Acupressure mat varicose veins

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a floor mat and you are dressed in loose comfortable clothing. Each massage therapy session is customized to improve any possible physical concerns you might have along with managing maternal stress. It carries aspects of yoga, acupressure, meditation, Ayurvedic Medicine, Tradicional Chinese Medicine and breathing techniques into a unique system of energetic and manual therapy. After birth massage and Thai Yoga Massage can help to realign the body and promote relaxation and meditation. The nurturing touch of a caring massage therapist provides valuable emotional and psychological support as well.
Although it is viewed as a physical modality due to stretching techniques, the primary focus of this work is to impart balance and harmony to the energetic body and mind of the receiver. Sometimes anxiety and depression can follow with the lack of sleep and hormonal changes post pregnancy. Thai Yoga Massage is a dance between giver and receiver and increases range of motion and decreases tension for both.
Touch can reduce these symptoms and bring the mother back to a place of joy and motherhood. It is energizing yet deeply relaxing (yin& yang), and restores balance (homeostasis) and vitality.

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