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The Q-Flex is a self acupressure device designed to relieve stress and tension by applying pressure to specific points on the body. After hard use, muscles become shortened and tight, detrimental not only to the muscle in question, but all of the muscles that function in that chain as well. Grant also posits, “Massage stimulates the mechanoreceptors and can gate off pain receptors.
This means that massage itself is not directly responsible for faster recovery, but rather, massage puts the body in a state where it can heal itself more effectively.
This is not to say that the positive effect of massage is due purely to mechanical changes in your muscles.
With this in mind, it’s obvious that cyclists will benefit from massage beyond the recovery window. Even if you are not seeing a massage professional once a week, you can provide yourself with a good degree of muscle maintenance and repair, support, and nurturing using some of the tools we offer at Art’s Cyclery. For light to medium massage work, the Stick can be used to access deep tissue the quads and calves. Luke appreciates the climb and its challenges, but is convinced the only reason to pedal faster up the hill is to start your descent sooner.
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Sign up for our Strava Club to connect with other riders and gain access to exclusive deals and contests. If you’re one of the 65 million people who suffer from back pain, you should check out the Q-Flex, a portable personal acupressure and massage device designed to soothe sore knotted muscles without the need for a professional masseuse.
It’s estimated that 18,834,000,000 plastic drink bottles end up in US landfills every year.

Tired of today’s iced tea tasting like yesterday’s soup?  Wish you could rid your water bottle of that plastic factory taste?  Trying to get the energy gel out of your hydration flask, or the coffee stains out of your favorite mug?  Bottle Bright can take care of these problems and more. As a massage practitioner myself, I made my own inquiry into the subject of massage as a recovery tool, and it yielded unexpected findings. Massage lengthens and releases tension in muscles, which leads to faster recovery times.  Keith Grant, head of the Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Department at McKinnon Institute says, “When we cajole specific muscles to relax and lengthen via mechanical and neurological input, we reduce their metabolic activity.
Luckily, using tools to self-administer massage, you will be able to realize the benefits of massage in your recovery. In a 2000 study by Hemmings  et al., the researchers found that the recovery benefits of massage are as much psychological as physiological. Regular sessions, whether from a therapist or self-administered, help keep muscle long, loose, and limber. Regular use of these tools will help you get better returns on your training, and when you actually get in to see your massage therapist, you’ll then be better able to benefit from their work. Use to relieve stiff neck and shoulders after long rides, as well as release the pectoralis muscles which shorten while hunched over the handlebars. One advantage is the pressure can be controlled by your arm strength rather than only body weight (see foam roller below). While he has sampled the joys of long rides on the tarmac, the dirt is where you’ll find him. Over 30 years later, Art's Cyclery has evolved from a humble local bike shop into an online resource for everything related to cycling.
As the Q-Flex applies pressure and a deep tissue massage, muscle fibers elongate and relax.
A self acupressure massage device, the Q-Flex is designed to relieve common stress and tension by simply applying pressure to specific points of your body.
The Q-Flex is made from a high quality polycarbonate material that flexes just the right amount without breaking. The supposition that massage “clears” lactic acid from the muscles has been shown to be false.

When your body is under stress from repeated hard training sessions, or even if you simply give it your all most of the time you ride, massage helps keep up your body’s production of  stress-reducing endorphins. If you run for cross training, it does wonders for the tibialis anterior after running workouts.
Place it between you and a wall and access the upper and lower back muscles with more controlled pressure. When not on the trail or in the water, Luke likes to drive off into the wild to take his daughter camping in his cherished 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia.
Studies show that acupressure helps to promote healing, blood circulation, and boost the immune system. Lactic acid naturally dissipates from blood and muscle tissue quickly as part of the body’s natural energy production cycle.
Plus, the feeling of nurturing and care is critical to an athlete’s—any person’s really—sense of well-being.
The pear shaped tip delivers a deep tissue massage while the flexible hooked arm allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure.
The results are reduced or relieved muscle pain, plus acupressure stimulates your body to generate and release endorphins which further alleviate pain and discomfort.
The Q Flex Acupressure is made from high quality polycarbonate material which lets the device bend just enough without breaking.
Whether this nurturing comes from someone else or from your own hands, it’s still beneficial.
If the person doesn’t feel supported and nurtured, it will have a negative effect on the chemical environment, opening them more to catching colds, not healing as fast and decreasing their ability to train.

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