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Health in Chinese medicine is based on observable laws of nature and alignment with these cycles… like night and day and the four seasons.
So for instance, the stomach’s peak period is from 7-9 am, in the morning, right when we should be eating breakfast to gear up for our day ahead. The stomach’s low period is from 7-9 pm, at night when many Americans eat their biggest meal.
In counseling people around weight loss and metabolism, I tell them to first put their eating in concert with the body clock and then to go through a full cycle of seasons with this pattern.
Invariably the organ times follow grandma’s adages about eating, sleeping, working, resting, and making love.
At an old monastery that was in the process of dying, there were five elderly monks left, and they were worried because everything was disintegrating and nobody seemed interested in what they were doing.
The abbot went back to the monastery and told this to the other monks, and they couldn’t figure it out. This aura of extraordinary respect that now began to surround the five old monks seemed to radiate out from them and permeate the atmosphere of the place. Most of the physiologic activities in the body are not constant throughout the day, but show variations. We know that we may perform differently for varied types of activity in different times of the day.
Like the physiologic activities which change during a day, disease symptoms may also show the same diurnal variation. Allergic rhinitis with symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose are typically worse in the early waking hours than later during the day. Asthma, in most patients, is aggravated in the few hours prior to awakening than during the day. Many elements in blood like iron, many hormones, phosphorus and so many others do not have the same concentration in the morning and in the afternoon. According to current world news, it has been reported that there has been evidence of forced labor as well as sex trafficking in Thailand and Malaysia. According to the report, it has been mentioned that thousands of migrants are exploited in Thailand from neighboring countries in the commercial sex industry as domestic servants and on fishing boats.
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Each organ has a two hour peak period during which it is optimally effective to perform its task. 5000 years ago this ancient culture’s physicians knew that our organ systems participated in these daily rhythms that we now call circadian rhythms. This may be a signal from your stomach that it is lacking sufficient energy to raise your appetite during its peak time from 7-9 am, or signaling that it is overfull from the night before, barely having digested that late night meal. If this is your rhythm, you are placing a stressful demand on your stomach organ to do work when it should be resting. If we follow these natural cycles they are our best insurance that our systems will run as smoothly as a well-oiled car.
Some functions are more active in the first hours of the day while for others, the activity is more pronounced in late hours. Our sleep-wake cycle, the thermoregulation, or regulating the body temperature, secretion of many hormones and body immunity all show circadian rhythm. The data that chronobiology has revealed in recent years may have significant impacts on our daily activities and our health and disease.
Runners, cyclists and swimmers perform better in the afternoon, when body temperature and aerobic activity is in the peak.
These results can vary significantly, possibly producing inaccurate readings, depending on the time of day when a test is done.
Results are lower in the morning, considerably higher in the evening, and greatest just before bedtime. These include: delayed sleep-phase syndrome (DSPS), advanced sleep-phase syndrome (ASPS), and irregular sleep-wake cycle, seasonal affective disorder (SAD). For two hours , each organ network (that is organ with its associated meridians) has the maximum flow of qi and therefore shows maximum activity.
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Further, these rhythms can be used as a barometer of our health, much like the dashboard on a car, as an early warning signal. If our eating habits were in line with the body clock then we would eat a big breakfast at stomach time from 7-9 am and a main meal at 1pm, the time of the small intestine. And, like a car, if something is awry with one of our organ systems, signals will appear on your two hour dashboard alerting you to the need for preventive maintenance. Fencers, on the other hand show better actions in the middle of the day, since at this time there is better concentration and mental activity. Some doctors now ask patients to wear special monitoring devices that provide a complete 24-hour blood pressure pattern by recording blood pressures a number of times during the day. It was on Friday that an annual Trafficking in Persons Report was disclosed where the four countries have been downgraded to Tier 3 by the U.S. Memorize it, avoid these cancer causing foods, be healthy, provide good fuel for your body.
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
Total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, beta-lipoprotein, triglyceride and blood glucose also reveal alterations with time of day. They believed that the main secret to health and longevity was living in accordance with nature.
Ancient chinese and classical chinese medicine practitioners believed that the more our daily life is consistent with this cylce the healthier we are.
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Parasympathetic system is more active in the night while sympathetic activity is usually more noticeable in the day.
Together, the SCN and these timekeeping genes make up the central clock which governs many aspects of physiology and behavior. All we know right now is that the more we live congruently with our circadian rhythms, the healthier we will be.
There is neural link between the retina and the SCN which conveys to it the day and night signals. Tossing and turning won’t help but taking a walk or moving about or allowing one’s mind to wander and dream will.

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