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Medicine Wheel, also called the Sacred Hoop, is an important part of the Native American culture and spirituality. There is no certainty as to the meaning and function of the Medicine Wheel and different Native American tribes are thought to have interpreted it differently. The Medicine Wheel is considered to symbolize peaceful interaction between the living beings inhabiting the Earth.
A number of these structures have been sited all over southern Canada and northern United States.
Generally used for healing and health, it symbolizes the cycles of life and embodies the cardinal directions- North, East, South and West.

Its circle shows everything as part of a cosmic whole and represents the balance between personal and natural powers.
These are supposed to have been used for ritualistic, healing, teaching and astronomical purposes.
The wheel can be used for self-realization, finding your purpose in life and bringing fulfillment and enlightenment into it. There are also 'spokes' made from lines of stones laid as coming out from the center and going on to the outer circle. They also stand for the annual seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), the natural elements (wind, earth, fire and water) and the aspects of life (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional).

Apart from a physical construction on land, the medicine wheel can also take the form of paintings or artifacts.

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