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Start the journey to become one of tomorrow’s compassionate and skilled healers through the Master’s Program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Learn more about VUOM’s affordable healthcare and services as well as many educational opportunities at our student clinic. Learn about upcoming deadlines and requirements needed to start your path towards a career in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
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Attendees will be invited to sample a few herbal summer cooling and energy-enhancing teas with an explanation of their properties. It is part of an effort designed to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.
Northern Virginia’s largest community-wide celebration, will take place June 10-12, 2016 at the Fairfax County Government Center. VUOM will be participating in this event to promote acupuncture and oriental medicine and offer sample treatments with ear seed acupuncture. Taschler’s passion for Chiropractic started in her early twenties after pursing a Bachelor of Science degree in Science.

Taschler’s philosophy is to care for patients using a combination of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and massage therapy. We use Eastern and Western techniques for our wellness therapy, relieving pain, stress and encouraging your body to heal naturally in a comfortable and relaxing environment. VUOM will be promoting acupuncture and oriental medicine for the community through demonstrating ear seeds acupuncture, distributing sample herbs, and providing information about AOM to the community.
After experiencing life-changing relief she wanted to be able to help others get out of pain and experience a healthy lifestyle.
Taschler continues to expand her knowledge of Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, Functional Fitness, Acupressure, and Sports Injury Treatment and Prevention through continuing education.

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