cell arteritis – this disorder is an inflammation of the arteries in the head, especially around the temples and usually happens in people over the age of fifty. Henoch-Schonlein purpura – this disorder causes the inflammation of your blood vessels of your bowel, kidneys, joints, and skin.
Microscopic polyangitis – this disorder affects the tiny sized blood vessels in your skin, kidneys, and lungs. Polyarteritis nodosa – this disorder affects the medium sized blood vessels in different areas of your body that can include your heart, muscles, and intestine.

Takayasu’s arteritis – this disorder affects the largest arteries in your body such as the aorta. Granulomatosis with polyangiitis – this disorder affects the inflammation of your blood vessels in your sinuses, nose, lungs, kidneys, and throat.
If vasculitis has no known cause it is referred to as primary vasculitis and if it is due to another disease it is referred to as secondary vasculitis. When you are given corticosteroid medications, known as steroids, they will be used to treat your inflammation.
You may also be prescribed medications to help control your immune system if your vasculitis does not respond the right way to corticosteroids.
The specific treatment and how long it will last will be specific to the type of vasculitis that you have. Allisa Berry suffered from a glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumor) that after an initial surgery to remove, returned with a vengeance.
We still feel her sweet and loving spirit often, especially when we gather as a family to celebrate family events and holidays.
It is usually prescribed to travelers as Malarone, a combination of atovaquone and proguanil developed by GlaxoSmithKline.
This older medicine is no longer patented, and it is readily and cheaply available from generic medicines manufacturers. A gumma generally comprises a mass of swollen and dead fiber-like tissue, which often occurs inside the lever, and might also erupt in the bone, brain, skin, heart, eyes and testis. It can affect all ages, race, and gender but there are some varieties of vasculitis that is more common among particular groups. Although they feel the main cause is the attack by your immune system they are not exactly sure why the immune system would be the cause. It may not need treatment and go away on its own if the cause is an allergic reaction but if it affects organs that are critical to life like your brain, kidneys, or lungs, the treatment will be more aggressive. The physician may prescribe cytotoxic medications that will kill your immune system cells that are causing the inflammation.

The treatments are designed to not only reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels but also to help repair the weakened or damaged blood vessels. This can result into the development of a number of potential problems such as neurological disorders or heart valve disease.
It is considered a common banner for the group of diseases that are caused by the inflammation of your blood vessels.
The ones that last a long time is called chronic vasculitis and the ones that last for a short time is called acute vasculitis. The trigger could be a disease of your immune system, an allergic reaction, infection, or an autoimmune disorder. Gummas consist of a firm necrotic center enclosed by inflamed tissue forming an amorphous proteinaceous mass, whereby the center might become hyalized partially. Many types of vasculitis may be restricted to certain organs of your body like they affect only your eyes, brain, skin, etc or affect many of your organ systems at the same time.
Another cause could be cancer, especially the ones that particularly affect your blood cells like lymphoma or leukemia. Some types of vasculitis may be mild and not require any type of treatment but others may need medical intervention.
It could also be caused by chronic medical conditions that are long term like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. It will impair the primary function of your veins, which are to return blood that is oxygen depleted back to your heat and the function of your arteries, which are to supply blood that is rich in oxygen to the body’s tissues. If your blood vessels are inflamed they can stretch, become weakened, and either become more narrow or increase in size.

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