Auricular acupuncture diabetes treatment

Since the Hunger Point is on the outer perimeter of your ear, you can press it with one finger, or pinch it from either side with both fingers. Nutrition and exercise are still important but appetite and mood will make your efforts more productive, improving your chances for successful weight loss.
Applying pressure for 30-60 seconds to the Shen Men or Wonder Point regulates stress hormones, relieves tension and pain, and allows for deeper, quality sleep.
Health and wellness are two of the most important assets any human being can possess – and without which one cannot live a productive, joyful and meaningful life.
I get a pleasant burning rush of endorphins from lightly touching hairs in ear with the end of a paperclip that equals an orgasm. Nevertheless, I have had several recent patients who came in complaining of lesions, itching, and burning in the ano-genital area. The eczema patient responded well to TCM and herbs and we are now moving on to the deeper symptoms that have made the ano-genital itching possible in the first place – namely asthma, an ancient grief that has been affecting her lungs, and some other stuff.
Both patients reported that the sitz bath felt awesome, but other than that there was insufficient relief overall and in one case symptoms actually got worse. About the time all three of us were getting really discouraged I came across Susan Johnson’s Master Tung DVDs (see the links below) and watched through them again. Since I saw them both the genital herpes patient has come back in after a very stressful work week which resulted in another outbreak. In 1985 John worked with Dr Michael Smith at the Lincoln Clinic in the South Bronx, and at the Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where he specialised in acupuncture for detoxification and substance misuse. Upon his return to the UK, John introduced the NADA protocol  (auricular acupuncture for detoxification and substance misuse) into the UK, and is the founder of NADA UK. John has cultivated a clinical practice and teaching format that are uniquely eclectic, drawing upon a rich source of both personal and clinical experience from diverse locations such as Native American Indian Reservations and remote tribes in the Amazon and the Andes - to Western medical healthcare units across the UK, USA and Europe.

John has had a special interest in Qi Gong, in its various forms, from an early age and utilises the practice into his daily life. In all these places, John’s work has been gratefully received and appreciated, calling upon the best and most appropriate use of Traditional Natural Medicine. The art of weaving the balance of ‘healing’ tools to maintain equilibrium and breakthrough to recovery and wellbeing, where possible, is seen in the life evidence of those who experience that journey in the care of John’s hands.
One patient had a diagnosis of genital herpes, another was undiagnosed, one has chronic eczema that has spread and become infected from scratching, and a couple more have a diagnosis of lichen sclerosus. I fully expected each of them to have signs of heat and damp in the Liver channel, but that does not seem to be true.
The genital herpes patient did great with long dan xie gan tang and TCM, but the turn-around was slower than I wanted it to be.
Lichen sclerosus, or LS, is an auto-immune condition that causes the skin in the external genital area to get dry, thin, and to break very easily. Now, I will confess I’d never bled that point before, but she was up for the experiment and I decided to go for it.
You can’t take them out of the library, but you can bring your headphones and watch them there for free. Responsible for developing the UK’s first full-time Natural Healthcare Service on the NHS (Lambeth Community Care NHS Trust). She bled the Shang Chun or Upper Lip (77.15) point, which is at the laterodistal edge of the patella just below Stomach 35. Her 77.15 points were far more giving and the blood that came out was so dark it was almost black. If you decide to incorporate it into your practice I would encourage you to watch the DVD if you can.

This form of Qi Gong is highly effective in promoting general wellbeing, self-healing, and both spiritual and personal development. It affects a very small portion of the population and there is precious little information on it from an Asian medicine perspective. And that’s a bummer because you scratch it anywhere in the ano-genital area and the skin breaks and then it hurts, burns and itches all at the same time.
I was able to put a small silicone cup over those points which drew the blood out pretty nicely. Also, if the points are reluctant to bleed, sit the patient up with legs off the edge of the table to encourage better blood flow to the legs and swipe the points with alcohol between each squeeze to keep the blood flowing.
It can occur anywhere but seems to prefer the anus, vulvar areas and the head of the penis. This point treats stuff in the genital area (and stuff around the lips of the mouth like cold sores). I prepped (alcohol, gloves, cotton balls, paper towels, etc.) kneaded the knee (see what I did there? She waited to call me because she could barely believe it herself and didn’t want to jinx it!

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