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In traditional Chinese medicine, the hand can be used to diagnose diseases because pathological information is reflected on the hand. Please check your shipping address before completing your transaction with Paypal!Money back guarantee on all orders. Koryo Hand Therapy Meridian System is very effective in treating a wide range of ailments through the stimulation of acupuncture points found on the microsystem of the hand. Chinese Hand Acupuncture poster with over 60 points mapped out on a full color hand, back and front.
Shoulder pain could be caused by joint dislocation, joint inflammation, muscle tear or muscle spasm.
Scalenes - The Scalenes muscles which located in front, side and back of the neck have a powerful impact on neck structure and function. Upper Trapezius - The Upper Trapezius and Levator Scapulae muscles connect the cervical vertebrae to the shoulder blades (scapulae) and upper thoracic spine. Latissimus Dorsi - This muscle originates in the lower back and is connected to the inside of the shoulder. Supraspinatus - This muscle is originated in the upper part of the scapulae (shoulder blade) and is connected to the shoulder joint.
Infraspinatus (Rotator cuff muscle) - This muscle covers the lower part of the scapulae (shoulder blade) and is connected to the shoulder joint from the back.
Teres minor (Rotator cuff muscle) - This muscle is originated in the lateral (outside) edge of the scapulae and is connected to the back of the shoulder joint. Teres major - This muscle is originated in the lower edge of the scapulae and is connected to the anterior (front) part of the arm. Subscapularis - This muscle is originated in the anterior (front) part of the scapulae and is connected to the front part of the shoulder joint. Pectoralis Major - This muscle is originated in the chest and is connected to upper part of the arm from the front. Pectoralis Minor - This muscle is originated in the third, fourth and fifth ribs in the side of the rib cage.
Subclavius - This muscle is between the 1st rib in the front and the clavicle (collar bone). Triceps and Anconeus - These muscles are connected between the shoulder joint and the posterior (back) forearm. Coracobrachialis - This muscle connects the front tip of the scapulae (coracoid process) to the anterior arm.
As we go through Foot Reflexology Chart, we will discuss about each Reflexology Point situated on every spot of Foot. Before we move towards Reflexology Foot Charts, let us know the Basic Reflexology Area on Foot.
The Foot Reflexology Outside Chart is displaying various parts of body situated on Outside of Foot. Illustration01: If you have trouble with Chest or any other part related with Chest, you can heal yourself with Reflexology therapy by massaging the Chest Area. The Foot Reflexology Chart and the diagrams explained above are best of our knowledge and research. Benefits: Hand acupuncture is particularly useful for pain management, musculoskeletal injuries and for maintaining general wellbeing.
The course materials written and prepared by John Tindall are now taught in many acupuncture schools in the UK and abroad. Who should attend: This course is open to reflexologists, physiotherapists, nurses, western medical doctors, healthcare workers, therapists of all types and people interested in learning acupuncture.
How to book: Please download and complete the application form and return with a ?50 deposit (deposits are non-returnable and non-refundable). The techniques taught in this hand acupuncture course are simple, safe, effective and efficient. Hand acupuncture is a uniquely compact system that is particularly used in Korea and throughout Asia in pain management and to improve vital functions of the body. In this workshop you will learn the layout of the hand as a hologram and the essential points necessary to utilise this form of acupuncture in a practical way.
Students will also learn of lesser known uses of hand acupuncture which could be beneficial to your own client-base. This system of acupuncture is a useful tool to apply in busy ‘sit down’ clinics and also for ‘one to one’ settings where one has the space and time for more detailed work.
All students attending this hand acupuncture course must undertake further supervised clinical practice hours and pass an examination, to qualify to practice and gain insurance. The practice groups form part of the supervised clinical practice hours needed to pass a course, although, past students are also welcome to come along. John has cultivated and perfected the skills taught in his courses over 30 years’ of clinical practice and teaching, helping people all over the world both directly, by giving acupuncture, and indirectly, by training other people in how to provide the service for themselves.
John is a great teacher and his courses have revolutionised many healthcare professionals own practices. In case of normal, healthy individuals the testicles go down through a tube from the abdomen to the scrotum. The abnormal accumulation of serous fluid may arise due to inflammation of or injury to the Epididymis (the tubule carrying sperm to vas deferens) or testicle. Hydroceles are usually non-dangerous and require no treatment unless they are large enough to cause embarrassment or discomfort. In this process, a fine surgical needle is used to drain the fluid from the swollen testicular sacs. A surgical operation becomes necessary in case of Hydrocele associated with an Inguinal Hernia. In case of an incorrect Hydrocele operation procedure, bilateral injury to the vas deferens can result in infertility. Unless treated in time, Hydrocele can lead to infection of the serous fluid in the testes and Testicular Atrophy.  The lump may swell and block the blood supply to the testicles. If there is no immediate treatment of Hydrocele adults can suffer from great embarrassment and discomfort in the later stages.

In NYCa€™s cut-throat world of art, appearances can be deceiving a€”especially when newcomer Alice becomes a murder suspect. Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products. Acupressure, the practice of applying finger pressure to specific pressure points throughout the body, has been used for thousands of years to relieve pain, promote relaxation, and heal illness. Skye Alexander is the author of the best-selling books 10-Minute Feng Shui and 10-Minute Clutter Control, as well as 10-Minute Magic Spells, 10-Minute Tarot, The Care and Feeding of Your Chi, and many other highly successful books that show readers how to bring new-found happiness, organization, and spiritual balance to their homes and hearts. Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try.
Sciatica refers to symptoms of leg pain, tingling, numbness and weakness that start in the lower back, through the hip and buttock, going down the sciatic nerve in the back of the leg. This can happen in conditions such as lumbar herniated disc (slipped disc), degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and irritation from the piriformis muscle. Most cases of a sciatica can be diagnosed by a doctor based on your history, symptoms and a clinical examination. In cases where the initial treatments have not been effective, X-rays are a cost effective way to rule out serious underlying problems such as tumors, infections and fractures.
An MRI uses powerful magnets and computer technology to produce three-dimensional images of the spinal cord, nerve roots, and surrounding areas and usually provides the most accurate diagnosis for the cause of sciatica. For many patients, doctors will likely prescribe rest and medications for a short period of time.
Using techniques such as manual therapy and spinal decompression, physiotherapy can have a good result in many cases. Treatment that was prescribed took into account only one aspect of the condition, for example treating only muscle spasm with massage and muscle relaxants while not helping the underlying nerve compression.
In cases where all less invasive options have not helped, and in rare instances of medical emergency, your doctor may recommend surgery.
In most other cases, even where pain, stiffness, weakness and even numbness are severe or have been present for a long time, there are multiple non-surgical options that a patient should first consider.
As surgery can have significant risks and cost, it is important to discuss this carefully with your doctor. At The Pain Relief Clinic, we adopt a biomedical targeted approach that addresses how the multiple component causes of pain affect you.
This allows us to provide treatment strategy that targets the root cause of your condition using medical technology in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try. Charts can vary pending on their source, and many may look different than this one just so you know.
Extraordinary acupuncture point information for points not found within the main meridian system. This method can also be used to prevent and treat disease, improve life quality, and maintain health by applying various types of stimulation to specific areas of the hand.
The function of the human body can be manipulated by stimulating the corresponding points on our hands. Since many muscles overlapping the shoulder joint from different directions, the cause of the pain could originates from different muscles.
They could happen because excessive activity of muscles, a fall or a blow to the shoulder as in a car accident. A spastic muscle also resists being exercised, stretched or massaged because these activities will over-stimulate the central nervous system. While in a spasm they will produce pain to the back of the neck, to the shoulder and headaches.
When in a spasm the pain will be felt in the anterior part of the shoulder and the lower back. When in a spasm the pain would be felt in the shoulder itself with referred pain down the arm to the elbow. When in a spasm the pain would be felt in the shoulder and all the way down the arm to the wrist. When in a spasm the pain would be felt between the scapulae and the spine and down the arm all the way to the fingers. When in a spasm the pain would be felt in the side of the shoulder and in the back of the forearm. When in a spasm the pain would be felt the top and back of the shoulder and down the inner part of the arm and the wrist. When in a spasm the pain would be felt in the shoulder, chest and down the inner part of the arm to the elbow area. When in a spasm the pain would be felt in the anterior (front) shoulder, and down the arm to the fingers. When in a spasm the pain would be felt in the shoulder and the back of the arm and forearm.
The Reflexology Foot Chart is a part of Foot Reflexology which is an Acupressure Therapy developed in America. That means when you massage your Toes using Reflexology Therapy, you are working on your Head and Neck. The Eyes area is situated on Second & Third Toes including below area as displayed in above drawing. The Foot Reflexology Inside Chart includes Lymphatic System, Groin Area, Sciatic Nerve, Bladder, Spine etc. However, the purpose of describing Foot Reflexology Chart is to provide the best information about applying Foot Reflexology therapy.
It is characterized by the accumulation of serous liquid in a body cavity thus leading to the development of a fluid-filled sac along the spermatic cord inside the scrotum. Obstruction of blood or fluid inside the spermatic cord can also be one of the prime Hydrocele causes.
Treatment also becomes necessary when they get large enough to obstruct blood supply to the testicles.

Hydrocele aspiration is particularly used on patients who may suffer from health risks due to surgery. Aspiration of Hydrocele fluid and medication use may also lead to problems like Fibrosis (development of excess fibrous connective tissue), infection, pain in scrotal region or even recurrence of Hydrocele.
In simple cases of Hydrocele, the swelling subsides and the lump goes away after some months without causing any trouble. Parents need to take note of the testicles and check whether there is a growth of the lump.
If your partner is having a growing testicular lump or pain in the scrotum, it is best to go for immediate medical treatment. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
This card deck shows readers how to use acupressure techniques on themselves or others to naturally alleviate physical and emotional conditions from PMS, to migraines, to carpal tunnel syndrome.
Common examples include being offered expensive and frequent treatments for extended periods. The hand as a part of the body lies in a common environment with other structures and has a close relationship with the body's internal organs. Once the muscle is in a spasm and its fibers have shortened, it has lost its ability to stretch. The anterior and lateral scalenes could compress nerves, and will produce pain and radiation (tingling sensation and numbness) to the neck, shoulder, and arm down to the fingers. When in a spasm, the pain will be felt in the front part of the shoulder, the chest and down the inner arm to the fingers.
The aim of Reflexology (Chart) Therapy is to regulate immune system & blood circulation in body.
Once you go through Foot Reflexology Chart, you are able to apply Reflexology Therapy for Self Treatment. With help of Reflexology Foot Chart, you can heal yourself with some easy steps to massage and stimulate of Reflexology Points. The Foot Reflexology Sole Chart (displayed above) is simple as it clearly mentions the exact organs of body. So with use of Foot Reflexology Sole Chart, you can easily reflex or stimulate a particular foot area associated with the relevant Organ.
The Foot Reflexology Meridian Points are located on Big Toe, Second Toe, Fourth Toe and Last Toe. It is advisable to consult a Reflexology Doctor or Expert before applying Foot Reflexology Chart. These arise in a few children after birth and may go away in a few months without any complications.
As a result, serous fluid from the abdomen drains into the scrotum and starts to accumulate. Light rays will pass through the scrotum if it is filled with clear fluid as in the case of Hydrocele. Hydrocele surgery is also necessary if the condition does not resolve itself even after a few months.
Infection is uncommon in case of this disease though an imperfect Hydrocele operation may give rise to it.
It is only in rare cases that infertility arises as one of the Hydrocele surgery side effects. Timely Hydrocele cure can help avert a lot of discomfiture in future and ensure faster recovery in patients.
Each individual card has a photo that identifies each pressure point or massage technique so that the reader can execute it easily and conveniently while in action.
Hand therapy is simple and easy to practice and safe and reliable for obtaining good therapeutic effects for a wide variety of diseases.
The muscle fibers will start to compress blood vessels, compromise blood circulation, entrap nerves, and compress joints.
Here we are going to discuss about Foot Reflexology Chart including Basic Reflexology Area on Foot, Reflexology Foot Sole Chart, Reflexology Foot Outside Chart, Reflexology Foot Inside Chart and Reflexology Foot Toes Chart. After knowing Basic Reflexology Area on Foot, you will be able to know on which organ you are focusing while massaging your foot. The Foot Reflexology Toes Chart includes Meridian Points of Bladder, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Liver and Spleen. You can ask the Reflexology Expert to select a suitable Foot Reflexology Chart for you to get best results. Applying pressure on the scrotum or abdomen can increase or decrease the size of the fluid-filled sac. On the flip side, the card explains the technique for stimulating the point to relieve pain, and heal discomfort. By learning the Meridian Points situated on Toes, you will be able to relieve yourself through stimulating the Meridian Points.
You must keep in mind that the right foot is associated with right part of your body and so the left foot with left side. That means Stomach is on above side of Waist line and the Intestine should be on below side. Apply gentle pressure on Toes Meridian Points clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively to get faster relief.
Apply Reflexology Massage on both feet one by one to get relief in Eyestrain or other related problem. As we know that the Stomach is situated on left side of body, the Reflexology area of Stomach is found on left foot.

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