Acupuncture points and stress

If you are new to acupuncture and a bit nervous about the needles, this is an excellent way to try it out!  The ear treatment doesn’t hurt though you may feel some light pressure. Exercising with fibromyalgia can be both difficult and rewarding so whilst many patients understand that living with fibromyalgia might be easier with regular exercise it is often hard to get going when fatigued and in pain.
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data, the researchers at Georgetown carried out a study of fibromyalgia patients undertaking a fibromyalgia exercise program in place of pain medications.
Leading the research team, Manish Khatiwada, MS, from Georgetown’s Medical Center proposed that exercise with fibromyalgia could be beneficial in reducing symptoms of pain and mobility as well as cutting through the infamous ‘fibro-fog’ reported by many sufferers of the condition. The study looked at nine women with fibromyalgia, eight of whom were right handed, and whose average age was just under 49yrs.
The women initially experienced an increase in pain experienced subjectively before that pain decreases during the exercise intervention.
These are the stretches that we like to recommend at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic for trigger points in the Sternocleidomastoid muscle.
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Research by Georgetown University scientists presented at the Society for Neuroscience’s latest conference might help provide a little extra motivation for patients however as they reveal that six weeks of aerobic exercise helps relieve pain in patients discontinuing their analgesics medications. Not only did they note that the patients themselves reported less pain when ceasing medication they also observed functional changes in brain patterns in the group carrying out exercise. Georgetown University has a Fibromyalgia Evaluation and Research Center where many patients take part in studies of this kind but the director of the unit made sure to point out that this study does not necessitate a change in current fibromyalgia treatment plans.
Over the course of four visits the researchers took a variety of measurements with an initial washout period for the medication the patients were currently taking for their fibromyalgia. The inverse happened with the brain areas used in the working memory task, with the cessation of pain medication followed by a decrease and then an increase as the exercise program continued. Fibromyalgia and neck pain are connected in some patients although such pain should not simply be attributed to fibromyalgia without proper investigation; in some cases neck pain may be due to an additional problem such as spinal stenosis which could be treated using alternative interventions to those suitable for fibromyalgia.
These changes included an increase in activity in the task-related parts of the brain and patients also experienced improvements in working memory during the study. The women then spent six weeks without their fibromyalgia medications followed by six weeks of aerobic exercise for fibromyalgia.

Neck pain associated with fibromyalgia may be treatable then using exercise and physical therapy as an intervention but care should be taken to ensure no other cause of neck pain is present, such as cervical spinal arthritis, or temporomandibular joint syndrome. The patients carried out working memory tasks during the fMRI scan and brain activity was monitored for changes after each intervention. Try These Five Foods That Can Help You SleepNatural Neck Pain Relief Within 30 Minutes – How Effective is Celadrin Cream for Arthritis and Myofascial Neck Pain Syndrome? The changes noted in this study are important because fibromyalgia is a condition where pain is objectively verifiable and stems from the central nervous system rather than being psychosomatic in origin. There are numerous tender points characteristic of fibromyalgia with several trigger points in the neck causing cervical spinal pain. Acupression du VisageMassage facial anti-age energisant, raffermir et rajeunir le visage en 10 minutes par jour avec l'Acupression.

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