Acupuncture for depression anxiety

If you are new to acupuncture and a bit nervous about the needles, this is an excellent way to try it out!  The ear treatment doesn’t hurt though you may feel some light pressure. Hand reflexology is a diagnosis and treatment system where pressing of certain points on the hand will correspond to different parts of the body.
The face is also a map of the body that when certain points are pressed, they increase blood circulation,help remove wrinkles,relax the muscles and bring a brightness and energy to the face. The 8 essential standing exercises are designed to open the channels of qi energy and enhance energy.
The first step to the secret of being happy from within is to create an intention.The idea is to know what we want in our lives. The second step to being happy is Gratitude,that’s right being grateful can make us happy anytime. Modern Treatment for DepressionDepression is a Western medicine term which indicates a change in mood ranging from a mild depression to very depressed like despair. The patient's depression was significant to reduce from 16 to 6 (DASS-21 scale) after 2nd acupuncture treatment.

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The ear,hand,foot,eyes and various other areas all contain information on what’s going on in the body.
The maximum score of the DASS-21 is 42 in each of the depression, anxiety and stress scales.
The medial eye of the knee can be located in a distinct depression on the level of the lower border of the patella, medial to the patellar ligament. Once we become clear internally,trusting our heart and higher consciousness, the results can be magical. I am traveling in Italy.I write the intention as though its already happening in present time and then let it go. So mental depression may always be caused by a stagnation such as Qi (body's flow of energy), Blood, dampness, phlegm, Heat and Food. First, this case from NZSATCM student clinic, therefore it was not double blind randomized controlled trial.

It stands to reason that if one doesn’t pursue happiness, as in health, that quality of life can remain elusive.
However a number of studies and double-blinded randomized controlled trial suggest that acupuncture has a positive and holistic effect on depressed patients. Some people call this manifesting.It happens all the time ,why not allow it to happen to you.
Secondly, the number of patient was only one, so it could not compare the efficacy of acupuncture. That study used Measures of depression which were Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).

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