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Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab we use many alternative medicine techniques in order to provide our patients with the most effective pain release possible.
There is a level of the mind that is already calm, most people have just lost access to it. If you are interested in knowing more about transcendental meditation, visit the TM website here!
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years with its origins in China. The ancient Chinese perceived humans as microcosms of the larger, surrounding universe —interconnected with nature and subject to its forces. The two organs that correspond to the summer season and the fire element are the heart and small intestine. Hawthorn: Many herbalists consider hawthorn to be one of the best heart tonics on the planet.
To make an infusion, infuse 2 teaspoons of dried herb in 1 cup of boiling water; this should be drunk three times a day. Cayenne: Cayenne stimulates blood flow, strengthening the heart, arteries, capillaries and nerves.
To make an infusion, pour 1 cup of boiling water over ½ to 1 teaspoon of cayenne and infuse for 10 minutes. Some helpful herbs for the small intestine are comfrey root, licorice root, fennel seed and anise seed. Fennel seed: An excellent stomach and intestinal remedy that relieves flatulence and colic while stimulating digestion and appetite. For an infusion, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 to 2 teaspoons of slightly crushed seeds and infuse in a covered container for 10 minutes.

To make an infusion, the seeds should be gently crushed just before use to release the volatile oils. We offer our patients chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy which are all aspects of eastern medicine. A mantra is a word or a sound that is used meaninglessly and silently during TM in order to focus on the innermost parts of the mind. A TCM practitioner uses herbs, acupuncture and other methods to treat a wide range of conditions. The human body is regarded as an organic entity in which the various organs, tissues, and other parts have distinct functions but are all interdependent. Ten organs are arranged into a system that places each one into one of the five categories. The heart circulates blood as it carries oxygen and other nutrients to the rest of the body.
Hawthorn is used to treat hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, palpitations, tachycardia, angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease (CAD) and varicose veins. As a general tonic, it is especially useful for toning both the circulatory and digestive systems. To make a decoction, put ½ teaspoon of root in 1 cup of water, bring to a boil, and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.
Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 to 2 teaspoons of the seeds and infuse in a covered container for 5 to 10 minutes. We offer a daily entree, from scratch bread, fresh soup, made-to-order sandwiches and more!
This can happens in terms of focus, stress relief, anxiety relief and a more positive outlook.

Herbal remedies and acupuncture are the treatments most commonly used by TCM practitioners.
The small intestine works to digest foods and absorb their nutrients which it sends directly into the blood supply. Hawthorn nourishes the heart, increases oxygen flow to the heart muscle, reduces blood vessel inflammation and helps digest fats and oils.
During TM your body reaches the deepest kind of rest and relaxation, even deeper than sleep which allows the body to repair.
Instead of listening outward, TM teaches you how to focus your attention on the deeper parts of your mind and listen inward. In the United States, TCM is considered part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Within the Chinese five phase theory, the heart and small intestine are the most active in the summer season. Always consult with someone who is properly trained in using herbs before beginning any herbal treatment program. Cortisol, is a chemical that is secreted in your body when you are feeling stressed or anxious.
It is crucial that on your first day you are one-to-one with a teacher in order for them to give you a mantra that is best for you and learn how to use it.

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