Acupuncture oriental medicine salary texas

Acupuncture is one of the most widely recognized and successful methods of alternative treatment in the world.
As someone who has practiced acupuncture for many years, I have seen a large variety of patients suffering from an even greater variety of illnesses, many of which cannot be effectively treated with traditional medical therapies. Acupuncture is safe, effective, and natural, it has been used very effectively for thousands of years by literally billions of people worldwide for a variety of disorders. Chinese herbal therapy employs proven formulas consisting of various medicinal herbs, minerals, and animal products to increase the body’s health and resistance to disease.
Portrait of Doctor Jian Zhong Xue holding glass cups used in Chinese medicine to help circulation.
Our team members have more than 30 years of clinical experience, and have been lecturing at renowned universities such as the School of Chinese Medicine at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Oriental Health Clinic offers traditional none-invasive natural healing therapies: acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxabustion and chinese Tui-Na massage therapy.

It powerfully heals and balances the body and restores it to a natural state of health and well being. Its effectiveness in treating a wide variety of disorders has been clinically proven by many distinguished researchers. While I cannot claim that all of the cases I have seen over these years have been successful, I do believe that I have helped a great number of people achieve a healthier, higher quality lifestyle.
Herbal Therapy is a central part of Oriental Medicine and the decision of what formula is right for you is based on the same principals of physiology and pathology as your Acupuncture treatment plan.
These formulas are available only by prescription from a health professional with additional training in herbal medicine.
We have renowned TCM experts in the treatment of various infertility issues, cancers and immunity weaknesses.
Not only is it safe, but it does not cause any of the toxic side effects associated with traditional medicines.

These people, grateful that their ailments have been alleviated without any side effects, have graciously written testimonials found throughout our website. We only provide herbal prescriptions to patients who have been seen by one of our practitioners.
Our doctors are certified and licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners specialized in the treatment of infertility, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, menopause, PMS and cancer. Read more about our areas of expertise and book your Chinese Medicine doctor consultation today.

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