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Diabetrose(tm)', based on Arabinose is the natural substance that helps mammals release glucose from the food we eat in a sustained way.
The British College of Integrative Medicine (BCIM) was established in 2007 specifically to address the need for professional training and academic study of Integrative Medicine (IM). The Dove Clinic, based in Twyford near Winchester and in Central London, offers integrated therapies for a wide range of illnesses and conditions and undertakes consultations in other areas of chronic illness. The Dove Clinic Team Dr Julian Kenyon is Founder-Chairman of the British Medical Acupuncture society in 1980 and Co-Founder of the Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine in Southampton and London where he worked for many years. Dr Richard Fuller is a traditionally trained GP, with a family heritage in homeopathy with post-graduate qualifications with the Faculty of Homeopathy and has undergone post graduate training with the British Medical Acupuncture Society. 9 Saturday afternoons once a month October 2011 - June 2012beginning on Saturday 15 October 2011Muswell Hill, North LondonThe chakra system, combined with Western in-depth psychology, offers us a healing model that brings together all these aspects of being human. If you are a therapist this knowledge, experience and tools will support you in your work with clients - whatever your discipline. Dirty Medicine  The Handbook is Martin Walker's twenty year follow up to his book Dirty Medicine: Science, big business and the assault on natural health care.
Letters to Louise - The Answers Are Within Youby Louise L Hay Published by Hay House; Updated edition Jan 2011. Penninghame Ultimate Health Experience The Penninghame Ultimate Health Experience, which takes place monthly, offers guests a uniquely life-changing experience. It sounds too good to be true -  a tasty, savoury snack bar that's made with diced and roasted vegetables for 3 great-tasting flavours, has 99 calories a bar, is 100% natural, gluten and wheat free, suitable for vegetarians and counts as one of your five a day!
Brief TakesNational Achievers Congress VIPs -Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Alan SugarRegister without delay and you and your guest will receive all the business and personal success education you need from top business and personal success leaders.
3-Day CPD Course in Chakra PsychologyChakra Psychology invites you on a journey through the chakras on a 3-day course for Meditators, Bodywork Therapists, Healers, Counsellors, Alexander Technique Teachers, Psychotherapists, Yoga Teachers and those on a spiritual, personal growth path.
Homeopathic Mesotherapy and Biopuncture - Turning Point TrainingJonathan Lawrence of Turning Point Training is offering a one-day course getting you a qualification in the injections techniques necessary for Mesotherapy using Craniosacral Therapy, Homeopathic Mesotherapy and Biopuncture in Milan on June 27 2011. College of Body Science CoursesThe College of Body Science is holding a number of courses over the Summer. Special Promotional Offer for CAMExpo 2011CAMExpo takes place this year on 22-23 October at Earls Court. Jay North Assists and Advises Business OwnersBest selling self-help Author and business management expert Jay North has been assisting entrepreneurs to protect and defend their businesses during these economically trying times.
Integrative Health Trust Charity Celebrity Fund-Raising DinnerHayley Mills, Oscar winning actress and Trust Patron of the Bath-based charity, Integrative Health Trust, is hosting a fund-raising lunch and dinner at the Michelin starred Priory Hotel in Bath on 7 July. How to Avoid Baby AllergiesAccording to a study led by Dr Kirsi Laitinen and colleagues of University of Turku, Finland involving a collaboration of five countries: Finland, England, Germany, Hungary and Spain, only 10% of first-time mothers are aware of the link between allergy and the way babies are fed in their first year. Whale WhispererImagine being in the ocean, eye-to-eye with a 40-foot whale and then 'hearing' what it has to say!
AICR Annual Research Conference 2011-06-23Registration is now open for the 2011 American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer being held 3-4 November 2011 in Washington DC. Drift Off to Sleep with RelaxMel Lack of sleep is one of the most common modern health complaints. Relief from Restless Leg SyndromeIt has been reported that orgasm could offer relief for the three million people thought to suffer with the unusual condition of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) in the UK. Orba Originals Essential Gel Insect RepellentOrba Originals Essential Gel Insect Repellent deters biting bugs in a natural effective way.
Healing Through AyurvedaHealing through Ayurveda - Tips for Dosha Understanding and Self Care by Dr Sonica Krishan, an Ayurveda and Natural Lifestyle Healer and Consultant has been released by Rupa Publicaions Ltd. Easy Pipe Dry Salt Inhaler Allergy Relief Cisca has just launched the Easy Pipe, an all natural dry salt inhaler that helps beat allergy symptoms using age old salt therapy, which uses dry aerosol micro-particles. Pritikin Program Approved by Medicare in Landmark DecisionIn a groundbreaking decision, Medicare will pay for Pritikin's intensive diet-and-exercise programs for qualifying individuals with a history or risk of cardiovascular events, the Centers from Medicare and Medicaid Services has disclosed. Published in the journal of Pain Medicine, April edition, researchers offer a noninvasive alternative treatment for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) patients by using Botox instead of the last course of action being surgery. Researchers at John Hopkins have discovered that patients with TOS may have an alternative treatment available.
TOS is due to compression of nerves in the lower neck, and happens when there is not ample room in the cavity between base of neck and armpit (thoracic outlet) in order for nerve impulses to go through without constraint. Researchers examined 27 patients who were contenders for surgery to treat their TOS due to the failing of physical therapy and anti inflammatory medications to treat them.
First thing the chiropractor will do is examine and palpate the function and mobility of first rib and vertebra in neck to check for proper movement. Chiropractic treatments may include beginning with exercise to loosen up tight muscles and joints around compressed nerves and blood vessels. Please note that the protocol presented below is a standard protocol for the treatment of breech presentation with moxibustion. Breech presentation is defined as a foetus in a longitudinal lie with the buttocks or feet closest to the cervix3. The conventional approach for the treatment of breech presentation is something known as external cephalic version or ECV. At Paul McLeod Moxa Massage & Acupuncture, treatment for breech presentation involves a thorough examination and discussion of the presenting signs and symptoms. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the root cause of breech presentation* is most often something called a deficiency of Kidney energy, of which there are many varieties. In such cases, the goal of treatment is to tonify the deficiency of energy in the Kidneys and to reinvigorate the womb, reactivate foetal movement and gain a well flexed anterior position. The protocol for the treatment of breech presentation with moxibustion involves applying stick moxibustion to Bl 67 (bilaterally) for 20 minutes a day for ten days. Ideal candidates for treatment are healthy woman with otherwise normal pregnancies that aren’t exhibiting signs of foetal distress. The treatment of breech presentation with moxibustion has a long and well-studied history in Chinese medicine. A resource developed by a group of mothers, midwives and an obstetrician  who offer social support and information to women with breech presentation or who have given birth to breech babies (vaginally or surgically).
A fantastic resource by a colleague of mine called Debra Betts who is a world renowned midwife and acupuncturist. An article by the South Australian government that outlines perinatal practice guidelines for breech presentation in South Australian hospitals.
Another article describing a treatment protocol for breech presentation practiced by chiropractors called the Webster technique. Unsure which treatment to choose?Please feel free to contact us to discuss a suitable treatment to meet your needs.
I got some work done; was in a new environment and like so many of us can do now, worked remotely the entire time.
A 38 year-old female sought treatment for coccyx pain thought to be due to severe arthritis after total hip joint replacement surgery.
Treatment targeted trigger points in muscles of the lumbo-pelvic region that might reproduce pain in the coccyx. The patient was recommended to only sit 15-20 minutes at a time and to perform selfetches to hip flexors and extensors throughout the day. This unique course is currently the only MSc in nutritional therapy in the country fully accredited by the NTC (Nutritional Therapy Council). As a natural but 'rare' sugar, we don't get enough of it in the modern diet, because we don't eat the foods - mosses, seaweeds, leaves, raw vegetables and roots that contain L-Arabinose.
Its initial cohort of doctors and nurses will graduate in the Study of Integrative Medicine (DipSIM) in March 2012, with the first ever British postgraduate degree qualification in Integrative Medicine. Dr Fuller is the Clinic's lead doctor for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), a non-invasive treatment for angina and heart disease. Tanya completed her general nurse training in 1974 and her midwifery training in 1977, further experience in community and Marie-Curie nursing, together with additional training in palliative care, bereavement counselling and complementary therapies. Through gaining knowledge of different contemporary psychological models, and experiential work, you will help heal yourself as well as gain ways of helping to heal your clients.
Hay intimately answers the questions from her thousands of fans around the worldFull of letters from people who have written to Louise hoping to change themselves and their world in some way, Louise's responses demonstrate some of her most personal and revealing reflections on her teachings. The Penninghame Health Week course will teach you how to whip up a Michelin style five course macrobiotic dinner which is as tasty as it is healthy, all with delicious home-grown or locally sourced ingredients.

Isaac Duran Goiz only instructor authorized to teach courses in Spain 19 al 23 September 2011. Over 5,500 CAM Practitioners, Therapists, students and health store Buyers are expected to flock to the event. Jay North teaches how business owners can implement highly effective marketing techniques to not just secure, but actually grow their customer base. This will be a great opportunity to meet and network with those who are dedicated to the promotion of holistic integrative healthcare. Dr Laitinen and her team have surveyed the same mothers when the babies were eight months old; future work will involve assessing this new data. This is what happened when a newly divorced, fifty-something single mum, recently bereaved following her Mother's death, embarked on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with her life and to find meaning in her feelings of abandonment and dissatisfaction. In the UK, one fifth of the population suffer sleeping problems at some time in their lives; only one in ten of us think we regularly sleep well. This discovery makes sense as it is thought that RLS is caused by sub-optimal dopamine function in the brain.
Most repellents contain Deet (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) which does not kill insects; instead it prevents biting insects like mosquitoes and ticks from zeroing in on your skin.
Since the 19th Century people have visited naturally occurring salt caves and salt mines to reap the benefits, today, the Cisca Easy Saltpipe allows you to experience this effective natural therapy for yourself as and when you need it. The decision makes the Pritikin longevity Center and Spa, located in Miami, the first and only residential healthy-lifestyle education program in the USA to offer Medicare-covered intensive cardiac rehabilitation (ICR). Approximately 70 to 90 percent of patients with advanced cancer report some component of pain.
A person viewing it online may make one printout of the material and may use that printout only for his or her personal, non-commercial reference. Studies have indicated that possible eight percent of the population have revealed a major decrease in short term pain after receiving one low dose injection of Botox administered in a neck muscle. Christo goes on further to state this latest study greatly increases past studies where TOS patients had received a few Botox injections which were done more without direction and without the help of CT scans. Symptoms of this disease usually begin in the neck or head and radiate down the arm causing immense pain, numbness and or weakness in the arm and appendages.
For a lot of patients they will be able to do what they could not do for themselves before, such as brushing hair and teeth. Christo states the reasoning of the Botox working to briefly relieve pain in TOS patients is due to the fact the paralyzing action lessens the strain and spasms of muscles, decreasing pressure on the nerves as more area is made for them to get through the thoracic outlet.
Christo commented that he would like to do more investigation of using Botox for TOS patients and do long term follow ups with those who receive injections. In Chinese medicine, the treatment of breech presentation with moxibustion has a long and successful history. It usually involves one or two visits to the clinic and then daily moxibustion treatment at home. This involves trans-abdominal manual rotation of the foetus into a cephalic (or head down) presentation. Generally I examine the abdomen, inspect the tongue, take the pulse, palpating the meridians, pressing certain acupuncture points and asking a lot of questions.
The Kidneys are said to have a close relationship with the uterus and to its role in nourishing the foetus.
If the baby turns before day ten of treatment, the treatment is continued for the full ten days to prevent reversion4. This allows me to demonstrate the process, describe what to expect over the course of the treatment and to clarify any questions the mother might have. Please note that the treatment times presented in the video vary slightly from the one typically prescribed at Paul McLeod Moxa Massage & Acupuncture. The treatment of breech presentation with moxibustion is most successful when amniotic fluid is within normal limits, gestation is in the area of 34-38 weeks (though 34-35 weeks is best), the woman is relaxed and her support team are present to assist in the treatment.
However, it can easily be incorporated into conventional and allied health care programs should it be medically indicated or desired by the expectant mother. It is safe and easy to perform, making it a fantastic treatment option for woman presenting in the breech position and wanting a gentle, non-confronting way of correcting the situation.
Prior to surgery, she had been diagnosed with a leg length inequality and her surgeon had used a longer implant to equalize length on the short side.
The course is validated by Middlesex University and consists of  two years of part time study in College (for the course starting in 2011 this will be two weekdays a month in term time) to complete the Diploma, and then optionally for the MSc up to two years of autonomous research and writing up of the MSc dissertation, with support from a personal supervisor.
This leads to an imbalance, with an excess in the modern diet of sugars that rapidly breakdown to glucose.
Dr Sohere Roked (1) a student at the British College of Integrative Medicine defines Integrative Medicine as a "healing-orientated approach that emphasises the patient-practitioner relationship, focusing on the least invasive, least toxic, and least expensive methods, integrating both allopathic and complementary approaches to facilitate health". She currently works within the clinic as a Nurse Practitioner; Clare Robinson MSc RN Clinic Manager. Louise strives, in her responses, to be the catalyst that helps these individuals to accomplish their goals, and thinks of herself as "a stepping-stone on a pathway of self discovery."  It is Louise's firm belief that by reading about other people's challenges and aspirations, we can see ourselves and our own problems in different ways, and use what we learn from others to make changes in our own lives.
Ever been hungry mid-morning, but couldn't face another sugary snack from the vending machine or wanted to give the kids a treat that didn't involve crisps or biscuits, but excited them more than a piece of fruit? There will be champagne reception and a four-course lunch by day and in the evening, a more exclusive seven-course tasting dinner. RelaxMel, a new 100% natural product made by the humble honeybee has just arrived in the UK. VitalCALM is one of the UK's leading Klamath products and combines specific algae extracts with extracts of grape, ginger and anise to create safe and effective dopamine support.
Deet however, is not a natural ingredient and can cause sensitivity and allergic reactions. The moisture of the moving air absorbs the microscopic particles of salt allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract. As an environmental leader, she has launched programs that protect species and habitat around the world.
The criteria for coverage of an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program by Medicare are stringent, including such requirements as peer-reviewed, published research demonstrating that the program reduces the need for bypass surgery as well as significantly lowers cholesterol levels, triglycerides, body mass index and blood pressure, and the need for medications for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.
This material may not otherwise be downloaded, copied, printed, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any medium, whether now known or later invented, except as authorized in writing by the AAFP. This condition usually is caused from trauma from motor vehicle accidents or by sitting at computer in the wrong position for an extended length of time, weightlifting or by extra rib that sometimes appears in neck.
Botox contains botulinum toxin which is derived from the same bacterium that causes botulism a form of food poisoning that paralyzes and is life threatening. Botox may also decrease pain by lessening the amount of neurotransmitters that alert the brain the body is in pain.
Christo added this was due to the fact of a lot of the patients who agreed to be part of the Botox study just to receive a amount of pain deduction before their surgery date.
Deep muscle work may also be received to help breakdown any scar tissue and adhesion's which develop in the muscles and tendons. This procedure is usually done under medical conditions with both baby and mother closely monitored for signs of stress and a standby support team ready to help in case of emergency. This helps me form a working diagnosis that I then use to develop a treatment principle and a treatment plan. When Kidney energy becomes deficient, either a deficiency or stagnation of energy develops in the uterus. In clinical practice, there are many different methods of moxibustion but the one that has been most studied with regards to breech presentation is known as stick moxibustion. If the foetus doesn’t turn after ten days, another course of stick moxibustion or a stronger course of moxibustion is indicated.
Subsequent treatments are conducted at home with telephone and email support being offered on an as needed basis.  Enough moxa sticks to complete the course are supplied at the initial treatment. In addition, women who have had more than one full term pregnancy also have improved treatment outcomes when moxibustion is performed.
The surgery was successful, but she continued to have burning pain in the coccyx while sitting at work. Our postural analysis revealed that a leg length inequality was still present even after surgical outcome was deemed successful.

On completion of the Diploma our students can register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), join the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and work as a nutritional therapistOn this Masters level course our students learn to use evidence-based nutritional research and apply it directly in practice. The result is a 'sugar rush' when we eat, and a rapid rise in blood-sugar levels.Blood-sugar spiking indirectly causes all sorts of problems from obesity to Diabetes Type II, because once the sugar-rush has faded we get hungry again and tend to eat too much.
Dr Roked, who works as a registrar in a busy GP practice in Bridgend, South Wales, will be one of the first to graduate from BCIM, and she says it's already altered her practice for the better. Clare has been a practising nurse for over 25 years, with previous NHS experience in both Primary and Secondary care. Journey through the Chakras -  3 day CourseFor Meditators, Bodyworkers, Healers, Counsellors, Alexander Technique teachers, Psychotherapists, Yoga teachers, those on a spiritual, personal growth path. Louise has compiled this collection of personal letters to allow you to realise that you, too, have the strength within to change, and to find solutions on your own - that is, to seek the answers that are within you. Louise L. Well that's exactly why husband and wife team, Howard and Helena, developed Veatable Bars.At first the couple were just making the bars in their kitchen for themselves and their family as a tasty and healthy alternative to snacks like cereals bars, but soon found people were loving their intriguingly tasty snacks and that they might have something really special on their hands.
You will be surrounded by people who share the commitment to making the most of this opportunity; you will be treated like a celebrity while the world's highest achieving business leaders lead by Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Tony Robbins share their best kept secrets with you. Certificate in Body Science - Intensive 7-9 September, 4-6 October and 7-9 November 2011 in Axbridge, Somerset. Both will be followed by an Audience with Hayley Mills talking about her Hollywood life with Walt Disney and father, John Mills.
Fed on a special diet of powerful herbs, the bees produce a honey product which incorporates the active ingredients from these herbs which then act to balance the body, calm and balance the nervous system, stabilize sleep patterns and ease the mind of worries and tension. Orba Originals Gel Insect Repellent, is a powerful, effective, deet-free alternative to common insect repellents, containing no harmful chemicals yet providing solid protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects. It works by drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways to relieve the main cause of congestion and irritation. Catriona now devotes herself to educating the public about the importance of the natural world and assisting individuals in forging a unique relationship with nature. The transitory exacerbation of pain is known by several different names, including episodic pain, breakthrough pain, end-of-dose failure, exacerbation of pain, incident pain, pain flare, transient pain, and transitory pain. Botox appears to be a adequate treatment in order to avoid surgery and the known disadvantages such as intrusive nature and immense recovery length. Even though the study observed pain, some patients seem to have displayed more arm and should functioning due to the Botox injections.
Christo stated that patients should be able to have several injections of Botox into muscles over a length of time. The other patients became part of the study with hopes of not having to receive the surgery Not all patients are suited for Botox treatments. As such, I am more than happy to assist pregnant woman who find themselves in this situation. However, a second treatment option exists for those who prefer to receive professional care at all times during treatment or for those who do not qualify for home moxibustion treatment. I then described this plan to the expectant mother to be sure that she understands the process and is happy to proceed with it. This, in turn, leads to foetal blood and energy deficiency and a tendency towards reduced movement.  This is not to say that the child is in a perilous condition. Quadratus lumborum, the lumbar multifidi, TFL and adductors were all treated bilaterally due to their functional relationship to the pelvis.
She was encouraged to begin a maintenance program with a functional strength trainer due to her young age for hip replacement surgery. The emphasis is on eating for health rather than just taking supplements, and our students develop highly effective and safe skills for clinical practice. Often the matter is made worse because low blood-sugar makes us want to eat sweet things, which starts that cycle all over again.When the sugar-rush from eating reaches a particular level, our body realizes we are not going to need the glycogen we already have stored in our liver, and converts that excess glycogen into fat for long-term storage.
The full Diploma is a two-year, part-time course, with other flexible study opportunities available (assessed or unassessed) for doctors, nurses and other graduate healthcare professionals who are invited to apply now for the next course, starting October 2011.
Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide.  For more than 25 years, she has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. The chewy baked snack bars, which have just launched in health stores for the first time, come in three great tasting flavours: Sweet Roasted Vegetable, Tomato Pizza and Thai Sweetcorn. He will be running a practical workshop as a follow-up to show how this technique can be used to treat pain and musculoskeletal conditions in Complementary Health Practice. Zeppetella and Ribeiro reviewed the treatment of this pain in patients with advanced cancer and labeled it episodic pain.When providing pain control in any setting, an assessment of the characteristics of the pain is vital in establishing treatment strategies.
Chirsto was able to place the needle in the patients anterior scalene muscle located in the neck. However, some persons may produce antibodies to the compound with over abundant use, which in the long run the toxic would not be able to block the pain.
Upper extremity function becomes greater and enables patient to do daily routines with more ease. If you are experiencing a breech presentation and would like to learn how moxibustion can help in your particular situation, please feel free to contact us.
Most often it simply means that the amount of energy required to facilitate movement into the correct birthing position is not available. The course is highly integrated with clinical practice in our teaching clinic from the outset.The 'functional medicine' approach taught takes the underlying causes of illness into account, rather than just treating the symptoms, thus further enhancing our students' ability to get to the root cause of patients' problems. Each counts as one of your five a day, is high in fibre, filling, free from artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives, has 99 calories, is gluten and wheat free and suitable for vegetarians. This assessment includes pain location, severity, temporal characteristics such as frequency, onset, course and duration, relationship to analgesia, precipitating events, predictability, pathophysiology, etiology, and palliative factors. We also teach nutritional approaches from different traditional systems of medicine, and run workshops by inspirational leaders in the nutritional therapy field.
The chilled bars are a little slice of culinary inspiration in a tasty, savoury snack -  perfect for when you're hungry but trying to be good. This assessment can be assisted with the use of an episodic pain document form (see accompanying figure). While that is a big chunk out of any working week, it was, for many, a mini holiday, with one full day at sea and two nights.
But breaking the fat storage cycle effectively changes the metabolism.Since available energy drops and appetite increases as soon as glycogen begins to be stored as fat and blood-glucose levels begin to fall, the process of stabilizing blood-sugar levels allows us to use stored glycogen as energy. Veatable Bars are totally different to anything else currently available and finally make healthy snacking, for yourself or your family, easy and tasty.
Primary therapies include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and biologic or hormone therapy when tumors are likely to respond to these agents.
Optimizing analgesia includes using the World Health Organization's three-step analgesia ladder with nonopi-oids for step-one mild pain, weak opioids for step-two moderate pain and those in step one who do not respond to nonopioids, and strong opioids for step-three severe pain and those who fail to respond to step-two strategies. In addition, adjuvant medications can be used to treat certain pain types and reduce the dosage of opioids. An example of this is using anticonvulsants to treat neuropathic pain.Nonpharmacologic modalities also can be used to treat episodic pain. These include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, and physiotherapy.Specific analgesia medications can be used for episodic pain. The first is oral opioids, which can be used when episodic pain develops; in the case of morphine, the rescue dose should be 10 to 15 percent of the daily dose. Parenteral opioids also can be used and are best reserved for occasions when rapid pain relief or rapid dose adjustment is needed. Subcutaneous injection is the preferred route, but this choice requires a health care professional to insert the needle. Oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate, which is a fentanyl-impregnated lozenge, can be used for episodic pain because it has a rapid onset of action and short duration.Episodic pain is unique for each patient and is often unpredictable. The authors conclude that the successful management of episodic pain in patients with advanced cancer depends on comprehensive assessment and management strategies that combine pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic modalities.

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