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Other names for Panax ginseng: Korean ginseng, Asian ginseng, Asiatic ginger, Chinese ginseng, Shen Tsao. Many studies in the past 20 years demonstrated that Korean red ginseng was superior to placebo for the treatments of erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is called “root of heaven” in the Traditional Chinese System of Medicines and is said to provide harmony in both ying and yang energy since impotence and frigidity are considered imbalance of yin and yang energy. The name Ginseng comes from the Chinese Jin-chen, which means Like a Man, because the plant resembles the same shape of a human body. The Panax ginseng is famous not only for its aphrodisiac properties but is also known for helping the body recover from stress.
Korean ginseng is traditionally used for two to three weeks continuously, followed by a one to two-week rest period before resuming. Caffeine containing products such as black tea, coffee and energy drinks should be avoided when taking ginseng as there is a risk of over-stimulation and gastrointestinal upset (upset stomach). If Panax ginseng is used with other herbs that affect blood clotting, bleeding may occur.If Panax ginseng is taken at the same time as other herbs that also affect the heart, potentially dangerous changes in heart function may result. In China, many herbs are used as medicinal substances each year. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine draws on ancient practices -- herbal medicine is as old as humanity itself. These early discoveries were passed along until thousands of years and millions of human trials brought about the evolution of an incredibly sophisticated system of diagnosis and herbal medicine.
This information may seem astonishing to the minds of Westerners, who see herbal medicine as a new development in healing. From this collection of herbs, a clinical herbalist employs more than 250 standard formulas, each of which can be modified to fit a patient's individual pattern of disharmony. As the person's health improves, the nature of the imbalance changes, so the herb formula must also change. Licorice root contains wellness properties that include flavonoids, glycyrrhizic acid, plant sterols, carbenoxolone and anethole.
Licorice root acts as a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antispasmodic. Licorice root contains soothing properties that can deter symptoms of depression and anxiety. Licorice root can bring calm to troubled GI tract – it promotes the detox of bad bacteria while helping to eliminate gas and constipation. Licorice root works as a natural expectorant and demulcent and therefore often used to remedy coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, emphysema and post nasal drip. Licorice root is versatile in culinary applications – it is often used to sweeten confectionaries as well as add distinct flavor to bland dishes. Licorice root is available in the forms of readymade teas, grounded powders, capsule supplements and liquid extracts as well as the dried roots. Legend has it, that when the tomb of King Tut was opened, in there were bundles of licorice root nestling among his fine pieces of jewelry and artwork. Troops led by Alexander the Great chewed on licorice root to ward off thirst and to increase stamina and endurance. Napoleon Bonaparte found licorice so enjoyable to eat that he consumed it throughout the day – he ate so much of it that it stained his teeth black.
Disclaimer: We make no claims that licorice root can cure any diseases, please exercise caution and use the suggestions posted at your own risk. Both male and female hemp plants produce good quality fiber, but the female produces the best religious quality cannabinoids.
Hemp rope was found in the eighteenth-dynasty tomb of Akhenaten (Amenophis IV) at El Amarna, including a three ply hemp cord in the hole of a stone and a large mat bound with hemp cords. Initially scholars debated as to whether the cannabis pollen was ancient or modern contamination. European witches knew of cannabis from antiquity, when cannabis was one of the most commonly used medications among Celts and Norse. The three major branches examined on this web site are: native Egyptian religion (history and culture), the rational branch (based on science mathematics, and philosophy), and witchcraft (based on magick).

Often people refer to it as Chinese or Korean red ginseng as it was discovered over 7000 years ago in Korea and the mountains of Manchuria, China. There have been many medical trials that show that ginseng improves sperm count and sperm motility in infertile men, and that it improves libido and erection in men with erectile dysfunction. In most of the studies patients were divided into two groups and given Panax ginseng or a placebo. Early legends believed that consuming it could lead to eternal life, being an elixir for all ailments. Korean red ginseng grows 4-5 feet in height, and its leaves are dark green and oval in shape. The recommended dose depends on your body type and the product you are taking, whether it would be tablets or dried root tincture.
When it is taken with antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs, the effect of the drug may be increased, possibly resulting in uncontrolled bleeding.
Some herbal products with heart effects are European Mistletoe, Digitalis, Hawthorn, Motherwort, Pleurisy Root and Squill should be avoided. Early human beings were hunter-gatherers whose survival depended on their knowledge of their environment.
From a practical perspective, however, a fairly complete pharmacy stocks about 450 different individual herbs.
The herbalist or practitioner combines herbs based on the diagnosis, using a traditional herbal formula as a foundation and adding other herbs specific to the individual's complaint and constitution.
Some herbs are deleted when they are no longer needed, while others more appropriate to the changing condition are added.
The root has been cultivated for thousands of years and used in both culinary and medicinal applications. Variations of licorice tea are the most popular forms of applications – it is often steeped in hot water with a dab of honey and sipped slowly.
Studies have determined that long term consumptions of pure licorice can lead to hypertension, fluid retention and hypokalemia.
It is said that the king valued the taste and properties of licorice so much that he requested to be sent away with it. You may want to seek the assistance of a lawyer to assert your religious rights to divine smoke. Initially the root was used as food but soon people found out it has amazing rejuvenating properties and they started using it as a medication.
Frequency of intercourse, premature ejaculation, and morning erections after treatment were unchanged in all groups. The wild roots of ginseng from Korea still receive exuberant prices when they have humanlike and phallic form. The chemical components behind the efficincy of the Panax ginseng are a type of steroids called ginsenosides and panaxtriol.
Although it is generally safe ginseng should be used with caution as it is a strong nerve system stimulator. Panax ginseng may decrease blood sugar levels, taking it with other blood sugar-lowering herbal products may result in hypoglycemia-blood sugar that is too low. Direct experience taught them which plants were toxic, which ones imparted strength and sustained life, and which had special healing qualities. Thirty herbs, mostly tonics, account for more than 50 percent of this figure, with licorice topping the list at 86,000 tons. Ancient Egyptians as well as ancient Chinese, Greeks and Hindus recognized early on the value of the humble licorice root, and today, it is valued still.
The roots can be chewed and the powder and extracts can be added to syrups, teas and juices. Pregnant women and those with liver and kidney problems are advised not to consume licorice root. Additionally, this post does contain affiliate links, while they do not affect the price of the product on your end, using them to purchase your sustainable alternatives does help to keep this website running, therefore, we thank you in advance. The 1909 King’s American Dispensatory lists hemp seed infusion for use in after-pains and in the bearing down sensation accompanying prolapsus uteri.
However, in the Panax ginseng-treated group a significant improvement in erectile parameters such as penile rigidity, girth, duration of erection, improved libido, and patient satisfaction were reported.
Ancient asian doctors combined the root of ginseng with deer antlers, deer phalli, tiger bones, and toad meat and snake venom when given to a patient as an aphrodisiac.

These steroids are remarkably similar in structure to anabolic steroids found naturally in the human body. Long-term use may cause side effects such as nervousness and insomnia.Women may experience menstrual abnormalities and breast tenderness in women. All central nervous stimulants such as theophylline and related drugs for asthma, albuterol, and clonidine may be avoided with ginseng.
All industrialized nations in the world other than the United States provide medical care for their citizens.
The Korean ginseng contains 38 different ginsenoside types while the American ginseng has only 19 ginsenoside types. Panax ginseng can affect the force and rate of heart beat, viagra should be avoided with ginseng. The overall therapeutic efficacy on erectile dysfunction was more than 60 percent for the Panax ginseng groups and 30 percent for the placebo groups.
Other chemical components isolated in the plant are are phytosterols, polysaccharides organic acids such as vanillic acid, salicylic acid, nitrogenous substances, amino acids, peptides, vitamins and enzymes.
Scholars researched his life and found documentation to support his extreme age: In a 1930 New York Times article, Professor Wu Chung-chieh of the University of Chengdu reported on Imperial Chinese government records from 1827, congratulating one Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday, and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877. The Guinness Book Of Records has stated that in general, the record for the longest living person is the one out of all their records that has been most subject to deliberate falsification; so they are ultra-cautious to only include those whose longevity has been fully ascertained and documented.
However, many have accepted Li-Ching’s astounding longevity, double that of the longest living person, as being a fact. In 1928, a New York Times correspondent wrote that many of the old men in Li’s neighborhood asserted that their grandfathers knew him when they were boys, and that he at that time was a grown man. Varying accounts stated that he had outlived either 14 or 20 wives and had numerous offspring.
The Master Herbalist Here’s where it gets interesting: Li Ching-Yun was a master herbalist! Living for many years out in the pure, unspoilt wilds of old Asia, he learned from Taoist masters the ancient art of wildcrafting (gathering) herbs, collecting, preparing and eating obscure plants from remote forest and mountain. By the time he was ten years old he had traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria, gathering herbs.
One can only imagine the absolute purity and quality of the herbs that would have been attained high in the mountains in that era – long before pollution set in.
Li Ching-Yun was said to have collected herbs for the first 100 years of his life, surviving on herbs and rice wine.
Undoubtedly if such were true he would have investigated innumerable plants – however according to modern accounts, some of the more significant herbs Li-Ching took were Lingzhi (Reishi) Mushroom, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, WolfBerries (aka or very similar to Goji Berries) and Polygonum multiflorum (aka. It is often written that of these, the most significant for life extension is Polygonum multiflorum (aka Ho Shou Wu or He Shou Wu). Could it possibly be that our venerable sage did indeed live longer than a “normal” lifespan?
And if so, is it possible that his longevity was attributable to some rare herbal formula now lost in the mists of time?
The ancient Chinese lived in a now-forgotten world – completely different to the one of Communism that replaced it. They loved to tell tales of Taoist Immortals of astounding discipline and incredible mystical powers.
Whether true or not, however, it attests to one thing: The reverence with which the ancient Chinese regarded herbalism and the natural way. Is it possible that there is some “secret” combination of these ancient herbs that works in synergy to extend life? These rare plants contain all kinds of molecules still undiscovered and unexplored by science. These may yet represent our best hope at finding cures for some of our most serious ailments.
His surprising tactics could make your life easier and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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