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Considered as an ultimate antibiotic, the oregano is a powerful herb  with  number of specific healing properties at its disposal. Antioxidants boost our immune system in a natural way as well as protect our body against free radical damage. Familiar with oregano’s antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, the Greeks used it for healing people suffering from various diseases.
It was also used as a remedy for pain and inflammation and it treated  all kinds of respiratory  and digestive illnesses. Oregano essential oil contains magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, manganese, vitamins C, A (beta-carotene) and niacin.
However, the most important compound in the oregano is carvacol, also known as the most effective antibiotics according to scientific research. One of the interesting facts about the oregano is that it is mostly used in Mediterranean dishes, and according to the statistics people of the Mediterranean are known for their long life spam. Real wild Mediterranean oregano needs to be either of origanum vulgare or Thymus capitatus , mostly found in Spain.  The oregano oil  has  to have carvacrol concentration of 70% or more and to be derived from the previously mentioned types. Unlike other  pharmaceutical antibiotics, oregano essential oil doesn’t provoke harmful stress in the body and doesn’t have side effects. It acts in an effective way against threatening bacteria and doesn’t create biological changes in the body.
You Will Never Hear This From Your Doctor: How To Cure Your Thyroid Gland With Just Two Ingredients! Rosemary is not just a fragrant additive in your culinary delights, but the plant has been known to serve extremely well as alternative medicine for a lot of ailments.
Typical to the Mediterranean regions of Spain and Portugal, the rosemary herb is famous for the fragrance it adds to food.

After Being Poisoned By Pesticides, This Strawberry Farmer Switched to Organic (And Proved Everyone Wrong)! Neighborhoods around the US are creating pantries for anyone to take food when they need it! According to many people, bloating is excessive farting or bleaching as they feel full and their stomach is in the size of a ball.
You don’t drink enough water – many health problems appear due to the body not being hydrated enough.
Constipation – once you feel better after you empty your bowels the main issue is constipation, meaning that you have to add fiber in your diet as the gasses are trapped behind the feces. You are too stressed – some studies say that bloating can be caused by too much stress as when the system is stressed the brain prevents the digestive system from functioning properly.
You eat too fast – when the food is being chewed, the body starts processing it more slowly and bloating may appear.
Carbs – the issue with bloating can appear due to eating too much carbs, but you may solve this problem by eating low-carb foods. Do you know the truth behind the small scar on the upper left arm and Its real meaning?!Cancer cells die in 42 days: This famous Austrian’s juice cured over 45,000 people from cancer and other incurable diseases!
We'll be putting the domain for sale, in hope that someone pick up the gauntlet, continue to provide similar content, or use it for some other beneficial purpose. Compared with other products, oregano has 8 times more antioxidants than the apple and three times as much as blueberries. Terpenes consists of pinene and terpinene  having antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.
In contrary, it nourishes the body  while not depriving it of nutrients like other traditional antibiotics do.

It is an issue which usually appears after a heavy meal, but there are some people who feel bloated all the time.
This is caused by coffee and alcohol and if you drink them a lot, you will have to consume 6-8 glasses of water as well.
Known as the herb of remembrance and a symbol of loyalty and friendship, rosemary has been traditionally associated with both weddings and funerals, and was often worn as a wreath, by brides, as a symbol of their fidelity. When our body is deprived of water, it starts using the liquids it can find, thus bloating may be caused due to fluid retention. Use whole grain bread instead of white bread, drink a lot of smoothies and eat more berries.
It was the Queen of Hungary, Elizabeth who used rosemary in the 14th century, as a medicine for her gout and rheumatism. Her potion of rosemary and lavender, later famous as Hungary water, was renowned for enhancing her beauty and health. If you cannot find rosemary oil, just cut a few sprigs of the plant and drop it in your bath oil and it'll help you soothe your aching joints. People burn sage and rosemary to cleanse and purify the place, supposedly of spirits and other negative energy.

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