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According to several studies, manipulation of acupuncture needles has been shown to have a positive effect on human physiology. Insertion of an acupuncture needle into the human body elicits a cascade of various hormones and chemical reactions.
Because inserting a needle anywhere in the body will provoke an acute inflammatory response, the questions one may ask are: Is it necessary to needle a particular acupuncture point to achieve the desired effect?
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Une equipe de scientifiques americains appartenant a plusieurs grands centres de recherche, ont ainsi mene la plus grande etude genetique jamais realisee en psychiatrie. Ces resultats ouvrent la porte a une nouvelle comprehension de la psychiatrie et remet en cause la nosologie actuelle basee sur la seule approche symptomatique.
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Evidence indicates that acupuncture has a regulating effect on the vascular, neurological, and endocrine systems. The first reaction is local vasodilatation, which causes the stimulation of pain sensory neurons, which communicate with the spinal afferent nerves. When treating a patient using acupuncture, points are carefully chosen based on the patient’s signs and symptoms. However, the precise mechanisms of acupuncture are not completely understood by Western science.
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The chart concentrates on channel point positions but includes the major extra points, with contraindications. It’s hard to definitively say, but we do know that in many cases, acupuncture points are associated with areas that are more sensitive to touch, heat, and cold. Not all acupuncture points have the same functions, due to their different afferent connections to the Central Nervous System (CNS).
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Les resultats apportent une vision nouvelle des pathologies psychiatriques visant a apporter un diagnostic base sur une analyse genetique et non plus uniquement sur une analyse des symptomes.

En revanche, les deux autres anomalies genetiques retrouvees dans les 5 pathologies psychiatriques sont utilises par un systeme de signalisation cerebral specifique, active lorsque les nerfs envoient des signaux au cerveau, via des modifications des canaux calciques cellulaires.
These initial hormone and nerve responses further increase blood circulation and tissue repair. In addition, several studies have been done on a handful of acupuncture points by injecting them with dye and tracing the material along the nerves supplying the spinal cord. One interesting set of studies worth exploring would be using MRI imaging to map out brain regions that are activated by the stimulation of acupuncture points. So and thus reflect the experience of his teachers and the understanding acquired by teaching thousands of students. The whole process eventually produces an increase in blood circulation, pain relief, relaxation, and a return to homeostasis. Those studies illustrate the nerve pathway of acupuncture points and their effect on specific tissues, including the internal organs.
So when needling specific acupuncture sites or nodes, a more profound and longer lasting physiological response is produced.

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