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I have lots of reusable bags and most of the time I remember to bring them along to the store. Windowsills, porches, and fire escapes are great for starting tiny urban gardens, but they can only hold so much. A bird feeder placed outside a window is a great way to observe nature without disrupting it. These recycled tin can lanterns are an easy way to add some sparkle without stretching your decorating budget. The materials are practically free, and the tiny holes create gorgeous scattered light patterns on your table when you drop a votive candle inside.
Why spend all that money when everything you need for a delightful hanging planter is probably sitting in your recycling bin right now?
Once the word spreads, you might even find your feeder visited by some of the lesser known winged inhabitants of your neighborhood! In this simple how-to, we show you how to create a fun, recycled urban bird feeder that you can hang from your fire escape or windowsill.
Follow this tutorial to learn how jam jars, plastic takeout containers, yogurt cups and a little bit of string can all be repurposed into a modern and functional hanging planter.

This Mason Jar Herb Garden is the perfect way to increase your growing capacity while at the same time bringing the joy of live plants to your kitchen. Just the right size for a single shrimp or marshmallow, this adorable DIY grill can be made from a single Altoids Sours tin, two salvaged computer fan guards and a handful of nuts and screws. Terrariums can be made with either leafy plants life ferns, or with water-storing varieties, such as succulents or cacti. It costs next to nothing and anyone can do it—all you need to do is dig through your recycling bin and follow eight easy steps! If you're already running out of activities to keep you and the little ones occupied, we've got some some ideas that could spell relief. Because terrarium plants need little soil and water, they can be made from containers of all sizes.
Summer is the perfect time for crafting projects that might be too big or too messy for inside the house.

This post has pictures and instructions for 10 amazing terrariums that are perfect to keep or give as gifts.
Gather your supplies, spread a blanket on the lawn or brush off the picnic table, and pick your favorite from this list of eco-friendly DIY projects. Some are more intensive than others, but all will leave you with a completed item that you'll definitely want to show off to the neighbors.

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