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I am a big fan of Auricular Therapy because it is easy to apply and can be used to address a large variety of human conditions and imbalances. Many of the points in the ear are fantastic for helping to diminish stress by inducing natural endorphins, prostaglandins and hormones that induce a state of relaxation, which supports sleeping better, overcoming addictions to drugs, food, alcohol and cigarettes. Use of frequencies is sometimes practiced according to the zones and specific acupuncture points and was perfected by French neurologist, Dr.
Auriculotherapy with laser is the stimulation of points on the external ear and in some cases meridian points on the face, hand and wrist, to support healing and aid many health conditions. Such impressive and significant outcomes with laser auricular acupuncture are based on the recent observation that the ear represents a door into the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. Laser and Alternative Healing Specialists, here to spread the good news about Scalar Wave technology. The unique Pulsar Laser Probes come with higher powered cold laser diodes than the main SWL unit.
The Violet 405 nm, 100mW Laser Probe (Viowave probe) is a revolutionary and first of its kind violet laser diode probe. The Full Set includes 1 Main Unit Scalar Wave Laser in your choice of 2 colors: Silver or Violet, and all 3 probes as shown below. We have a lady in Manitoba that burnt herself so badly, she was scheduled for skin graphs and extreme reconstructive surgery. I have to say, that after last night, my back has definitely improved and most of my pain is subsiding. I needed to have a dental implant, but my dentist said that the bone was too thin, and he would have to do a bone implant, which would be costly. DISCLAIMER: The Scalar Wave Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. When the whole body is out of balance, one result may be Hypertension or high blood pressure. Blood stasis due to long time poor blood circulation.  The patient may complain of body aches, cold limbs, leg cramps, poor memory, and numbness or tingling sensations in their body. In a clinical setting, a patient is most likely to have high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis problems while the blood stasis and phlegm toxins are being formed.  As a direct result of these conditions, the patient has increased risk of developing a stroke or heart attack. The goal of TCM treatment is to bring all these organs back into balance and harmony and keep the body’s Qi flowing freely and smoothly. The treatment process utilizes both acupuncture and a formula of appropriate Chinese medicinal herbs. The acupuncture treatment points include LI 11 (Xiu Chi), ST 36 (Zu San Li), GB 20 (Feng Chi), LR 3 (Tai Chong), and L 14 (He Gu).  Two or three additional points are utilized for each additional symptom such as with severe headache, insomnia, palpitation, frequent urination or swellings of the feet or legs, poor blood circulation or phlegm syndrome. Generally two to three acupuncture treatments per week are required based on the patient’s blood pressure level and his or her general health condition in the first three to five months.  In most cases, Chinese herbs are also required (this will be explained in next section).
Because TCM addresses the root causes of high blood pressure and removes its related symptoms as well, the complete healing process may take a few months to a year depending on the patient’s hypertension history and severity. With my knowledge and your cooperation, I believe that we can make your life healthier and happier. El tapping no tiene efectos secundarios y se puede aplicar a todo tipo de personas y edades, incluso ninos. Es una tecnica, que una vez aprendida, puedes aplicar tu en casa y si lo haces tu vida puede cambiar para siempre.

El tapping, o EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, en ingles) Tecnica de Liberacion Emocional es una tecnica energetica eficaz para eliminar miedos, bloqueos, emociones negativas y creencias limitantes.
El tapping es una herramienta cuerpo-mente que desactiva la respuesta fisiologica al estres regulando el sistema nervioso central. Las creencias nacen de las primeras experiencias personales o de personas que nos rodean, de referencias como padres, amigos, profesores y personajes famosos.
El resultado es una herramienta sencilla, eficaz y a la vez poderosa para solucionar problemas y alcanzar objetivos. La tecnica se basa en hacer presion o dar golpecitos, de ahi su nombre de tapping, en determinados puntos del cuerpo que coinciden con los puntos de terminacion o inicio de los meridianos de acupuntura.
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A laser probe such as the laser probes available with the Scalar Wave Laser are ideal for the treatment of acu-points because it is quick, easy, effective and completely painless. In 1997, a consensus panel of the US National Institutes of Health gave approval to the practice of acupuncture, which included an evaluation of those studies that supported the use of ear acupuncture for pain and addiction. They are available in  Red, Infra Red (IR),  and Violet wavelengths (Viowave or Vio Pulsar). It uses proprietary, patented Scalar Wave Technology along with a 100mw violet laser diode.
Ideal for families and practitioners who realize that having just one laser is rarely enough. The laser seems to magically normalize the cells so that all the pain and tension just disappears.- Will L. My doctor prescribed thyroid replacement so I could get out of bed and combat depression and obesity. After 7 laser treatments, I have been able to eat most anything I want, AND I have gained 12 pounds after a 50 pound weight loss!
Last Christmas Eve, I went to check in on a cat that had leukemia as he had not been doing very well, and wasn't expected to survive over the holiday.
About two weeks ago, I visited a specialist for my back, and they informed me that there was a very slim chance that my condition would improve. I was a little skeptical at first, but agreed to abandon the brace idea and come this weekend to see what it was all about. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this particular condition is related to the liver, heart, and kidney not functioning properly. However, with my unique acupuncture technique and efficient Chinese herbal remedy, patients will notice their blood pressure can be under control in a matter of few weeks.
Aunque, bien es cierto, que los problemas de los ninos se solucionan la mayor parte de las veces tratando a los padres. Si continua navegando esta dando su consentimiento para la aceptacion de las mencionadas cookies y la aceptacion de nuestra politica de cookies, pinche el enlace para mayor informacion. It's good to stimulate points that support dopamine secretion, adrenals and Endocrine production, plus points that activate Hormone balancing and activate secretion of endorphins. Based on years of experience, experts believe that auricular stimulation leads to a reduction in the patient’s need for the substances.
They are each fully programmable with the all digital user interface, which allows you to choose and save any combination of Hz settings you desire from 0-40,000 Hz.

This is a unique non-linear wavelength, which carries way more information than all the other wavelengths. After using the laser, I now have normal thyroid functions test results, no depression, and much more energy and have enjoyed significant weight loss. Since I do a lot of physical work and heavy lifting, I am usually sore after too much exertion. Her hands were burnt to the bone and 2 weeks later, you can hardly tell aside from some pink skin.- Jalquoi A. They fitted me for a brace (which I did not like) and I began to believe I would live in pain forever. I asked if she'd hurt her arm, to which she replied, "I had a stroke three weeks ago and haven't been able to open my hand since then." My neighbor, whom I've treated with the laser, asked if I'd give her sister a session. Meanwhile, I thought there was a vague chance that the laser might help, so I used it on Cell Regeneration a couple times a week over my tooth and jaw. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Most patients find it is worth the investment of a yearlong process to combine acupuncture and herbal treatment to achieve a healthy life condition free of a dependency on medications (chemical pills) and their possible side effects. El tapping tiene efectos inmediatos, asi que podras saber enseguida si te esta funcionando o no.
El sistema nervioso no distigue lo que se verifica verdaderamente de lo que imaginamos lucidamente. There are points for Brain, Occiput, Anti-Depressant, Master Sensorial and Cerebral points that support the balancing of the mind, body, emotions and that help to reduce cravings and activate hunger regulators and pain regulators.
Of course this is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice.
All Pulsar Probes have violet crystal technology built into them and are scalar wave enhanced.
Good for anti-aging, facial rejuvenation, quantum biological processes throughout the body and yogic alchemy. Then she used the "Relieve" protocol just as the migraine began, and it cleared within 13 minutes. Si el sistema nervioso acepta algo como si fuera verdadero, entonces se convierte en una verdad en la que creer. Each plug-in probe is designed to work with and be driven by the Scalar Wave Laser main unit. Uses for medical indications contrary to the FDA registration are unauthorized and render the warranty null and void.
To protect the Scalar Wave Laser System FDA registration, unauthorized claims may result in legal action, including civil claims and loss of opportunity to market the Scalar Wave Laser System.

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