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Are you aware that acupuncture is a great resource for patients who suffer from the Western diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? While Chinese medicine cannot cure MS completely, you can feel confident in knowing that it CAN offer considerable help to alleviate symptoms and slow down its progress.
For example, acupuncture can significantly eliminate the feeling of heaviness and tingling in the limbs. The patient should plan on receiving treatment 2-3 times per week for several weeks, and then once a week for a time. An autoimmune disorder characterized by patches of demyelination (damage to the protective covering of the neurons) in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord.
Shows up without warning, and presents as alternating periods of remission and exacerbation. The first thing to realize is that you ALWAYS have to strengthen the spleen, move liver qi, and tonify liver and kidney yin because this is the base pattern.
It is important to teach your patient about a spleen-happy diet, which includes avoidance of foods that are uncooked and adding in foods that help to strengthen the function of the spleen, such as warm root vegetables and soups.
Women may experience an exacerbation of their symptoms related to the spleen, liver and wind (bloating, loose stools, irritability, more severe tremors) in association with their menstrual cycle. Patient #1: This patient sees me for acupuncture every two weeks to keep her MS in remission. I believe that because patient #1 gets acupuncture on a regular basis, she has been able to keep her MS in remission. Education about how Multiple Sclerosis can be treated with Chinese Medicine is a key factor in combating this disease.

Giving the patient scientific evidence of how their condition is improving is VERY beneficial.
Providing this simple education tool has resulted in more referrals for my practice and better adherence to my treatment recommendations. If you’re not using the AcuGraph in your practice you are missing ALL of these benefits. Until then, spread the word that getting treatment early and regularly can keep MS from progressing! Kimberly began her 2nd career when she earned her Masters of Science degree in traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA in 2008. I have seen acupuncture change quality of life in a number of patients, often times helping their condition to slow it’s progression.
I followed the TCM model and treated diagnostically each time and found a weekly session kept MS under control for a patient in California from November of 2005 to November of 2009. Once the patient is stabilized, they should be seen once a month thereafter to keep the disease from progressing.
These patterns are often complicated by a number of other patterns such as: Damp Heat, Blood Stagnation, Internal Wind (spasms), Kidney Qi Deficiency, and Kidney Yang Deficiency. Get your patient on a regular treatment protocol and teach them how important it is to avoid “unnecessary” stress. My female patients who come in once a month for acupuncture do not experience increased premenstrual symptoms. She understands the value of continued acupuncture care and comes in for realignment whenever she is feeling stressed–but she does not have particular MS symptoms which she complains about.

She presents with a lot of numbness and tingling down her limbs, a foggy feeling in the brain, stress, depression, and digestive disturbances. Since the extra meridians meet the regular meridians at definite acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion on these acupoints help to treat diseases of the regions that they commonly regulate.
Then pick out which patterns are showing up for your patient according to their symptoms, and add some of those points to your protocol.
She does claim to get relief for some time after each treatment, but I don’t have the opportunity to treat her as often so that she can see continued results.
During application, practitioners often select two points, one is on the arm and the other is on the leg, and also from alternative sides for stimulation. Some suggestions for home treatment remedies include foot rubs with emphasis at Liver 3, going for a walk, or an herbal formula that keeps liver qi moving. However, sometimes challenging emotional experiences and physical vulnerabilities create lingering stress in our mind-body system. Such stress can contribute to physical complaints, emotional difficulties, and problems with goal achievement.
The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a powerful intervention that can assess and alleviate the internal stressors that are creating barriers to health and success.A  NET can help identify an old unresolved event (real or imagined) and help your body release its lingering emotional response. Clinical NutritionClinical Nutrition stresses whole natural foods and nutritional supplements for health maintenance and treatment of disorders.

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