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Historically these cancer drugs worked almost indiscriminately on rapidly dividing cells, usually poisoning them through free-radical toxic action.
Other rapidly dividing cells, such as those in the nails, blood, stomach lining and hair, also suffer. Although chemotherapy can be very effective, the success rate varies and in certain cancers can be as low as one per cent! A survey of 128 US cancer doctors found that if they contracted cancer, more than 80 per cent would not have chemotherapy as the "risks and side effects far outweighed the likely benefits".
A new breed of drugs is being developed - biologics, including such chemicals as mono-clonal antibodies.
5: Ask your doctor what action he will take if you are losing a lot of weight and obviously not getting sufficient nutrition.
9: Next stage - During Chemotherapy, drink up to three litres of glass bottled or reverse osmosis filtered water a day and take your anti-sickness medication regularly to prevent nausea building up. 10: Eat small amounts of nourishing food regularly, rather than one or two large meals a day. 15: Ask a cranial osteopath or acupuncturist to rebalance the energy flow around the body and help with nausea. 16: Force yourself to walk around and take exercise, even though you probably wont want to.
18: Astragalus, Cats claw, Echinacea and Cassie tea (Essiac) can all be taken after treatment is finished, to re-stimulate the immune system. We stress the need to consult your medical practitioner at all times when taking supplements. Sign up for icon Our icon magazine is available free in over 500 UK hospitals, cancer centres and libraries. This article looks at Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and how chemical, or plant, agents are used to lock on to cancer cells. Historically, chemotherapy had its critics because the chemotherapy agents were too general.
Nowadays scientists are developing smart chemical agents, the sort that targets some physical property unique to a cancer cell for example its unique enzymes.
The technology is supported by over 100 years of research and development; there have been over 4,000 scientific reviews and articles and there are currently several hundreds of universities and top cancer clinics from New York to Russia seeking to develop and improve this treatment.
The Americans do try to claim that somehow their National Cancer Institute invented PDT at the Roswell Laboratories in the 1970s but this is just not true; indeed Neils Finsen won a Nobel Prize in 1903 for using light treatment to cure Iupus. In 1904 the first recorded cure of a cancer took place in Germany, a basal cell carcinoma of the lip. However the over-excitement of the pharmaceutical and medical establishments for chemotherapy saw PDT put on the back burner until the mid-1970s when a doctor in Buffalo, NY developed a chemical agent and used it to treat cancer. To date the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Photofrin (more correctly Porfimer Sodium), for use in PDT to treat or relieve the symptoms of oesophageal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Another limitation historically, has been the need to have the cancer in a position where light could get at it and activate the agent accumulated in the cancer cells.
However the limitations of this direct action meant that cancer cells not exposed to the light frequency escaped. Early agents were also slow, both to reach cancer cells and then to clear out of the body afterwards.
The US National Cancer Institute officially warn that porfimer sodium makes the skin and eyes (you must wear dark glasses) sensitive to light for up to six weeks and Cancerbackup (now MacMillan) even talks about the need to use low powered lighting in the home. In April 2003, icon magazine reported on a trial at the Gray Cancer Institute in Middlesex and sponsored by Cancer Research UK. Professor Peter Wardman, who led the study for Cancer Research UK, drew attention to the problem of low oxygen in the cancer cells.
Interestingly the new Roswell Park agents are based on plants, using derivatives of chlorophyll. It has long been known that the chlorophyll molecule in plants resembles that of haemoglobin in animals. Populations that consume large amounts of green plants and have lots of sunlight (for example, Mediterranean cultures, or the sun belt in the USA) get less cancers, and it is known that, along with higher vitamin D levels, longer wavelength UV plays some part in this. Some diet therapies involving barley grass, spirulina or wheat grass in part attribute their success to the oxygenating benefits of chlorophyll. With the Russian agent, the wait time is claimed to be only hours after intravenous infusion before light treatment can be used.

In their view, it is probably no coincidence that the haemoglobin and chlorophyll molecules are so structurally similar given our long-term evolution as humans, nor that agricultural communities who eat more green foods and live out of doors more, develop less cancers.
The cancer cell, which produces its energy without oxygen in a fermentation process, is acidic and negatively charged. The success of Photo Flora, according to Clearey is that it acts like glucose and so gains easy entry into the cancer cells.
Meanwhile, the risk of binding to healthy cells falls from about 25 per cent (Photofrin) to less than 3 per cent, so Clearey claimed to me, because this new agent specifically avoids healthy cells that are alkaline and not negatively charged. More remarkably, the agent has been developed and a version of Photo Flora can be taken orally, using drops under the tongue. Patients may take the green liquid for a month or just three days depending upon the level of activity required. A further bonus claimed is that the cytoxic effects of the agent and the CLT tend to cause coagulation in the blood vessels that feed the tumour, cutting off its supply of nourishment. And finally, it would seem that although the death of the cancer cell occurs from within, the initial breakdown of the tumour releases inactive cancer cells into the bloodstream that are mopped up by the immune system.
At this point I should stress that this CLT detail is just an example of work taking place at a number of research centres (orthodox and private) in the world.
PDT is, however, only as good as the photosensitive agent, which in turn determines the frequency of the light that can be used and thus the depth of penetration in the body and the pick up of cancer cells outside of the solid tumours.
These are supposedly much more tightly targeted to you and your type of cancer, because they attack some particular genetic feature, protein or enzyme unique to the cancer.
Also, if you want to use herbal and natural remedies to help with the side effects, would he be prepared to work with you and discuss suitable treatments?
You are encouraged to eat lots of fruit and vegetables but then, at the same time, the oncologist says that antioxidant supplements will protect the cancer cells during chemo. This does not have to be strenuous but it does need to be daily according to a number of recent research studies. But bear in mind that the chemical effects of the chemo will be expected to go on for 6-8 weeks after the last dose.
Kerep yeasts in check with Pau Darco, oregano, cinnamon and wormwood, plus a multi-strain probiotic.
Whilst some (for example the use of ginger to quell nausea; or the use of medicinal mushrooms to reduce side effects) have come through clinical trials, other ideas have come through expert research only.
Full of great articles and the very latest cancer information, you can have it sent to your own home. Diamond was a well-known broadcaster and journalist who died of throat cancer at the age of 47. But it’s only when you read books like this that you realize the immense calamity that can result from smoking and also the heights that human beings can reach in dealing with disaster. They caused disruption in the copying process of cells and so would most disrupt rapidly dividing cells, which of course included cancer cells.
When light of a certain wavelength or frequency was shone on the agent, it excited the agents atoms encouraging them to offload electrons to any oxygen molecules in the localised vicinity.
So, for example, work with brain tumours was confined to moments when the skull had been opened up (10).
Thus early procedures where the norm was to treat tumours that were seen, often omitted dealing with any secondaries or colonies of cancer cells that had not been spotted in other areas of the body.
Photofrin can take two to four days to successfully attach to the cancer cells, and up to 50 days to clear the body. All had colorectal cancers that had spread to the liver; three of the five were clear of cancer three months later. The trial, reported in the journal Cancer Research, used a dye combined with plant hormones.
In one company, Rada Pharma, scientists and pharmacists have developed a triple ingredient agent based on algae and chlorophyll, called radachlorin.
They are structurally similar, the main difference being an iron atom at the centre of haemoglobin, but a magnesium atom in chlorophyll. This is important because such infrared light can penetrate deeper into the body than the light used for such agents as Photofrin and sensitise the agent in deep seated tumours, whilst potentially hitting more rogue cells outside of the tumours solid mass. And within 36 hours there is no sensitivity to light as the agent has been eliminated from the skin. This natural agent circulates easily in the blood system, without toxic effect, because of its similarity to haemoglobin.

Because the energy process is less efficient than that of a normal cell, and because cancer cells divide so rapidly, a large amount of fuel is required. First, normal cells are slightly alkaline, but by contrast the acidity in a cancer cell disengages the agent from the lipoprotein. So the very structure and properties of the cancer cell cause the agent to be absorbed uniquely by them.
Basic principles, applications in oncology and improved selectivity of photodynamic therapy. This is not every person responds to them; for example just 20 per cent of women who are HER-2 positive can use Herceptin. What are the worst reported and also the least reported, side effects during and after this treatment?
There is a lot of research on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms to improve chemotherapy results and cut side-effects. Yoga and Tai chi are not strenuous but have massive benefits even when its the first time you do them.
It is a proven fact that visualisation, yoga and meditation all help boost the immune system and have a significant effect on long-term survival rates, so take time each day to use relaxation techniques.
Moreover, research by Italian scientists has identified that it is linked to loss of carnitine in the blood as a result of the chemotherapy toxins. Published after his death in 2001, Snake Oil contains his thoughts on alternative forms of medicine (uncomplimentary) and some of the brilliant articles he wrote in his regular columns for the Times and other newspapers. Worse, there was no guarantee the chemical agent had destroyed all the cancer cells rather than most.
Response rates and the durability of response with PDT are as good as, or better than, those with standard locoregional treatments. This particular agent used haemoglobin molecules and was originally derived from blood, usually pigs blood. They are currently investigating it in trials (reportedly in Holland and Belgium) as the nature of the agent allows light of the infrared range to be used to sensitise the agent. Second, the agent has two positive charged areas and thus energetically binds to the negatively charged elements in the unique power stations of the cancer cell.
The liver and immune system do their best to remove the poisons, but both are weakened in the process. Tests should exist to find your suitability for these drugs or they can be wasted, your hopes unfulfilled. However there are a number of natural compounds that have been shown in research to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and improve survival rates.
Supporting of the liver function is also helped by the use of N-Acetyl Cysteine, an amino acid which raises glutathione levels and helps the livers detoxification pathways.
In tests (albeit involving just 50) patients given a high energy drink containing levocarnitine 90% of the patients no longer felt tired just a week after starting the drink. Leave just one healthy cancer cell behind and the potential is there for multiple division and reoccurrence of cancer.
However, (in some cases up to the 25 per cent level), the agent also attaches to healthy cells and all (good and bad) are killed when the localised area is sensitised by light of a certain frequency.
So far we have shown this works in dishes, but because both the dye and the plant hormone are known to be non-toxic in man, we are hopeful that we can quickly translate this treatment into clinical reality. This would enable the body to be harmlessly penetrated by the light and so deep-seated tumours and their metastases could be attacked. Tom Clearey, and together they specified, had made, registered and patented in the UK, their own agent Photo Flora. This in itself would be a major breakthrough as historically PDT could only be used on superficial cancers (skin cancer) or by methods such as fibre optics where light could be delivered to a solid tumour.
Curcumin, cod liver oil, ginger, garlic and aloe vera will all calm down inflammation and bad eicosdanoid production.
Geoffrey BoycottClick here to find out more.The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer"At last the definitive book on a diet to fight cancer".

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