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Mozilla Online, the Chinese subsidiary of Mozilla has struck a deal with China leading web search provider, Baidu.
According to the very little information available, Baidu will pay an undisclosed amount to Mozilla Online for bundling its search engine in Chinese editions of Firefox. The agreement won’t make any difference for users of the Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) edition since Baidu is already included with Firefox as a bundled search engine since Firefox 2. So it sounds as a strategic move for Baidu to ensure a place in Firefox’s default search engines list. On Tuesday, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told local newspapers that he has sold AC Milan to a Chinese consortium.
Berlusconi made those remarks after leaving the hospital three weeks after undergoing a heart surgery. Although the identity of the Chinese buyers was not disclosed, rumor has it that Chinese search engine Baidu’s owner Li Yanhong and real estate mogul Evergrande Group are involved in the purchase.
Chinese investors have been very active in the European football scene since the beginning of Xi Jinping's administration, gradually overtaking Middle Eastern oil money as the most dominant market force.
AC Milan has become one of the most successful football clubs in Europe since Berlusconi took over the club in 1986. The day's most popular stories from Shanghaiist every evening in your inbox from our newsletter. Sign up for Shanghaiist Daily, which will deliver the day's most popular stories to your inbox at 5 p.m. Basically the mechanism seems just the same as Duolingo, even the design of the interface are not much different. Pinyin is used here, and this could be more easier for Chinese learners to accept and learn.

I could not judge whether it’s truly very useful for foreign people to study and we need to see the feedback. Actually this is an inadequate question now since Duolingo does not have course to learn Chinese from English. Currently, I am not so sure about how many people will learning Chinese in this way, and ChineseSkill might might a niche market if Duolingo does not plan to explore this market. However,  the most biggest problem for either Duoling or ChineseSkill might be the business model in front of them. As only as the courses are useful, there surely will be some way to get financial profits and make the project grow. This entry was posted in Chinese Language and tagged Chineseskill, crowdsourcing, Duolingo, Internet startups, Learning Chinese on May 16, 2014 by Chao Cheng. Author of Sell Online To China (Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market) and Ultimate Guide of Doing Business in China. Cheng Chao has extensive expertise in China market entry, global translation & localization, cross-border business development, and global digital marketing.
Chao founded ChineseTrans, where he led a team of senior linguists to establish ChineseTrans as the market leader in professional Chinese translation services. Since 2011, Chao has served as the managing director of SinoStep, a consulting agency helping foreign investment enter into the China market. TestimonialsSinoStep works perfect for my website localization and China online marketing campaigns, they are the real experts in this field. Also, Google will remain as the default search engine according to Mozilla Japan’s Gen Kanai. Baidu stock took a nosedive following rumors that CEO Robin Li and his wife Ma Dongmin have divorced and that Li may relinquish his post.

Berlusconi claimed that as a part of the agreement, the new Chinese owners will be paying at least a‚¬400m for the Serie A giant over the next two years.
Last month, Chinese businessman Tony Xia acquired the newly relegated Aston Villa of the Championship League while Chinese electronics retailer Suning Commerce Group bought AC Milan’s local rival, Inter Milan.
However, the club has not been performing well financially and has not won a Serie A trophy since the departure of its star player Zlatan IbrahimoviA‡ in 2011.
Backed up with a strong team of China business consultants experienced in different sectors, Chao has successfully introduced dozens of overseas brands into the China market, established their operations in China on early stage and adapted their businesses to the China market. A photo of Li and Ma on vacation in Norway has appeared on Baidu Tieba to counteract the rumors. We welcome readers to contribute to this project so that we can include the most up-to-date information. The 79-year-old also talked about his serious concerns about the state of Italy, EU and the world; he hopes to still be useful to Italians. To add words, check out the form at the bottom of CDT Chinese’s latest sensitive words post.
As for leadership change at Baidu, a November 19 report in Caijing on the possibility has vanished.

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