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Researchers say exposure to passive smoke in childhood can cause damage to a person's arteries.
Adults exposed to secondhand smoke as children experienced irreversible thickening of their artery walls, a new study says. Celermajer and Lau said the report is compelling because of its size, duration and consistent findings.
A new study strengthens the link between smoking and lower back pain, and also sheds light on the causes of degenerative lumbar spine problems. The study on smoking and low back pain, which prospectively examined 1,337 physicians who graduated from Johns Hopkins University between 1948 and 1964, followed some participants for more than 50 years. Researchers discovered that smoking history, hypertension and coronary artery disease -all of which are risk factors for atherosclerosis, or occlusion of the arteries – were significantly associated with the development of low back pain.

These same risk factors, along with abnormally high blood cholesterol levels, were also significantly associated with the development of lumbar spondylosis. The study results, which were reported at the 2014 annual meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons in San Francisco, lends support to the theory that the mechanism of injury in low back pain is damage to the vascular structures of the discs and joints. Numerous researchers have proposed a link between smoking and low back pain, but the exact nature of that link had remained largely untested in terms of long-term prospective studies. The study concluded that development of lower back pain was significantly associated with smoking history and hypertension, and development of lumbar spondylosis was significantly associated with smoking history, and hypertension and high cholesterol. Maximized Living unlocks unlimited health and potential through the practice of The 5 Essentials. Such passive smoking aged arteries by three years and increased the subjects' risk for heart attacks and strokes.

And the most common age range for smokers, between 20 and 45, overlaps with critical parenting years.
While the researchers did not ask questions about the frequency and dose of the exposure, data regarding cigarette consumption in both countries show that Australians buy twice as many cigarettes as Finns.
The findings provide support for the hypothesis that atherosclerosis causes lower back pain and degenerative disorders of the intervertebral discs.
Ahn, Chief Resident in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and co-author of the study.

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