Acupressure bathroom slippers

Germ experts say that maximum bacteria are present at the door, toilet handles, the faucet, and the floor.
You will also find dirty toilet water spread everywhere including the toilet paper where almost everyone keeps their phone. Exercises such as jogging up and down the stairs, jumping jacks, walking or pacing around the house can help you to relieve yourself quickly. To increase the bowel movement, try to massage the space between the anus and the genitals, knows as the perineum.
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You are in the bathroom every morning before leaving for work because you don’t want to use a public bathroom.

Medical studies have shown that self-acupressure to the perineum can stimulate bowel movement, relax the muscles and break up the hard stool.
To improve the function of the digestive tract and the elimination process, increase the intake of fibers.
However, it can help you after a few hours as well, so it can be ineffective if you want to go to the bathroom at a particular time.
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However, what most of us do in those valuable times is either checking emails, SM profiles or probably reading on the phone. To avoid these troubles, there are some effective ways to help you excrete feces quickly when you don’t have time to waste.

An acupressure specialist or a physician can instruct you how to apply pressure on the perineum precisely.
Enough fiber intake will also reduce the risks of having a heart attack, help you lose the extra pounds, reduces the bad cholesterol levels and improve your general health. But dear fellas, do you know how big a problem you’re inviting by taking your phones to the toilet.

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