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Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City, UtahThe Gentle Chiropractic Alternative, DNFT® Chiropractic. Imagine waking up and being able to breath deeply without discomfort or a stabbing pain between your shoulders. Whether your mid back or thoracic pain is severe, chronic, or acute, DNFT ® chiropractic offers solutions without popping, cracking, and without repeated visits and adjustment to the same area again and again. The thoracic spine has been an overlooked region in chiropractic, medical, physical therapy, and osteopathic professions. Traditional chiropractic techniques have approached this area as an opportunity to simply mobilize the spine. By using a specific, accurate and sensitive reflex, the Reactive Leg Reflex as a window into how stress is stored in the living system, DNFT chiropractic has revealed exactly how to identify this stress and provide lasting resolution.
When we uncover the compensation pattern, the body is able to reveal the underlying primary issue. The thoracic spine is also an important protective region for the spinal cord and nerves relating to the lungs, heart, gall bladder, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, adrenals,  kidneys, small intestine, diaphragm and arteries. When the Thoracic spine is chronically locked, the nerves and ganglion in the region can also be affected.
Through the specific, detailed and real-time analysis available with DNFT chiropractic, we can regionally clear accumulated trauma, injury, overuse, repetitive postures and identify specific organ dysfunction. The gentle, light force adjustments make this approach safe for clients with osteoporosis and osteopenic bone situation.

For more information on if this work could help you, a family member, friend or someone you know, contact Dr Jonathan Leusden, Salt Lake City Chiropractor today for your free initial consultation. As many of you recall, A.’s scoliosis had progressed to the point of needing a back brace per our pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Imagine working at your computer and being unaware of the block of immovable vertebrae between your shoulder blades. Many techniques within these fields focus on the upper neck, the pelvis, or medications such as muscle relaxers, pain mediation or cortisone injections. We are able in real time, identify 25-35 different anatomical misalignment or chiropractic subluxations within a single thoracic vertebra and associated anatomy. Children, adults, all body types and ages have responded to DNFT chiropractic treatments everywhere in the body including the thoracic spine. Imagine not having unrelenting muscle spasms along the spine causing rib pain every breath you take.
People often have their spouses and children walk on their back attempting to resolve an immobilize, locked thoracic spine.
The time has come to for another option: to appreciate the thoracic spine for its complexity and perfect union between form and function. Through the analysis available using the Reactive Leg Reflex, DNFT chiropractic has identified regional fixations as a mechanism the body uses to protect itself from deeper, more damaging stored injury or trauma. This includes both ribs attached to the primary vertebrae, the vertebral disk above and below, the ligaments above and below, muscles attaching and related organs.

If we just stopped after the correcting the first vertebrae the body would again apply a compensating pattern to protect itself from the newly revealed primary misalignment. This equals fewer visits, lasting corrections and finally treatment answers for chronic thoracic spine pain and conditions.
These compensating patterns manifest as stiffness and fixation of the joints in the thoracic spine. Since we are after lasting corrections, by correcting the adjacent vertebrae as they are revealed one by one allows us to regionally clear the entire thoracic spine and anatomy.
Simply mobilizing the region may feel good initially although we all know, hours later or the next day, the pain is right back where it was, sometimes worse. The result is a more stable state which is more efficient and thus the body holds on to the correction potentially indefinitely. Each vertebra can reveal its self one by one, all 25-35 different aspects at every level in the spine can be corrected at a deep, primary level. No one should be come reliant and addicted to the crack… a lasting solution is available. Other compensating patterns have also been identified in the pelvis, low back, cervical and cranial anatomy.

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