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Although the technique may be old, the idea of a therapy involving needles in this way is brand new to most of us and can easily be intimidating. Most people who have never had acupuncture do not realize how thin acupuncture needles are.
It is true that acupuncture can work wonders for back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, postoperative pain, and pretty much any other kind of pain you can think of. Although it’s becoming less common as the general public gets more educated about acupuncture, the myth of acupuncture as a religion or supernatural phenomenon remains.
Private acupuncture sessions can run anywhere from $80-$200, which for many people is unattainable.
There is a pervasive belief in healthcare that for something to be effective, it must be validated by clinical trials. A client of mine came in for a massage and told me he used the Neti Pot before his massage to prevent getting stuffed up after his massage.
It’s very important to keep your nasal irrigation device clean because it can harbor bacteria that can cause an infection. That’s why we asked Sara to break down the basics for us – dispelling a few myths and answering some questions we always wondered about. If the issue you’re seeking acupuncture for has been bothering you for a while, it probably will take more than one treatment before you notice results. In contrast to bio-medicine, which is premised on the notion of external intervention, acupuncture takes what’s already there and rearranges it into something positive. Despite noble efforts by many to find one, there is no biomedical equivalent for qi (pronounced “chee”) or for meridians or acupuncture points. Most doctors, as well as some family, friends and colleagues, regard mainstream medicine as the only acceptable form of healthcare. Foot injury and foot pain is very common.  One cause of pain in the foot is cuboid syndrome. His first suggestion was to try and  Neti Pot, he said it has shown to significantly eliminate sinus infections.  He also said that Neti Pot can decrease the risk of getting a sinus infection in the first place.

Also you can use the Neti  as intended for its original purpose to facilitate proper breathing before yoga.
Oh yeah one more thing I found in my Neti Pot net surfing research, Don’t Neti Pot with Ginger Ale! Acupuncture seems to be popping up everywhere these days—celebrities are doing it, the morning shows are talking about, legislators are debating it.
Acupuncture needles come in varying lengths and thinnesses, and some are as fine as a hair. Acupuncture alleviates digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, allergies, insomnia, stress and anxiety, asthma, and several other conditions.
Similar to how medications are ineffective unless you take the prescribed dose, if you don’t get acupuncture consistently and within an appropriate time frame it is unlikely to yield the desired result.
Many people who seek acupuncture for one issue wind up experiencing a lot of additional benefits. Some insurance companies have recently started adding acupuncture to their benefit packages. Clinical trials are to thank for many medications and technologies that have extended and improved life for countless people.
Yet despite its recent boost in popularity, acupuncture remains submerged in a sea of unknowns and misconceptions. While many acupuncturists are generalists who treat a wide range of ailments, some specialize. After your first treatment, an acupuncturist usually will provide an estimate for how many treatments you’re likely to need. Acupuncture is a healthcare modality designed to help balance your body’s various, interconnected systems. Here are the five most common side effects of acupuncture: better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, better digestion, and less stress. And in 2014, under the new healthcare laws, residents of some states will have acupuncture covered as an essential health benefit (Colorado included).

If you’re one of the many people who are considering taking their relationship with acupuncture to the next level, here are 10 things you should know. Do a little homework before booking an appointment to find out whether an acupuncturist has experience treating whatever you need help with.
This is always an estimate because response times to acupuncture can vary widely, but it’s a good guideline. An acupuncture perspective teaches us to appreciate what we have rather than what we are lacking.
So there you have it, the truth, once and for all: Acupuncture has side effects that can significantly influence your quality of life. This is an unfamiliar sensation for most people who have never had acupuncture before, but it does not hurt. If you haven’t seen any improvement after giving it 10 appointments, try out another acupuncturist.
This helps us reframe our desires so that we can better understand our motivations and have greater gratitude for what is.
It requires a conscious commitment to understanding ourselves in a way that the majority shuns. Most acupuncturists stock several needle sizes and will be more than happy to use the thinnest variety at your request.
All it means is that mainstream medicine’s gold standard isn’t able to make sense of it yet. Millions of people have had their ailments erased and their lives changed for the better because of acupuncture.
Achieving a true state of health is not about doing something because a study said you should.

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