Artemisinin for canine cancer

By Holistic And Organix Pet Shoppe ©Being told that your dog has cancer is of course heart-breaking.
Conventional cancer treatments using chemotherapy and radiation may be effective in getting rid of cancerous tumors, but these treatments are tough on your dogs immune system and a lot of times these treatments end up killing the dog or person instead of the cancer itself.
GOLDEN RETRIEVER LYMPHOMA TREATMENT COSTBone marrow transplant for lymphoma therapy animals bring people will.
And if you are REALLY struggling with this decision, you can try the conventional treatments for a little while and see if it is helping or making your dog more sick or alternative methods first. If you reduce sugar or eliminate it all together, you cannot add fuel for the cancer cells. After walking dogs in public places, wash off the paws by sticking them in a bowl of water with some raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar added in for a few minutes, then wipe dry.
Make it your mission to find out as much as you can about your dog's condition, the treatments available and what you can do yourself to help rid this nasty disease.

Yes, that's a tall request but it is very high on the list of what is causing cancer as well as many other diseases in our pets today. You cannot avoid everything but you can make a huge dent in avoiding these by doing a few things differently. In 2016, there will be an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases diagnosed and 595,690 cancer deaths in the US.
This is a scare tactic used to hurry and get your money before you change your mind and find other alternative options. You may not be able to learn them all at once but you can certainly learn a lot of the common ones. You may need to experiment with different ones but they do exist and work well when used correctly.
Any plan is never set in stone and there are many options that can be done in conjunction with.

If you have a concern about the protection they may have against certain diseases, look into  titers.
Supplements are sourced from China most of the time so it's best to try to find vitamins in a natural form.
Over all, a vaccine is a cancer causing injection and to repeat these year after year, can become fatal.
Dogs cannot digest chunks of veggies so they need help to get the nutrients needed from them.

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