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AFTER 2,000 years of practice and decades of research, a Nobel prize went this year to a discovery derived from traditional Chinese medicine.Tu Youyou won the prize for identifying the malaria drug artemisinin, "a gift that traditional Chinese medicine has for the world", she said. Children living in the Thai-Myanmar border come to a malaria clinic to get tested in Sai Yoke district, Kanchanaburi Province, in this October 26 2012 file photo.

Now thousands of researchers across China are seeking to replicate her achievement by simplifying the complex treatments prescribed by traditional practitioners to derive products for sale across the globe.Beijing has invested heavily in the traditional medicine sector and uses its health insurance programme to favour use of the remedies. These are usually cheaper than western medicines and often preferred in rural areas.With Chinaa€™s growing middle class also culturally conditioned to favour traditional medicine, Beijing sees domestic consumers and companies as the first beneficiaries of any further "gifts" from the sector. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is an herb that has been used by many cultures to support intestinal health. As Chinaa€™s huge ageing population becomes more demanding, healthcare has emerged as a politically sensitive topic.But the country spends only just more than 5% of gross domestic product on healthcare compared with an average of nearly twice that for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development members.

From the western point of view, the difficulty of isolating a single, scientifically testable compound is a challenge," says En Li, the head of Novartisa€™s China Institutes for Biomedical Research in Shanghai."To get a single compound out of a single plant, like in the case of artemisinin, took so many years," says Ye Yan of the China Academy of Sciences.

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