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There are numerous facts proving the healing power of this natural remedy, including its power to cure hormonal and blood disorders, purifies the blood vessels, literally enhances the immune system, cleanses the liver, improves the brain function, protects from heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Preserves the freshness of the body, keeps the beauty and gives youth and energy because it contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, bio active substances, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The 5 whole lemons should be grind together with the lemon zest, from the other 10 lemons, only the lemon juice is used.
Lung cancer is the most common among all types of cancers, and affects smokers as well as former smokers mostly.
It is best to take preventive precautions which include giving up smoking and making dietary as well as lifestyle changes. Green tea is rich in natural antioxidants and can help improve the health of the body tissues. Many people suffering from lung cancer have benefited by the use of wheat grass as a natural treatment for this condition.
It can help strengthen your immune system and is also useful in eliminating harmful toxins from the system.
Also, chemotherapy can leave lung cancer patients feeling nauseous, and having ginger can help calm the stomach. Having it regularly can suppress the growth of cancerous cells and helps prevent cancers of all kinds. Lung cancer can be very stressful with all its painful symptoms and the treatments involved can cause lot of side effects.
Peppermint oil will help you deal with nausea and Rosemary oil can provide relief from pain as well as reduce congestion. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing method in which fine needles are inserted into particular points of your body. Only a trained practitioner should perform acupuncture and patients with low blood counts should avoid this natural treatment.
A positive mind will be able to deal with the symptoms and treatment effectively and provide faster recovery.
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I found this good to know article about foods that can help increase low platelet count if anyone needs it. We often forget that the nature has given us everything that we need to keep our health in a  natural way and drug free.When people could realize the true health benefits of this herb, they would probably grow only nettles in future. For a long time people thought that the nettle herb just like the dandelion, is just an ordinary plant and nothing more. The nettle herb is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, C, B2 , carotene and pantothenic acid.
The nettle tea is used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and bile, sleep disturbance, cancer of the spleen, stomach cramps, lung disease, ulcers, etc.. Nettle tea in the Chinese medicine is used to alleviate various problems, and it is consumed daily to improve general health. Many studies have shown that drinking nettle tea daily can relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.
The nettle has a mild diuretic effect and stimulates the release of excess water from the body. The scientists have concluded that the daily consumption of the nettle tea can help regulate blood sugar levels in patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, and may help to reduce the need taking proper medical treatment.
Hair loss is a dreaded problem that can occur in both men and women regardless of their ages.
Hair loss can be due to many reasons including hormonal imbalance, specific nutritional deficiencies, inactive thyroid as well as overuse of harsh and harmful chemical based hair products. In some cases hair loss can be treated easily by improving our daily diet intake of iron-rich and magnesium-rich vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc. Medical studies have shown that improper flow of blood to the scalp leads to hair loss because of lack of stimulus to the hair follicles. Saw palmetto is mainly used in alternative form of medicine for treating signs and symptoms related to prostate in men. The herb is used as part of a concoction (comprising saw palmetto, stinging nettle and Pygeum) to treat loss of hair.

Onion is an herb that is actually used as a vegetable and is found in all kitchens at any given time. Sesame is an herb and the oil produced from this herb is known to work wonders for your hair. He Shou is a popular Chinese herb that is used in the treatment of various skin related problems as well as for hair loss. Tea tree is an essential oil that is primarily used for treating bacterial and fungal infections. Then grind the garlic and walnuts together, and add five lemons with the zest (do not peel them). Cancer treatment involves the use of chemotherapy, radiation and medications which can cause lots of side effects and leave the patient feeling weak. It can help prevent further damage to the lungs and other organs of your body and also prevent a recurrence. Have its raw juice daily as it can help prevent the cancerous cells from spreading further. It possesses strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to provide relief from pain and coughing. It can help increase your metabolism, strengthen the immune system and reduce cholesterol levels. Research studies have confirmed that turmeric is very effective in fighting all types of cancers.
These oils can be used for massaging the body, or you could soak in a bath to which few drops of essential oils can be added.
Research studies have confirmed that acupuncture can help reduce pain, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. It is very beneficial as a natural treatment for lung cancer as it can help decrease the severity of symptoms and provide relief from pain and discomfort. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed according to the symptoms shown by a patient, so consult a homeopath for the right medicines and their dosages.
It is important to spend some time in sunlight daily as vitamin D deficiency can increase the chances of cancers.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. However, the number of studies that show that the nettle has many properties that are good for our health. The nettle tea has been shown to be effective at people who often have problems with the blood circulation in the feet and hands. Loss of hair gives many people sleepless nights as well as depression and anxiety because hair are our crowning glory and losing them is considered equivalent to loss of youth and beauty. Resorting to hair treatments such as re-bonding and permanent straightening can also damage the roots of the hair leading to hair loss. Extracts from the trunk of a medicinal tree are used in the preparation of this concoction. Gingko Bilboa is the herb that can help regulate the flow of blood to the scalp that in turn stimulates the hair follicles causing new hair to grow.
However, not many people are aware that during ancient times women would rub raw cloves of garlic on their scalps to increase the thickness of hair.
But the herb is also good for treating hair loss and thinning hair and it not only helps the hair grow back but also boosts the density of the hair. Stinging nettle is primarily used by ayurvedic doctors to prevent testosterone from turning into DHT. The juice of onion comprises of various beneficial enzymes that help in treating hair loss by acting on the hair follicles present on the scalp. This herbal oil is popularly used in south India for cooking purposes and is therefore, easily available. The herb is so safe that it can even be used by pregnant women who suffer from hair loss due to hormonal imbalance.
It may start from the surface of the lungs and may grow at a very fast pace, spreading to lymph nodes and causing more harm. Majority of cancer cases fall in the first category, but the treatment involved is the same for both types.

Natural treatments can be taken alongside these in order to boost immunity and strengthen the body.
Extract fresh juice of ginger root and have half a teaspoon early in the morning to ease the queasiness. This can be very helpful for lung cancer patients as they suffer from a weakened immune system which can make them susceptible to infections. Red clover is another very beneficial herb for lung cancer patients as it contains anti-tumor compounds that help prevent the growth of cancerous cells and stop them from spreading further.
While a person is undergoing chemotherapy, the side effects can be controlled effectively by the use of homeopathic medicines. Meditation is an effective stress reduction technique that can help your mind and body relax.
Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, a well balanced diet is the best way to beat lung cancer. However, there are some excellent herbs as well that can be taken to improve the quantity as well as quality of hair. The herb can be bought from organic stores as well as health stores where it is sold in powder form. The herb is also an excellent remedy against hair loss especially in cases where the problem is due to presence of dandruff on scalp.
The enzymes first clean the scalp of any form of infection and then stimulate the hair follicles causing hair to sprout from them. To treat hair loss with sesame oil first warm the oil and then massage it into your scalp each night before going to bed.
The popularity of the herb is so wide that it is being increasingly used as a major ingredient in hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair masks, hair gels and even in hair sprays.
Tea tree oil helps remove any kind of infection from the scalp thus keeping the scalp clean and clear off dandruff and dirt at all times.
In the early stages, it may go unnoticed and symptoms start to show only when it has spread quite a bit.
Smoking, passive smoking, radon exposure, asbestos exposure, genetics and certain viruses could increase the risk of developing lung cancer.
These treatments will help in the prevention of lung cancer and also provide quicker recovery. Herbal remedies may interfere with certain medications, so consult your doctor before taking any herb. Capsules of the herbal concoction are available in many leading health stores as well as with ayurvedic doctors. Drinking tea prepared using Gingko Bilboa will boost proper and regular circulation of blood to the scalp.
The dandruff causing bacteria are successfully eliminated by the anti-bacterial properties of garlic that in turn helps hair growth since dandruff blocks the hair follicles from sprouting.
The herb is available in capsule form in the market and should be consumed only after consultation with an herbalist. Rubbing peeled and halved onion over your scalp every day for 10 minutes will make wonderful difference to your hair. Along with helping in the treatment of hair loss, He Shou also helps boost the density of hair.
When the scalp remains clean it becomes easier for the hair to sprout from the follicles because there is no foreign body blocking their passage, this helps prevent hair loss. As the lung cancer advances, they may show symptoms such as wheezing, breathlessness, chest pain and chronic cough, initially.
In many cases the herbal capsules of Pygeum are used for preventing prostate cancer in men who are at its risk. Since tea tree is an essential oil it should be first mixed with carrier oil like olive, coconut or almond oil before being massaged onto the scalp.

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