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Hot dogs are probably the most popular fast-food ever, as they have over 7 billion consumers in the world. Hot dogs were introduced by German immigrants in the 19th century and gained their popularity quickly. During the process, these ingredients are mixed together, and additives such as sat, corn syrup, nitrates, large amount of salt and chemicals are added. Data from the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that people who consume a single corn dog daily have a 21% higher risk of developing colorectal cancer. Ginger Juice – The Amazing Drink That Melts Fat Off Your Waist Almost Immediately (1)Incredible Health Benefits, Urinary Tract Healing and Detoxing the Whole Body with This Amazing Oil! (1)Drinking This On An Empty Stomach Will Do You Miracles!
Soursop is the fruit of the legendary tree Graviola which grows in the Amazon rainforest, but plenty of studies show that people could try it when chemotherapy fails.
Experts warn against using soursop to treat cancer, but certain studies show that this fruit is used by an increasing number of people when chemotherapy fails, especially since the main difference between the two options is that graviola does not harm the healthy cells. Another study carried out by scientists at Virginia Tech demonstrated that the extract of this fruit can diminish the growth of breast cancer without affecting healthy tissue. Irrespective of the effect graviola has on cancer cells, parts of the tree and fruit have been used throughout time to treat asthma, heart diseases, arthritis and liver problems.
The reason why clinical trials could not be carried out is because of the fruit’s fatty acid derivates, namely annonaceous aceteogenins.
Some cancer patients use soursop to relieve symptoms and treat their cancer, but herbal supplements made from this fruit taken while undergoing chemotherapy could even diminish the efficacy of the treatment due to probable herb-drug interactions.
Modern medicines are hiding behind the cover of no human trial exist to support effectiveness of Soursop. In own words of modern medicines, Chemotherapy is effective only at early stage of cancer, then what is stopping them to conduct human trial on people for whom chemotherapy is not at all effective. A drug currently used to treat several psychiatric conditions can help prevent nausea and vomiting in patients receiving chemotherapy, according to results from a large NCI-funded phase III clinical trial. Patients in the trial were being treated with chemotherapy agents that often cause substantial nausea and vomiting. The investigators believe the findings from this large trial, published July 14 in the New England Journal of Medicine, will likely cement the drug’s role as an important new option for managing this common and often debilitating side effect. Broadly accepted treatment guidelines recommend prescribing a combination of antiemetic agents for patients who are being treated with chemotherapy drugs that are likely to induce nausea and vomiting, including cisplatin, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide. These therapies may be only partially effective in some patients, and researchers have continued to search for additional options to prevent or control nausea and vomiting, which can not only harm patients’ quality of life but also disrupt treatment, potentially hindering its efficacy.
Olanzapine, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, targets receptors in the brain that have been linked to nausea and vomiting. Patients who received olanzapine were far less likely to experience nausea in the first 24 hours after their chemotherapy treatment (75% reported no nausea, versus 45% in the placebo arm), 1 to 5 days after treatment (42% versus 25%), and during the entire 5-day period (37% versus 22%). Patients treated with olanzapine were also much less likely to experience vomiting or to receive rescue medication to control vomiting during the time periods measured. This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Kate Benson is an independent journalist of several decades who focuses on health and medicine. He said that the stones in the gall long before the cancer to show up,cause a range of health problems.
It is claimed that this treatment is also good for those with a weak liver, because the liver and gallbladder are closely linked. At 10 PM take half cup of olive oil (or sesame oil) with half cup of lemon juice – freshly squeezed.

If you found this information useful please feel free to share by clicking one of the share button below. How To Remove Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible Belly-Fat Burning Recipe! Anabolic steroids are the most common ones as they are consumed to build body, improve weight, enhance performance etc.
Before we look into the side effects caused by the steroids, we are well aware that the use of steroids is illegal, especially in sports. Steroids are prescribed by the doctors to reduce inflammation in a patient and in such cases the patient may have some side effects and they are only temporary. It is true that steroids are given to persons with impotency but under strict medical supervision or prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Conversion of male hormone (testosterone) to a female hormone (estrogen) and will lead to the development of feminine characteristics in men.
In some cases it might also lead to reduction in the sperm count, shrinkage of testis or even impotency. Excessive consumption of steroids might lead to lower growth in height as they stop bone growth.
Use of Steroids leads to retention of fluid in the body and this might increase the blood pressure. Steroids can also alter the cholesterol levels by increasing the LDL (low density lipoprotein) which is considered as bad cholesterol and reduces the HDL (good cholesterol) thus leading to various heart problems. Steroids enlarge the sebaceous glands which produces excess oil in the skin leading to acne and pimples in teenagers. It also leads to excessive production of hormones which restricts hair growth in men and women and thus leading to baldness. As we can see, use of steroids suppresses the production of natural hormones in the body and leads to adverse effects.
However, according to recent research, this fast-food is also the leading cause for four types of cancer.
Even the organic hot dogs contain nitrites in even higher amounts than in the traditional hot dogs. This theme are SEO Optimize with Schema markup, HTML5 Compatible and many more built in premium options such as Google web fonts, advertisement options and slider options. The sweet flesh and distinctive flavor transformed this fruit into juice, sorbet, candy and ice cream, but also into a supposedly powerful weapon against cancer which kills the damaging cells up to 10,000 times more efficiently than chemotherapy drugs. A study performed by a team at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center concluded that soursop kills pancreatic cancer cells by obstructing cellular metabolism and the ability has been confirmed not only in test tubes, but also in live subjects. However, the subjects of the investigation were mice and, although soursop reduced the tumor growth by 32 percent, the results do not show that the fruit can be tried by people when chemotherapy fails. Since the predominant acetogenin is annonacin, which proved to be toxic, tests cannot be performed in order to shed light on soursop’s benefits. Although clinical trials have not demonstrated that soursop fruit can be tried when chemotherapy fails or instead of this remedy, studies continue to take this option seriously and seek evidence that graviola extracts can work as a cure for cancer. But in reality they are deliberately not conducting any trials or may be conducting trials, but hiding the results from public, as they may not be able to profit from it. You like it or not, people are consuming it and understand the intentions of pharma companies very well. Earlier trials showed that olanzapine could improve the efficacy of existing antiemetic treatments, enough so that the National Comprehensive Cancer Network had already recommended it as an option for patients being treated with chemotherapy agents with a moderate to severe risk of inducing nausea and vomiting. The majority of the participants were women, and the most common cancer type among participants was breast cancer, with lung cancer a distant second.

Some patients who received the drug did experience excessive tiredness, or sedation, with approximately 5% reporting severe sedation. A year has passed and we dedicate this picture gallery to Steve Jobs, the greatest technology entrepreneur of all times.
She hosts and manages CureTalks, an internet radio talk show on healthcare which brings together experts and people on the same platform engaging in ‘Discussions for Solutions’.
Lai Chiu Nan recommended completely natural method of removing gallstones – which are extremely dangerous – Apart from causing pain, leading to jaundice and even cancer.
But there is a connection because according to his research, generally people who get cancer sooner, had gallstones.
You will feel like your stomach can not digest properly, and you may feel pain in the liver.
However you must have in mind that this method did not work for everyone – those who are in advanced stage its better to contact a doctor before doing anything else. PLEASE NOTE it is important to be bitter salt – which is not easy to find but should be found in the health food stores. Some athletes have lost their career as steroids were found in their body in the dope test.
Steroids can also alter the cholesterol levels by increasing the LDL (low density lipoprotein) which is considered as bad cholesterol and reduces the HDL (good cholesterol) and thus leading to various heart problems. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
The WHO (World Health Organization) recently issues a report that suggests all processed meals can cause cancer, including red meat.
Nitrosamines have been linked to bladder cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. Cancer Research UK has carried out studies which reveal that  soursop extract can kill certain types of breast and liver cancer cells which resist chemotherapy drugs, but the lack of large-scale studies in humans determined the charity not support the use of soursop to treat cancer. The patients, all of whom were being treated with cisplatin or with cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin, were randomly assigned to receive olanzapine or a placebo, in combination with the other three drugs, immediately before and for 3 more days after receiving their first dose of chemotherapy. Patients will only be taking olanzapine and the other antiemetic agents for 4 days at a time, she noted.
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During those five days, you should eat normally and prepare apple juice by yourself, do not use juice from the store. Some Steroids are naturally present in our body such as testosterone, estrogen, cholesterol etc.
In such cases, it is necessary to contact the writer, artist, or publisher to obtain permission for reuse.
Factories often use leftovers from cutting steaks and pork chops as well as edible slaughter by-products such as animal feet or head, fatty tissue and skins. But it largely resolved in the ensuing days, even though patients continued to receive the drug. The adrenal gland secretes different kinds of steroid hormones to help maintain the blood pressure, salt, glucose level and other important body functions.

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