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Ranked72in the USAUniversity of Kentucky is a large public college offering a number of disciplines including medical majors and located in Lexington, Kentucky. You’re likely here right now because you’re ready to experience greater physical or emotional health. If you’re like many of our patients, you’re seeking an alternative or complement to conventional medicine. Our mission at Common Ground Wellness and Louisville Acupuncture Clinic is to provide compassionate and effective holistic healthcare. This school was founded in 1865 and is presently offering bachelor's, master's, certificates, and doctoral degrees in 15 medical programs. Maybe you struggle with chronic aches and pains, you’re finding it difficult to turn your mind off and deeply relax in your life, or your metabolism just isn’t what it used to be.

You want to get to the root cause of your health problems– not just put a temporary bandage on them. We offer customized treatments as well as patient education and empowerment backed by years of experience in complementary and alternative medicine modalities. Many different diseases can be addressed and we have had great success with both internal and external illness. Fortunately, acupuncture treatment with a skilled provider can address both sides of this coin. There is nothing more important than getting proactive about your health, investing in your well-being, and choosing a lifestyle that fosters longevity and vitality. The acupuncture needles are virtually painless and we am quite good at putting you at ease and making sure you are comfortable and feel safe.

We encourage you to seek this truth for yourself by scheduling a treatment with our office.
Contact our office and we can discuss your symptoms with you to determine if acupuncture will be an effective option.
We will explain to you what we will be doing, how it feels, and will needle ourselves to show you exactly what to expect.

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