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LV13 Item Gate – this point can be used to treat digestion disorders such as vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.
LV14 Cycle Gate – this point can be used for many imbalances in the chest area such as cough, chest pain and emotional problems like anger and irritability. Historically, if you lived as a fighter in the martial world these 6 points would prove fatal. In the old martial arts world, you’ve become a walking target for a fighter who uses the phoenix eye fist.
If you thought weapons might help keep an attacker at bay, please pick up a staff while you’re in a state of depression. When we train sincerely in martial arts (not the recreational kind of martial arts), we train for real. Somewhat harsh – but not as harsh as being hit after you’ve already emptied yourself out! I began training in martial arts in 1964 at the famous Hatashita Judo Club in Toronto, Canada in Jiu Jitsu under Ron Forrester, the Father of Canadian Jiu Jitsu. I strongly suggest that you consult with a medical practitioner before attempting any self defense techniques or exercises described in this blog. Acupressure means treating a person by exerting pressure on different points present on our hands and feet, through finger, thumb or any other pointed device. As long as these flow of electrical currents are properly working, our body keeps healthy and refreshed, but sometimes, due to exertion of work, these flow of currents are not normal towards some parts of our body, which results in malfunctioning of those parts and we feel severe pain in those areas. Acupressure is a natural science through which we can keep the normal flow of these electrical currents to protect us from different diseases.
Today when one has to spend lot of money and time just to diagnose a disease properly, it is a blessing that through Acupressure techniques, we can diagnose the type of disease at a very early stage. In case of severe pain on that point, it is a symptom of any malfunction in this part of the body. These are the images of bith hands with detailed descriptions of different point which needs to be pressed for satisfactory healing.
The specific points on the hands should be pressed properly to the extent that one feels pain on the point. Who is Amynah GajaniAmynah Gajani is a renowned Reiki Grand Master,Samda Healer and Acupressure therapist. Please check your shipping address before completing your transaction with Paypal!Money back guarantee on all orders.

Any type of down thinking goes counter against the nature, quality and intelligence of the path you’ve set yourself on. If #7 isn’t enough, a state of depression often makes you return to earlier problems of posture that you had. Gone too are the incredible flexibility and subtlety that made the Okinawan sai a magical tool in your hands.
Negative energy flowing from you into the weapon, draining the weapon of its positive energy. In 1965, I trained in Karate, My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Tai Chi with Stephen Tom. Just a few easy steps and we can continue to make a difference in the lives of our readers!
Self defense techniques shown in this blog are for your personal safety only in situations in which your life is in danger and you cannot escape provided that you are obeying the laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside or to which you are traveling. There are bio-energy or bio electricity types of electrical energies present in our body, in the form of a natural battery, which is there in our body since birth, and it keeps emitting electrical currents, which help us in our proper movements. If the flow of these electrical currents is restored to these affected areas, that sick part is cure and we feel healthy and refreshed again.
In other words, the switchboard of these electrical currents is located in our both hands and both feet in the form of different points. Just follow the prescribed points given in the picture (for the particular medical problem) and exert pressure on it for four to five seconds only and repeats it after two seconds gap. Similarly, one can diagnose cancer, hepatitis and other such critical diseases at a very early stage.
The pain factor upon pressing these points itself indicated some wrong doing int  hat particular part of the body. Get paid directly to your very own Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card, available to over 200 countries worldwide! The illustrations show the superficial layer of muscles, digestive system, circulatory system, anatomy of the foot and skeletal system.
When there are deficiencies in the liver meridian, it can lead to depression and sluggishness. Listed with each meridian are the Command points including Luo, Source and Xi-Cleft points.
You feel full, as though you’ve just fueled up at a gas bar, after finishing a class.

This is exceedingly dangerous in a world where fighters know how to attack the body’s pressure points. In Tai Chi, and I Chuan, when we are hit, we learn to pick ourselves off the floor with a smile. In 1973, I began training in Chito Ryu Karate with Monty Guest and in My Jong Law Horn, Hsing I, Chi Kung and I Chuan with William Chau after his arrival from Hong Kong. I strongly recommend that you seek legal advice to determine your right to self defense under the laws of the juristiction in which you reside or to which you are traveling. Up to the 16th century, the Red-Indians used to cure their diseases by applying pressure on different points of hands. These electrical currents runs through our fingers and thumb of left and right hand and reaches our fingers and thumb of left and right foot respectively, after passing through all our bodily parts.
This should be done for two minutes at one given time and can be repeated twice or thrice daily, until betterment in the patient’s condition is felt. Just exert required pressure on the point of the suspected disease, and if there is no pain on that point that means everything is all right and nothing to worry about. This is a real blessing as normally the above mentioned fatal diseases are only diagnosed after these have progressed nearly 40% or more and have damaged major parts of the body, but through Acupressure Techniques, these can be found out as early as around 5% of its progression. The five phase points are shown for each meridian to make treating with the five elements quick and easy. In this post, I’m concentrating only on an occasional depressed, lethargic state of mind). I am forever indebted to my teachers for sharing the deep resources of the martial arts and how they can benefit every aspect of our daily lives. Any posts involving fitness and health are never meant to replace the care and advice of your own health care pracitioner.
Pressure should be put on the given points in a way that the patient feels it on the point.

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