Acupuncture to stop smoking-treatment protocols

These auricular points can be treated by pellets, needles, microcurrent therapy and laser-acupuncture. Please check your shipping address before completing your transaction with Paypal!Money back guarantee on all orders. This double sided 8.5" X 11" laminated chart contains the Chinese system of auricular acupuncture point locations. This 8.5" X 11" double sided laminated chart is much easier to read than some current charts that bunch all of the points into one picture. In acupuncture, the ear is used in preference to the hand or the foot, but the principle is much the same.
Although the treatment is perfectly safe for long-term use, the stud itself mush be changed about every four days.
A tender area in the ear suggest that the point needs to be treated, and also implies an underlying disorder in the part of the body associated with the point.

Every time the patient has a craving for a cigarette (or, in the case of dieter, every time he starts to get hungry), he gently massages the stud with his finger for about ten seconds until the craving, or hunger, disappears. This is because, even though the studs are sterile and made of stainless steel, if they stay in over longer periods of time they may act as a focus of infection. Unlike nicotine chewing gum and appetite suppressants, no drug is entering the patient??s system, so studs can continue to be used for as long as it take the patient to achieve his goal. So for a patient from, say, a stomachache, inserting a single needle in the ear??s stomach point may be an appropriate form of treatment. In my clinic, there is a man successfully stopped smoking in six weeks from twenty sticks per day to zero with ear acupuncture and strong determination. Along with the smoking cessation formula, you get formulas for weight loss, alcoholism and drug addiction. It is based on the idea that the human body is reflected, in microcosm, in these parts of itself: the hand, the foot, and the ear.

Ear acupuncture is especially useful in the treatment of small children or of patients who are squeamish about needle: inserting a single needle in a place where they cannot see it will cause a minimum of distress. Each condition comes with treatment protocols and additional body acupuncture points to enhance the effectiveness of the ear acupuncture points for those few patients not responding to care.
Any part of the body can therefore be treated through the corresponding part of the hand, foot or ear. Patients are warned if the ear becomes painful or itchy at any time, they should take the studs out immediately.

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